State Fair Food

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  1. Every year, each state holds a state fair with multitudes of different kinds of foods from the normal carnival foods to foods that are down right bizarre.


    So tell me people, what is your favorite food from the state fair?

    Or, if you have never been to a state fair, what is your favorite food from any kind fair that you have gone to?

  2. Giant smoked turkey legs forever. Or corn on a stick. Everything is better on a stick... 9_9
  3. Cream puffs and the best cheese curds. That's right, Wisconsin State Fair awww yeah all that dairy!
  4. Doughboys! Blooming onions! Italian sausages! Vinegar fries! Slushies!

    -is a hardcore fair food supporter- xD
  5. Elephant Ears!
  6. Hmm.. I have only been to one fair and their food is very expensive so we often don't eat at it x3 But I often buy cotton candy :D It's so delicious \(^^)/
  7. Deep fried oreos. Should only eat one, but they're so good~

    Also, mini doenuts.

    ...Lots of fried food...

    Though, that's expected. Most of the food at the fair's here come from food trucks, so its like.. mini restaurant food. Those are really the only foods that are considered fair food :/
  8. I have never been to a -state- fair, but our local town festival has tasty foods. 8D I like the gyros the firemen make.
  9. I'll eat anything, but my favorite things are also the giant turkey legs.
  10. Like to make one more addition to my previous statement that Buffalo Burritos are godly in the burrito department.
  12. Giant turkey legs are a must. Kettle corn is amazing when you need something on the salty side. Gyros always rule. Big ass cups full of strawberry banana smoothies...

    Our state fair was the first place I had shark meat. It was delicious. Just not something I get a lot because I can't always find it. >>
  13. Corn dogs. There's simply something about them that makes 'em better then the ones at the grocery store.
  14. Funnel cakes and loaded fries first. Then move on to the deep fried candy bars. After that, something with substance like a bread bowl or turkey leg. Finally, desert: Chocolate covered scorpions.
  15. Fair food is so pricey! Though, I like funnel cakes and the Cajun Spiced Chicken on a stick. They put a roll on top! I have not been to a fair in three years, though.