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    Trouble in Starkid Universe!
    This is Vikki Val with breaking news. Many different dimensions are in turmoil due to the sudden activity from numerous villains. The Starship Rangers have developed a device that allows travel through different dimensions. Junior got hold of this device and is now traveling through all the Starkid plays and worlds gathering up all the villains in order to gain complete control. Our only hope of survival is that the heroes from the different worlds join together and fight off the evil forces. Will Gotham, Hogwarts, Bug Planet, and the other worlds be able to survive this take over?


    This role play is not of just of one Team Starkid play, but all of them! With a device that resembles a wrist watch you can travel from one world to another with the push of a button. You could be in the halls of Hogwarts one minute then in the center of the hive on Bug Planet the next. Every Character has this device and can use it at any time, but be careful. If you abuse it will run out of power and you will be stuck in whatever world you’re in.

    In addition to the worlds from the plays there is also a central world called Starkid Station that connects all of them together. If your travel device malfunctions or runs out of power you may repair it there at a service panel. However there is only one entrance on each world, and they are hidden and incredibly hard to find. If you do find your way into Starkid Station, you may not be so lucky to find your way out. It is a massive Labyrinth with many tunnels and rooms. Hidden with in these ways are many challenges and guardians including dementors, bug larva hatching- looking for the nearest mammal to digest, and giant vats of hot fudge! At the center of this maze is the Core. The Core controls all happenings in all the worlds. The Villains are desperately trying to get to this device so they can hack it and control everything. The Heroes are trying to reach the Core first in order to protect it. It is a race to Core and who can find it first. Also once you enter the maze your travel device will not work. You must rely on your wits and skills to find your way through.
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    Right. So this is obviously a Starkid Roleplay which includes: A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, Me and My Dick, Starship, Holy Musical B@man, A Very Potter Senior Year, Little White Lie, and Twisted. I have always been a big Starkid fan and wonders if there are any others who are as well. So to you my fellow roleplayers, is this something that would interest you? Please give me some feed back!​