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  1. James Talos
    Location: Seattle, WA - Rosewood, Oregon
    Mentioned: The Band @Misguided†Ghost @K.I.N.G.D.E.R.A.N.G.E.D. @Stargazer @darkflames13 @Unbound
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    Outfit: HERE

    [BCOLOR=transparent]That last hit of the cymbal, the last strum of the guitar, the last note to be sang all meant the ending of a three month journey. Break the Silence- a legendary band made of seven friends were calling it lights out. Their careers weren’t ending, but they were taking a much needed break. Lucifer Sloan, after the band had made it clear they needed space from stardom, suggested his small home town.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Rosewood was a place far off the map in Oregon state. Its population barely hit high enough to be considered a real town, but it managed. It was tight knit, most everyone believed in the value of hard work without distraction.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]James Talos, lead guitarist and co-founder of Break the Silence, couldn’t believe the small town hadn’t heard of them before. It was just unheard of. They were widely famous, but being reinsured that Rosewood lacked knowledge of them was enough for James to go along with the trip.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Placing shirts, pants, sweats, and other belongings into his luggage, James packed and was ready to head out. There was something about this trip that James was sensing. Little did he know this was going to be good for him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]For months, James was trying to figure out a way to reconnect with his music and even himself. Fame slowly began changing James. He wasn’t that sweet boy that was confident in he was that party guy that was confident in himself.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Feeling the vibration of his cell phone in his pants pocket, James place his backpack on and slung the duffel bag over his shoulder. Taking his luggage out to the closest Escalade in the lot, James packed it into the hatch back. Pulling his phone out, which buzzed for second, he leaned against the bumper.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There was a message notification, but James couldn’t see it without unlocking the phone via a number pin. Typing the four numbers needed to open the IPhone, James noticed it was Jessica.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Jessica for the past three months was nothing but a bother. Always texting, trying to call at odd hours of the night, posting hateful things online about James because he’d forget to return a call. She was a diva at her finest. Personally, James thought that was what attracted him to her. She was a starlet and so was he. James loved the idea of making the perfect match for Hollywood, but he hated being in a relationship.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]-”I know you just completed your tour, it’s already online. So pick up your damn phone!!!”-[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]James rolled his eyes. He couldn’t feel suffocated in a relationship for him to not get so...James. Truth was that James had acute commitment issues. Once he felt like he was drowning in his girlfriend’s love and neediness he was out! There was no stopping that. So part of James wished this trip would help him with that because Jessica was trying and he wasn’t. If this trip didn’t help him want to be with her, at least it would give him the push he needed to break things off with her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Breaking up with Jessica Banks could have been a personal disaster. She was Hollywood’s perfect princess. She had starred in a dozen hit films and truth was she had enough power to block anything James did after his band. That scared him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]-”Sorry, babe. Can’t talk rn. I'll call you later tonight, promise”-[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was a quick text, that received a quick reply.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]-”Yeah, you said that before you ass!”-[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]James sighed and placed his phone in his pocket and looked around at the band who was gearing up to leave. Four hours stuck in a S.U.V was going to be interesting since everyone was hungry.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Getting into the driver’s seat. James sighed and hooked his phone to the charger. And looked out the window to the few band mates left outside a car. “The sooner we leave the faster the food will come![/BCOLOR]



    Lana Fay
    Location: Foster's development ground - Walking into town
    Mentioned: Sara-mae @Misguided†Ghost
    Interactions: N/A
    Outfit: HERE

    Hex code : 7e21db

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hey lady! You’re trespassing!” That was what guard’s of the Foster’s Development ground would have said if Lana wasn’t skilled enough to sneak in without detection.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Days were always interesting when developers just didn’t listen to reason and stopped building on land that was once protected until they afford enough money. Now, Lana and a few other activist happen to just be ruining their equipment and building plans day after day. Today’s project was putting sugar in the bulldozers tanks. Simple, nothing too damaging, and very much a powerful statement.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lana Fay was surprisingly different than her other female counterparts around the town. She was fearless when it came to things she believed in and would stop at nothing to get things done. Yet, the local police didn’t think of her as fearless, but more as reckless and stupid! Things had definitely changed since high school.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Scaling the twelve foot tall fence was a breeze, but getting past the security desk was a challenge. However, holding her breathe and moving at a slow and quiet rate was the key to go. They never expected a thing.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As soon as she was far enough from the security office she made a run for it. The heavy machinery was about twenty yards away from the security office and Lana made it there quickly. She hurried to open the gas tank and pull the sugar from her bag.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There! Now you idiots can just hold off on development another day.” She mumbled to herself before closing the gas lid and exiting the premises after stashing the sugar back into her bag and kicking the dirt around a little under the gas tank. Before fleeing the scene and reaching home.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Taking the back steps of the flower shop up to the apartment over head, Lana opened the door to her studio apartment. It was nice thanks to thrift stores, yard sales, sales in general, and gifts accumulated throughout the years. Dropping her bag down on the kitchen counter, Lana got rid of the sugar into the jar and disposed of the bag.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Walking into her living room-bedroom combo, she grabbed the remote and turned on the t.v. The local news was on, speaking about the development and how it would bring in more people to Rosewood. More unneeded people. She rolled her eyes and almost shut the television off, but just as she was about to the news caster mentioned the open mic night at the Cafe. Lana thought it over in her head and agreed to go, at least she would see Sara-mae.[/BCOLOR]

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  2. Cassidy Ember Wilson


    Location:Her Apartment --> Small cafe


    Character Sheet:Here
    Mentioned:Cheyenne Crawford ( @Shayla )
    Color Ref: #DC143C6

    It was looking to be yet another extremely hot day in Rosewood, not that Cassidy really minded. Currently the young female was up and moving around her place, tidying things up here and there before she sat down and grabbed her guitar. The open mic was tonight and she was going to be performing her her childhood best friend Cheyenne Crawford something they usually did from time to time. Sometimes Cass would sing with the other female or sometimes she would just play the piano or guitar, whatever they both preferred to do at the time.

    Now that Cassidy thought about it, it seemed that she had known Cheyenne since forever then again isn't that the meaning of childhood best friend? Probably, depending how you looked at it. The thing about her friend was that Cheyenne knew everything that there practically was to know about her ranging from her favorite color to how she received the minuscule scars that littered her body that was covered with clothes. Thank goodness.

    Dark times.

    Chewing on her lower lip Cassidy decided that maybe getting up and walking around town would be better. After all she would probably have to meet up with Cheyenne sometime before the open mic so they could go over a few things and made sure that whatever it was she wanted to sing Cass knew how to play. It also depended on the instrument that Cheyenne wanted her to play. Cassidy was just slightly better at playing the piano than she was the guitar so of course Cass would have to make sure she knew the chords if she was playing the guitar. Wouldn't want to mess up after all.

    Heaving a big sigh and running a hand through her hair, Cass grabbed her keys and left her place making sure to lock it before she headed out into the heat. She made her way down towards a small cafe where she ordered a cup of hot chocolate. She was strange that way, what were you going to do about it? There Cass was just sitting in the small cafe thinking about Her gaze drifted towards a small home that sat a little ways off the place she used to call home. Not so much anymore. It was a place where there used to be warmth and compassion but after the death of her father it turned out to be a hell hole and place she didn't want to go. But of course that place housed her mother...not that Cass calls her that anymore. In her eyes her mother lost the privilege of being called mother a long time ago.

    Other than Cass's small part of life there really wasn't much that happened in Rosewood, people left and people came but other than that it was an off the grid town that no one really visit. It was small and quaint and as much as she loved it Cass wanted to get out and explore, to leave this place and well...not really look back. It held a lot of wonderful memories but at the same time it was also home to a lot of painful memories, ones that she would love to leave behind and when she had enough money that was exactly what she was going to do.

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    The screaming crowd, cheering for an encore, still rang in her ears as she packed her things into a black skull embossed suitcase. She couldn't help the grin that spread across her face. Hearing their adoring fans during their live performances had always made her all happy inside--not the sentimental mushy kind of happy, but rather, the thrilling one, the type that made one's hairs stand up. Some people may not equate thrill to happiness, but to Iza, the two things went hand in hand. Live performances to her were simply thrilling. Similar to how bungee jumping brought an adrenaline rush to most people, performing in front of a sizeable crowd brought her an adrenaline rush as well--and she loves it. One can say that adrenaline rush is her opium--performing live, was her opium.

    It had saddened her when she left the stage earlier. That had been their last performance for the last leg of their tour. Who knew when the next live performance would be? They were leaving the limelight for a while, off to enjoy a vacation telling no one about it--not their producers, not their record label; just themselves. Truthfully, Iza wasn't such a big fan of the idea vacationing in a small quaint town. Quaint and Iza simply didn't belong in a sentence together. It was only when she found out where exactly they were heading to did she have a sudden change of heart. Of course, no one knew why exactly she changed her mind; she wouldn't tell them, even if they'd asked.

    Finished with packing all her clothing, Iza shut her suitcase and grabbed her messenger bag which already had her laptop inside. She continued on with her packing, putting everything and anything small and / or important into the bag she held: wallet, card holder, accessories (contained in a pouch), and of course, her drumsticks which were housed in a leather bag of their own. The action didn't take long--mainly because Iza merely shoved her things into the bag, seemingly without a care. Soon as she was done, she slung her bag over one shoulder instead of across her body like it should be, and dragged her suitcase behind her as she made her way out.

    When she got to where the vehicle was parked, Iza immediately headed towards it. She dumped her luggage at back along with everyone else's but kept the messenger bag containing her valuables with her--there was simply no way she was going to part from her precious drumsticks. Iza was about to hop in when she heard James call out, "The sooner we leave the faster the food will come!"

    A mischievous grin slowly spread across the green-haired drummer's face. She let out an obviously fake and over-dramatic gasp. "Oh no guys! It sounds like James is starving! We better hurry before he decides to try and eat us!" Iza chuckled as she finished the last bit before finally getting into the vehicle and sitting at the back seat--far from James' reach, just in case he decided to retaliate for what she did just now.
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  4. Their last performance of the tour… It almost seemed unreal to Leon, this whole thing has been such an experience, such a life changing thing. When they had left the stage earlier, Leo finally breathed a sigh of relief. No more worrying and rushing for performances, no more doubting if he had played well enough; finally a break from all of that, for a while.

    When the whole idea of a vacation, done secretly without anyone knowing, was first introduced, Leon had been fairly quick to support the idea. The notion of having some time to themselves, without the paparazzi and fins buzzing around like bees, was exactly what he felt like he needed. Sometimes, the buzz of everything surrounding them as a band was too much for him, and it always seemed to make him feel like he was not good enough, like he was the weak link because he just couldn't handle all the attention. In honesty, he had never dreamed of getting as big as they did. But, it happened, and he went along with the flow. In truth, it wasn't all bad, he had enjoyed the performing, when he could get over his fear and insecurity, and enjoyed being able to see different parts of the world with his friends, experiencing so much on their journey.

    Soon, he was done with packing, placing the last bit of clothing in the suitcase. As usual, it was all neatly folded and quite organised, Leon always being one of the neatest in the group. He took a moment to adjust his glasses, grabbing the bag that he had filled with his electronics. Laptop, Phone, Various Wires and Headphones, 3DS, all check.

    He slung that over his shoulder, taking the handle of the suitcase and making his way out of the room for the last time. He had everything, and was more than ready to step out into this next journey. He was at the point where he worried that his want for this break would upset the others, which is why he acted chill around them. The last thing he wanted to do was upset his friends.

    At this point, Leon was going to be perfectly on time to meet up at the car, but a smoke break on his way soon stopped that. So, he showed up slightly later, walking over amidst the banter between Iza and James. A small smirk curled at his lips, enjoying how everyone was just so intertwined and friendly with each other.

    He put his stuff in the car, cracking his knuckles idly as he made his way into the vehicle, taking an empty seat in the back. Of course, it was by a window, as nearly always. He liked sitting by the window, not only because it meant he could have a smoke if he wanted, but at the same time he was also glad to be able to see their surroundings. "Let's get this show on the road." He said with a smile once everyone had finally gotten into their seats.

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  5. Cheyanne Crawford

    Cheyanne sat with ease atop the counter of the music shop. This was a constant cycle of life in and out again for Chey and she really wouldn't lie , it was getting old quick. Chey allowed her gaze to trickle over the space as people of all ages were scattered about either attempting to play or were truly practicing their tailored skill. She sighed briefly whilst her gaze fell downwards in brief sadness and more so a longing for that kind of freedom. They had the right to choose their life and yet , she had never been able to experience that without hiding her true nature and love. It was than a voice rang out to break her from her thoughts , " Cheyanne? Do you hear me , I am trying to talk to you , Young lady." Chey slowly lifted her head to all but let her gaze connect to that of her mother seated in her wheelchair. Her look said it all that she was pissed to not see Chey at work upon the violin and to be honest , she was losing the ability to care about her mother's wants anymore. In that moment , Chey nimbly hopped down from atop the counter as her heels clattered to the marble floor below. Her hands lifted above her head as her body arched and stretched as her lips parted to answer." My life does not revolve around your world always , Mom.. I already told you that I practiced for nearly three hours today... I am done and I plan to not practice anymore. Save your lecture about it for tomorrow. I.. I am just going to head home for the day. Lese will be in soon to cover my shift." In that moment , she quickly grabbed up her bag , jacket and violin case and strode her way out as she heard her mother attempt to bark out another remark at her. This was a minor freedom and she would take it. Though today did seem better for it was open mic night which meant she could sing her heart out without a lecture from Mommy Dearest. Chey walked down the streets as the sun lit ablaze against all the small store shop windows as she smiled slowly and tilted her head back to drink in the feeling against that of her skin. This was just a small perk in life to soak in life and imagine what a free life would be like for herself away from this town.

    Chey made it to the cross walk as she quickly held up her hand to a few cars and ran across the road as her Violin case bumped in a repeated motion against that of her lower back. With ease , she hopped onto the sidewalk and continued to trail her way to that of her apartment. It was in that moment , she recalled needing to text Cass and Khloe about meeting up tonight and the performance. When this time came about it made them all excited. It was a time to be able to let loose , have some drinks and be with people who loved the art of music nearly as much as she did. Quickly , she withdrew her phone and jotted down a group message to Cass and Khloe.

    Group Message to Khloe & Cass: Hey Darlings , I am going to head home and change real quick. Going to head down to the cafe early and get in some practice and early coffee. Will be there if you all want to!

    She quickly hit send as it beeped and quickly shut it off as she rounded the corner that held her apartment complex. She nimbly bounded up the the aged stone staircase and drew open the entryway door and entered the building as a rush of cool air greeted her. With a grin lit to her lips , she nodded to Miss Oriville , her grumpy elderly neighbors that deemed all young people the bane of her existence and their loud ways. The look the old woman gave to her said it all and all that Chey did in response was winked and stifled a giggle from parting from that of her rose tinted lips. The only time that woman has smiled was when she had walked in on Chey singing in the laundry room and for once and it was an odd time.. Chey shook her head a bit to break from her own thoughts and made her way into the elevator and hit 4 and let the doors close in behind her.

    At last , the doors slowly drew open and she stepped off and clicked her way down the hall as she withdrew her keys from her purse and approached her door as she unlocked it. Chey slid in and kicked the door lightly shut with the heel of her boot behind her. She tossed her violin case and all else to the couch as she set off to ready herself before tonight. An hour or so passed as she emerged with her hair and make up done and a new outfit on and prepped to head out for the night.. Tonight was a night for her to let loose and be free without her mother's judgement.. One of these days she would break free and see the world at last.. He would have wanted her to , she wished sometimes that Jackson was still here to push her and not.. Not gone. No , she would not fall victim to the memories of her past. Tonight , she would focus on her girls and her love.. Love was something she had not experienced in a long time from a man. She kept the reminder of love for her friends and music and that was it. In that moment , she grabbed her things and quickly headed out the door as it clicked shut and she headed off.

    Not as if anything big or new happened in this small town..
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  6. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬✌ ✌ ✌ ▬▬

    The Sweetheart Singer
    Jordan's Mood: ||Excited||Hungry||
    Jordan's Outfit:HERE
    Location: Seattle, WA --> Rosewood, OR
    Mentioned: Band Members
    Interactions: James -

    Face Claim: Matthew Espinosa
    Color Resource: 0D8CD6

    Jordan savored the very last note of the song that he and his band would perform for a while. He and his band mates had decided to take a much needed break from life on tour and being followed by groupies. Although, Jordan knew one person who didn't mind the groupie part all that much... James!

    Their manager and good friend Luce suggested going to his small hometown of Rosewood, Oregon. It would be good for all of them; it was like all they knew was how to be part of a band. It got a little overwhelming sometimes, so this break would mean that they got to chill before going back to their famous lives.

    Jordan made sure to pack all of his things before he and the others had to leave for Oregon. It wasn't too far from Seattle, but it was a nice drive, and he was hoping that they wouldn't be on the road all night. He threw his bags in the car and got into the passenger seat of the car James was in.

    "Oh damn, I'm riding with James. Anyone who wants to get to Seattle first, doesn't mind getting pulled over and is good at talking to cops, feel free to ride with us!" He laughed. If it was one thing James was known for, it was his reckless driving. That, and his player IDGAF attitude.
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  7. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ∞∞∞ ▬▬

    The Determined Country Girl
    Sara-Mae's Mood: ||Happy||Determined||
    Sara-Mae's Outfit: HERE
    Location: Her House ---> Cafe Rose
    Mentioned: @CELESTIAL✨ - Lana ||
    Interactions: @Stargazer - Cassidy

    Face Claim: Zella Day
    Color Resource: A927E6

    Sara-Mae had been up since around 8 in the morning to make sure all of her chores were done around the farm. She had to feed and brush the horses, milk her cow, get some fresh eggs from the chickens, on top of everything else that she had to do in her morning routine. I was a bit hectic around her house in the mornings. But it kept Sara busy and on her toes.

    After she'd done all of her usual things around the house and around the farm, Sara-Mae got in the shower and got dressed. She had to work today and although she just wished she could chill with Lana and the rest of her friends at open mic night at Cafe Rose, she also needed the money and she enjoyed her job as well. Work had kinda always been a number one priority to Sara-Mae. She knew that hard work was the only way she'd achieve her goals and be the best she could be for herself.

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    Since she still had a ton of time before she had to be in to work, she decided to take a bit of time to ride her horse MilkyWay. If there was one thing that Sara-Mae loved more than working, was riding. It seemed to her like riding was the number one thing that took all of her troubles away. Well that and music.

    Sara saddled MilkyWay and pet her head. "Hey gorgeous. You ready for a lil ridin'?" She spoke before climbing on and riding off into the morning. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. The wind in her face was her favorite thing about riding. It made her feel like everything was possible. Like she wasn't so alone in the world. She could stay out riding for hours. So she did

    A few hours passed and dhe went back home; putting her horse away before going into the house and grabbing her phone and car keys. Ugh work. She thought to herself as she got into her car. She started it up and sat in her driveway, her hands on the steering wheel. She groaned loudly before resting her head on the wheel. Sara pulled out her cell phone and texted Cassidy. Her good friend and coworker at the cafe. ∞Hey! Are you going to open mic night at the cafe? I have to work tonight!! It sucks!! She tossed her phone into the passenger seat and made her way to Cafe Rose.

    Sara pulled into the drive way and upon getting out of the car, tied her apron around her waist. She walked into the cafe, saying hi to all of her coworkers. "Sara-Mae, you've worked doubles all week. Do you ever catch a break?" Her boss Shannon chuckled when she saw her clock in. "Now you know I don't need a break. I'm one of the best workers here, and y'all are gonna need me 'round here if tonight's open mic is like it was two weeks ago." She chuckled and began to wait tables.
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  8. James Talos
    Location: Rosewood, Oregon
    Mentioned: The Band @Misguided†Ghost @Stargazer @darkflames13 @Unbound
    Interactions: Iza, Jordan, Leon, Lucifer
    Outfit: HERE
    "Oh no guys! It sounds like James is starving! We better hurry before he decides to try and eat us!" Iza, one of James' tour mates and friend, stated as others got into the S.U.V. It made James chuckle, but it it was fairly accurate. He liked himself some food.

    Turning his phone on silent, in order to avoid texting and driving, James then looked at Iza through the window. "I think I will start with you if I get hungry enough." His tone was light and easily heard as joking. There wasn't too much that James said that wasn't a joke. He wasn't serious about almost everything, both a flaw and gift.

    Turning the key in the ignition, James heard his cousin's comment. "Oh damn, I'm riding with James. Anyone who wants to get out of Seattle first, doesn't mind getting pulled over and is good at talking to cops, feel free to ride with us!" Again James laughed.

    Glancing over to Jordan he glared slightly. "Only got pulled over once..." Noticing his cousin's glare back, James smiled. "Okay, maybe eight times, but never have I ever caused an accident."

    After everyone was in the S.U.V, James decided that it was time to hit the road. Anything that someone forgot could be shipped down and picked up at the post office there at Rosewood. "Let's get this show on the road." Leon stated and James couldn't agree more as he pulled out of the parking lot. Thankfully the fans hadn't swarmed this entrance, making their escape easier.
    Getting there was the easy part, James only got pulled over once and had a new shiny ticket he had to pay for going twenty over the speed limit. Personally, the young male thought it was worth it because he could smell the food that local bars and grills were serving. His stomach growled a majority of the way.

    "Now just got to pick a joint." James said as he was driving down main street. Hmm. He thought to himself. This was going to be an interesting choice since food was extremely important. Though when he noticed a sign hanging in a cafe, he immediately stopped and pulled in. "Hey, look there's an open mic night. Let's check out the competition." He joked again before getting out of the S.U.V. and grabbed his phone.

    -'We are at some place called the Rose Cafe. Meet us here.'- He texted Lucifer.

    As soon as everyone was out of the S.U.V. James locked the doors and began to walk into the place, hoping they had some bomb steak.

    "Dinner for four?" The host asked.

    James smiled. "Nah, better make it five. We got a buddy coming, he's just a little behind." He said referring to Lucifer.

    The host then escorted them to their table that was largely round and James took a seat. After the girl passed out the menu's, James smiled. "Hey, look at this...everything is half off...AND there is steak!" He exclaimed. This was shaping up to be a nice night.
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  9. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ∞∞∞ ▬▬

    The Determined Country Girl
    Sara-Mae's Mood: ||Happy||Determined||
    Sara-Mae's Outfit: HERE
    Location: Her House ---> Cafe Rose
    Mentioned: None
    Interactions: @CELESTIAL - James || @darkflames13 - Iza || @Unbound - Leon ||

    Face Claim: Zella Day
    Color Resource: A927E6

    Tonight was a busy night at Rose Cafe. Especially since they were having an open mic night. Those were always a big hit for the people of Rosewood for some reason. They were fun and brought in all types of people. Some talented and some, well... not so talented. It was interesting to Sara to see everyone perform.

    Sara loved working at the cafe! Especially on open mic night. Waiting tables kept her busy and the people singing kept her entertained. Sara-Mae kept up with the busyness well, but they would definitely need some more help in the restaurant if people kept flooding in the way they did. Hopefully someone else she knew would come in and work.

    She spotted Loralei seat a table of four and smiled. The girl was a volunteer and did a pretty good job of keeping the pace perfectly. It was a big help to Sara. She walked over to the table and pulled out her pen and notepad, ready to take orders and show a little southern hospitality.

    "How are y'all doin' tonight? My name is Sara-Mae and I'll be your waitress tonight." Sara's voice chimed, her southern accent clear as a bell. "As you can tell from our lovely entertainment we are having an open mic night. There is a notepad and some pens at your table if you'd like to sign up, just write the song and how many of you are singing and I'll give it to our DJ right up there. Can I start y'all off with any drinks tonight?" She smiled, ready to scratch their drink order on the paper

    Sara-Mae could very much be considered a workaholic. She didn't work all the time, but most of it. She was always taking extra shifts and covering for people when they asked.

    The cafe was like a second home to her, a place she went when she needed a break from home life. At the cafe, there were people who she could count on and would help her out if she needed it. Everyone there was so nice and treated each other like family. It was nice and something that Sara-Mae needed and loved about the place.

    It was like waitressing was one of her callings. She loved people and people loved her too. She liked the challenge that came with serving everyone and making people happy. Not to mention she had quite the talent of carrying multiple trays at once.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Location: Auto Shop --> Home --> Rose Cafe
    Position: Local; Mechanic
    Mentioned: The Band, specifically Iza ( @darkflames13 ), NPCS
    Interactions: Cassidy ( @Stargazer ), Amy (NPC), Other NPCS
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE
    Color Ref: bf5e0a

    Music blasted through two small black speakers on the other side of the garage. Alexander was the only one working at the auto shop, for all his coworkers had other personal matters that required their attention. Not that he minded, it meant he could listen to whatever music he'd like, and he wouldn't have to make conversation while he worked. It was just him, and whatever car needed fixing up that day.

    Of course, working alone was dangerous when he had to use the machinery. But Alexander had never been afraid of being squashed, partly because he knew if something like that did happen it would only hurt for a moment. The young male had never feared death so much... he only worried about the suffering that came first.

    With a grunt, he slid out from underneath a silver 2009 Jetta he had been working on. Alex's forehead shined with a fresh coat of sweat, his hands covered in black grease. As he stood he pulled his rag from his pocket and began wiping away at his hands. Alexander crossed the garage to the phone, and found the phone number of the nice lady who left the Jetta in the first place. Quickly dialing it and waiting for an answer, Alexander wiped away at the sweat on his face.

    "Hey, Amy," he greeted the lady who answered, smiling into the phone. "It's Alex. I'm just calling to let you know that your Jetta is ready to go." He was silent as he listened to her thank him, and ask if it was okay if she picked it up tomorrow. He looked up to the calendar, to see who was working tomorrow and nodded to himself. "Yeah, actually that'd work out great. It'll give one of my coworkers a chance to test drive it before giving you the keys." He went silent again as she responded. "Yeah, see you around. Bye."

    Alex hung up the phone, and turned to take a look at the garage. He was finished for the day, finally. He had stayed an extra two hours more than planned, just to make sure Amy would have her car as soon as possible. Running his dirty hands through his brown hair, Alex grabbed his keys, left a note for his coworkers that instructed them to test drive the car and locked up the auto shop. Alex got into his red pickup truck, and headed home.

    He showered as soon as he got home, happy to get all the dirt and grease off of his body. When he got out he wrapped a dark blue towel around his lower body, and reached for a phone. After glancing at the time, he decided he should send a quick text to his best friend, Cassidy.

    To Cass: Just got out of the shower, I'll meet you at the Cafe soon.

    With that, Alex changed into normal clothes, and dried his hair as well as he could with a towel. Before long he was ready to go. Climbing into his truck one again, Alex made the short drive to Rose Cafe and found a parking spot. The place was already getting busy, likely due to the 'Open Mic Night' the cafe was hosting. It seemed to be a big hit around town.

    Alex spotted Cassidy as soon as he walked in, and told the greeter that he had already found who he was there to meet. Smoothly, he slid into the seat across from Cass and smiled brightly. "Hey," he said as his brown eyes swept over the room. "It's already busy in here, huh?"

    His gaze was pulled towards a female with vivid green hair, which stood out quite a bit. He raised an eyebrow as he looked over her friends as well, they all looked very... different. Strange, if he was being honest. Even if Alex didn't personally know everybody in their small town he would have known they were not locals... they just didn't look the part in any way. "Check out the strangers," Alex said to Cassidy, nodding his head over to their table. "Bet they're loud and obnoxious. I mean, who dies their hair green?"
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