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  1. Ugh my posts for this is gone :(
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    It's too bad, hopefully the ones who read it will remember where they left and continue again.
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    Aww what? Darn.... Well I read some of it, but never got to the end... So maybe some one could fill us in, or start over...
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    Name: Quinn
    Sex: Female
    Age: 20
    Race: White
    Appearance: Long black hair, with blue eyes. She has pale skin that is soft as a babies even still. She stands 5'8" tall and weighs about 170.
    Other: She likes sweet things.
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    Ók, for as far as I can remember, Ignis had looked at the picture and offered her help in finding the man on it, introducing herself and extending her hand to greet the male. I can not recall clearly what the woman besides her did, I think ordering a bloody mary with vodka or something...?. Then there was Rusti and Nyles' character (can't remember the name) They were talking I think. Uhm... so yeah
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    That thing yesterday totally screwed everyone over.
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    Posts are gone. -_-
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    I know I'm kinda pissed.
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    We shall rebuild!
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    I posted what I remembered~ FILL IN MORE DETAILS O3O
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    Yeah I remember my character Mia was talking to Rusti's character.
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    Yeah I remember that. That was about it right?
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    Well hopefully someone can get us started again, voluntees?