Starship Nameless (early spacers rp)

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This RP is going to be about the early steps of Earth's spacers, the men and women running a cargo route between Earth and a cargo relay sattelite in Mars orbit. The ship's fairly simple, having basic artificial gravity by means of rotational force, high power ion engines, and 120 metric ton capable caro pods, three of them. Or, of course, hauling other ships or open cargo such as space station parts.

This is our ship. Please excuse the poor hand sketch, but I neglected to show the cargo pods in exchange for the framework holding the beast together. Twin thorium reactors power the engines and crew compartment systems, with enough excess to run personnel as cargo. Due to the near infinite variations on the pods, it would be useless to post a basic pod, here.

Crew of eight is as follows:
2 nuclear engineers
2 mechanical engineers
2 cargo engineers/EVA specialists
1 bioengineer
1 communications engineer.

Naturally, everyone is trained in the basics of everyone else's work.

Point is, let's see if we can make the day to day lives of eight crew members fairly interesting. Mechanical failures, drama, and the natural blunders of early space faring culture.

The ship we'll be flying is LBD03 registered out of Cape Kennedey. She was never officially named, and therefore was referred to on the hull registration papers as "Nameless." First cargo is loading equipment to finish the Mars Relay station, and returning with a load of ore from Phobos. The year is right around 2040.


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I claim the bioengineer. I designed the life support system.
Kay, guys, it's actually running on A New Horizon.
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