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Starting a murder mystery roleplay for two players

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mazula, Apr 17, 2015.

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  1. I don't have the plot ideas completely fleshed out, but I was basically thinking of a detective-type storyline about hunting down a serial killer. I added in the violence ratings for obvious reasons.

    I'm pretty flexible. I'll roleplay with any age, gender, etc. In addition, the two characters can be any combination, whether it be two detectives working together, two rival detectives, a detective and a killer, heck, even a pair of killers. It's a pretty vague and basic idea, much simpler than the ideas I tend to plan, but I haven't roleplayed in a while so I'm hoping to warm back up with a vague idea that has room to grow more complex with time.

    Oh, one more thing; I really prefer past tense, third person. Other forms are okay, but they really don't flow as well for me.

    If anyone would like to join me, feel free to reply here, or message me. We can plan out some ideas for a while, or just set up the RP, post our character sheets, and jump right in!
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  2. I know this was posted a little while ago, but I'm interested! :3
  3. This seems interesting...If you allow me, I'd like to join.
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