State Stereotypes?

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  1. This video got me thinking about the other states in America.... "Woah there are OTHER STATES??! Other than the one state I live in??"
    Do any of you guys see your state like this? or knew any of these other state stereotypes?
    And if you aren't from America, then you obviously have worse off stereotypes about your own country. ಥ‿ಥ


    My state is Maryland.... and to put it... i rather do like that snobbish stereotype.... we DO enjoy seafood around here, and sell the stuff.
    Maryland also has stereotypes people might not know....
    Like how we harbor the most devious minds in all of the world!
    That's right....
    We have the Washington D.C Politicians ^^
  2. Nevada, No laws no problems...Having lived in the Las Vegas/Henderson area for quite some time, I can understand that quite a lot.

    South Carolina's (where I live now) is really true also. I've seen stores that have signs in the windows that say "We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, and Confederate dollars.
  3. We're the buckle on the bible belt.
  4. Washington has some funny stereotyping. We're well known in the NW to be bad drivers, especially when it's raining even though it rains constantly there. As well, if there's even the littlest bit of snow, everyone panics and school gets cancelled. [The driving is way worse in the snow, too. For even like, an inch of snow people start putting those chains on their tires...] You can only imagine the horrors I've witnessed in the rare snowstorms we have. ~__~ My hometown has only 1 snowplow to its name, so...

    Oh, and like... Wearing socks with sandals is a common thing where I come from. That, with a pair of track shorts and a hoodie. It's extremely comfortable and to some, stylish. We give no fucks to people who say otherwise.

    And don't get mad if you piss us off with the question "Washington? The state or DC? :B" Some of us tend to get cranky about that... If we meant DC, we would have said so. We're obsessed with coffee too, of course. An espresso stand at every corner! It's wonderful.

    Forks, WA I think is where Twilight was filmed. So we get joked at for that sometimes. I've had visitors look at a patch of forest in my birth place, Olympia, and go "Where's Edward? 8D"

    I could list more things that make us, um... Unique... But that'll do. Good ol' Warshington.

    Edit: Oh and in the video, I think he says "Richer hippies in Oregon". If it is, that's agreeable. xD Comparing the hippes on the school campus of Evergreen State College to the hippies in Portland
  5. Just like in the video, the whole state gets stereotyped as being like SOUTHERN California. A lot of people assume that the entire state is like LA. People often look past the grime in Cali, too. They see the Hollywood sign and look past the ghetto neighborhoods and constant gang violence. ANYWAY Yeah, that and the fact that everyone assumes that our beaches are ALL warm, again like the south. Up north (further north than me) it SNOWS and most of our beaches require wetsuits.

    That is pretty much the only one that bothers me. SCREW YOU SOCAL!


    Kansas is the most boring state I have ever seen. I would rather die than live there.
    Uh, yes. We have many lovely ski resorts here.
    But, well, we also have a bit of a coke problem.
  7. Yeeah..
    I'm sad for our politicians in mah home state. - w-''
    Maybe I should run..
  8. Oh hey there! I see your a new comer to our wonderful country Canada! I'm sorry to say this but we are quite friendly wouldn't you say? Our vast wilderness is full of pristine animal life, as well as our mascot, the Moose! We also have a lot of beavers roaming around the woods!

    Right now, Canada is currently being covered in what all of you Americans think we have all year, snow! That's right! So dust off those skates and hockey sticks and get out on those ponds, eh! It's hockey time in Canada! >:D Just remember to thank whoever is letting you use their pond and make sure to grab a cup of hot chocolate on your walk home!

    ...YUP. :3 Typical Canadian stereotypes: we are all friendly, we all love and play hockey, we say 'eh', and our only wildlife are Moose and Beavers! :D Not to mention snow. Lots and lots of snow >.>''
  9. Ironically, Illinois isn't considered the most corrupt state anymore. But I won't stand for anybody saying we don't try. 'Specially around Chicago.
  10. I got good at making jokes for people who ask stupid questions of Texas.

    It's easy to tell if you're a goddamned visitor if you're wearing a goddamn cowboy hat. In Dallas. In the Walmart.


    "Do you ride horses?"

    No. That's expensive. I have a hog- he's not as fast, but he gets the job done.

    "Does everyone have a gun?"

    This is partially true- though half of us get a gun cuz we want one, the other half wants to get a gun to protect us from the other gun nuts.

    "Is everything bigger in Texas?"

    ..... The hair is, the brains aren't.

    "Where are all the cowboys?"

    GODDAMMIT. I HATE THAT QUESTION. That's one of the ones were I just smile and walk away. Not answerin.

    "Where's George Bush's house?"

    Actually, his house is a few streets down from my old highschool- easy to find- the only street without a name- no name at all, was wiped off when he moved in- maybe they renamed it by now.

    Either way, no we don't all talk with an accent, and not everything's flat open plains. In Dallas, there's mostly concrete. Lots of concrete.
  11. Cowboys aren't in Texas, if you want cowboys, go to Wyoming. Also, in Wyoming everyone does have a gun.
  12. "Center of civilization to hicksville in 20 minutes flat"

    Definitely holds true in Virginia.
  13. Actually TC, The gun thing IS true in most cases in Dallas/FtWorth area.

    Hell, I'm getting my license soon once I take care of a couple other things. Most of my friends and their parents at least have one gun.

    OR, like my boyfriend's friend- Own a 1911, an American WWl rifle with a bayonette, a BEAUTIFUL FUCKING GLOCK (My god, it really is pretty), an M14, A Barretta 92.... I know he has one more.... OH, a revolver- I can't remember what type, but it's shiny and black and of course, a spinny-barrel.... and not to mention all the mags he has, all the rounds and bullets...

    ... I actually bonded with the guy over talking about guns and the military, and about certain makes and models.


    Basically, HE'S kinda the minority of Texas, but I think people are expecting people like him, all over Texas.
  14. ... SoCal was here, NorCal is loser. Everyone up past L.A. is Canada.

  15. I think that the stereotype of Hungarian people is that we are friendly, depressed, have extremely different opinions and eat food that is ridiculously spicy and fatty. One of the stereotype that my people actually embrace is that we cannot get along; it is often joked that if you put three Hungarians in a room, they will have four opinions.
  16. Second about the stuff on SoCal. Two very different regions.
  17. ...Half Hippie, half french, all upperclass for New Hampshire?

    This lost me...
  18. New Mexico isn't a state at all, but in reality a strange area of dead space between Texas and Arizona that exists outside of fabric of reality.

    New Mexico = Mexico

    No one speaks English in New Mexico.

    The national flower in New Mexico is the sombrero

    New Mexicans need Passports to visit the states

    Sadly, all of these have been based on real conversations I had while visiting New York.
  19. Well, one state stereotype that looks to change is Texas role as a pure red state. By the next presidential election it might well be a swing state.