Starlight Falling Down

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  1. Note:: Would prefer somewhat of a bad boy.

    Julia sat down on the soft white sand, hea boag in one hand an ice cold beer in the other. Her green eyes stared out at the waves, the soft lull of the water crashing against theshore and retreating back to the depths was a lullabye to her ears. Julia looked to the dark night sky, before taking a deep drink of the Bud light. The grey smoke of the cigarette spread out int he darkness, being carried by the soft breeze. She placed it to her lips, inhaling and allowing the nicotine settling in her lungs. She smiled softly to herself and let her head falll back to watch the stars.
  2. "Would you like an umbrella and lime with that?" Francis Michaels asks, holding a 6-pack of corona cerveza with limes, standing over her, looking with a questioned "do you dare to" look. He casts a shadow across her face, leaving a gleam of moonlight around his form. The sky is just bright enough for her to make out his long, sleek, slender body, and light sandy brown hair.
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    Sweeping back the hair from his face, he removes a cigarette case from his back pocket, pulls out a cigarette and lights it. "you looked lonely, thought i might come join you. Seeing as we're the only two on the beach, this late at night. So are you gonna invite me to sit? It's kind of been a long day, and im still being polite, for now." looks at you questioningly, raising one eyebrow, and holding out beer and limes as an offering.
  3. Julia smiled up at him, waving her hand in a nonchalant manner. "Charming, you know I always dreamed that beer would be the way to my heart." she said, offering a small laugh. "Yes, sit please. " She placed her own empty bottle in the sand. She takes another drag before looking up at him again. "And hurry, your blocking ym moonlight." Julia joked. Her eyes wandered to the ocean, watching the ocean. A few gulls sounded in the distance. "I'm Julia by the way, or are you the type not to bother with names?" she asked calmly.
  4. Chuckling lightly, Francis sat, handed Julia the limes, stretched one leg out while pulling the other close. He leaned on one arm, holding the corona with the other. " thank you, my name is Francis Michael, but usually people just call me Fry. I am glad i decided to venture to this side of the beach tonight. Its not every night you run into such a pretty young thing, this late at night." He flashed her a grin, before taking another drag on his cigarette.
  5. Julia smiled. " Well, Fry, I'm glad to meet you. " She looked at her cigarette and then put it out in the sand as the flame got too close to the filter. She fiddled around with the limes before reahing for one of his coronas and opening it quickly. She shrugged. " I decided to take a walk. Enjoy the scenery." She stated chuckling slightly. She brushed her black hair out of her face, again looking to the ocean. "And what about you, your out late as well." she commented.
  6. "How can someone be out when they were never in, in the first place?" he looked at her with a questioning look in his eyes, "I'm more of a drifter, just me and my boat, going wherever we please. She's anchored a mile or two down, and about a half a knot out. i just rowed in tonight, for the moonlight and supplies, as you can see." He waved his hand over the case of beer and bag of limes. "My row boat has the rest of my supplies in it, tucked away in a secret compartment." Grins and chuckles, "And now it is time for the moonlight, and look at the view that comes with it. I get the honors to enjoy this evening with a beautiful young woman tonight." He finished his beer, bit into the lime slice, then popped open another beer, "Cheers, to the beauty of nature, and the full moon may it stay that way through our travels in life!" He tapped the top of his beer to hers, then tilted his head back and took several big gulps.
  7. Are you feeling alright? You have been quiet and stiff all night.