INTEREST CHECK Starting a dark/horror RP soon. Looking for victims... Er... Participants.



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So as described, I am going to be starting a group RP soon, I wouldn't necessarily say it's a horror RP, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's not...

Set in modern times but with a supernatural twist. There are going to be some supernatural elements to this;Supernatural beasts and being do exist but they are rare and unknown to the general population. For the most part all characters need to be human with no magical abilities, there will be exceptions made on some requests though. There will be 1 main antagonist (me); he is a demon that has been walking the earth for centuries, details about how he came to the surface will be revealed through story line. Also, need someone to play a female character who he will fixate upon and be the "keystone" so to speak. Meaning behind every crusade, persecution, downfall of great kingdoms, there was that key person who made the wrong decision prompted by rage, jealousy, or fear; but what pushed them to make that decision, was him. He manipulates individuals from the shadows, drives his victims insane with fear and harms those that they care about causing immeasurable emotional pain and suffering. Always disrupting their state of mind and balance when they poised to make decisions whose consequences could be catastrophic if they make the wrong one...

So now that I've established the guidelines, time for the Plot!

Ever get that feeling that you are being watched when you walk down a dark alley alone? When you come to an intersection in the road at night you feel the need to look and make sure it's clear, then for some reason you look again? The hair standing up on the back of your neck, and the cold chill on a warm summer night? Then chances are you've felt my gaze... I have been known by many names throughout the centuries, I have worn many skins, you may not know my true name, nor may you see my true form, but you will know pain and you will know terror...

For some reason I know it must be her. I never know how I know these things, but I am never wrong. She who was born into this world without a care; she who does not grasp the concept of true terror... I know that she is the one. Somehow, someway, those around her will be affected by her plight, and the consequences of their decisions, based off of her actions, will ripple through the population causing untold violence and destruction. She is the one, the keystone to the bridge of people's hope and happiness, remove the keystone and the bridge will collapse. I've watched her for long enough, the time is right I can feel it in the air, no longer shall I watch from afar...


So.... Who would be interested in playing? Also what are your opinions on an RP like this? Characters will be killed off on occasion depending on how the plot develops, but then again if they are more useful alive than dead, they might survive ;) Except whoever wants to take the lead victims role that is!

Anyways, discuss! Tell me what you think.