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Samus Aran or Master Chief

  1. Samus Aran

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  2. Master Chief

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  3. They're both as good as each other

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  4. They're both as bad as each other

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen!
    Tonight, I bring you a battle for the books, one I totally did not have to come up with because I am rapidly running out of ideas!

    In the blue corner, we have Nintendo's very own bounty hunter!
    As deadly as she is beautiful, she will blow your mind.
    All across the wall.
    Seriously, screw around with her and she'll blow you to kingdom come.
    Everyone, please give it up for the one and only...
    And, in the red corner,we have the man himself.
    A super soldier from one of the most well-known series in history, his name is one recognised all over the gaming world.
    King Leonidas has nothing on this Spartan.

    Who's the better character? Not who would win in a fight - though that is a contributing factor.​
  2. Alright. I have to say I'd side with Samus.

    Though they both seem to rely on their suits, I feel as though Samus could handle herself better without a suit than Master Chief -- considering Master Chief is never seen without it and Samus is seen a variety of times without it and having to deal with baddies that way.

    Character-wise, I feel that Samus is also more dynamic when compared to Master Chief. Master Chief, as some sources say, is the prototypical strong jawed, man of few words Client Eastwood type. While that might suit his character and the game, it hurts him also in that there is very little going on with him. Point, shoot, get commands, repeat. I think that the simple fact that Samus is female also plays a huge role as well in that Samus' gender was/is probably one of the greatest twists in video game history, or at the very least in the Nintendo gamedom. Master Chief just seems to be all too stereotypical... very run of the mill, dime-a-dozen. Big burly man, big gun, lots of armor, testosterone injected, Semper Fi, HOOAH! -shrugs- If I wanted to see that, I'd go watch a military movie. Nothing special.
  3. Samus is used to insanely high gravity, right?

    She could probably punch him out in a hand to hand fight.
  4. Master Chief has higher badass levels by far.
  5. I don't know a whole lot about either character, but I do know that Master Chief can be badass without his suit. He's an advanced being that had to go through intense training before he could be given that 700 pound suit. So, don't underestimate him. ;) I mean, come on. He was identified as an ideal Spartan candidate at age SIX for mental and physical awesomeness.

    Though, I might have a secret lady boner for John, too... Ugh.
  6. Samus because boobs.

    And have you SEEN just how flexible she is?!
  7. Samus' suit is far more versatile that Master Chief's. Outside of the suits they're polar opposites. Samus is insanely nimble while Master Chief is more of a powerhouse (Which isn't to say that he isn't fast).

    At the end of the day though I'd have to say Samus. She became badass through a chozo blood infusion and training. Master Chief had to have a shit ton more done to him to get him where he is. Samus' weapons are numerous, versatile, on board in her suit, and most of them have no limit to their ammo. Master Chief is limited to what he can carry. Samus' suit can be engaged mentally. Chief actually has to suit up. Samus takes out planetary and galactic threats within the span of one game. Chief needs three to get shit done properly.

    Samus Aran wins. One of the original people to don a power suit. You'd need more than Master Chief to match up to her.

    Besides I don't think Chief is going to beat the likes of Ridley and various metroids with a battle rifle.