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  1. Starish Studios is a well know young international company thats booming in the entertainment businesses. They sign contracts with every idol star from Models and Musicians to their Mangers. Starish has sky rocketed to the point that owner and CEO, Victoria Scarlett has decided to open an International school in Italy for those promising new stars. Through the courses of the school students will sky rocket to their place as big time Idols.


    Those who get the wax sealed letter from the school have tried to get their names out and have been recognized for their future potential as Idols.

    *List of Occupants*
    •Musician (put the type next to it. Ex: Pop Star or Composer)
    •Dancer (Put the type Ex: Hip Hop)
    •Movie Star
    •Fashion Designer

    **If you can think of more let me know**

    Teachers will not be allowed how ever they are open for everyone to play when needed.

    •Music Instructor - Dancers, Musician
    •Dance Instructor - Dancers, Musicians
    •Fashionista - Model, Designer, Movie Star, Musicians, Dancers
    •Writing Instructor - Reporters, Agent/Manger, Directors, Author

    ALSO DO BE CREATIVE AND MAKE YOUR OWN IDOI USING A CURRENT SUPERSTAR WILL NOT BE AS FUN OR UNIQUE! Photos of an already know Idol is fine just make the character yours.


    Role: Student



    Alias/Stage name:




    Where Your From:


    RELATIONSHIPS (essential)

    Love interests: (only if u want)




    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)




    Distinguishing Marks:

    General Appearance:





    Current Goal/Purpose:






    General Personality:

    Inner Personality:


    General History:

    Before/ Present Life:

    (Put only essential parts if you wish)
  2. IMG_20150323_161910.jpg

    Alessandria (open)


    Role: Student

    Occupant: Model/ Writer/ Director (as a writer she does story lines, music, books and movies)

    Name: Alessandra Voltaire

    Alias/Stage name: Aless

    Gender: Female

    Ethnicity: Italian

    Age: 19

    Where Your From: Sicily, Italy

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    RELATIONSHIPS (essential)
    Let me know our relationships

    Love Interest:




    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)

    Heigh: 5'8

    Hair: Naturally Black, (Photo is wig)

    Eyes: Icy Blue

    Distinguishing Marks:
    IMG_20150323_170548.jpg IMG_20150323_170617.jpg
    (Blue Butterflies on her left shoulder dedicated to her mother)

    General Appearance:
    tall, thin but not too thin rather toned, round in all the right places, long raven hair, full lips, and high cheek bones. No need for make up, not even a blemish on her pale skin, and brilliant Icy blue eyes. She normally wears a black leather jacket, electric blue half/tank top, and black cargo pants with black heeled leather boots. She will also wear a black chocker with a red jewel hanging from it.

    Strengths: Flexablity, Agility, Photography, Violin, Surprising accuracy, Modeling Writing, drawing (Don't piss her off when sharp objects around)

    Weaknesses: Cute Animals, Dr. Pepper, Eyeliner, sweets,


    Current Goal/Purpose: To leave a legacy behind.

    Aspirations: Be Legendary

    Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Singing, Dancing, violin playing, marshalarts, editing photos, Skating, acrobatics,

    Talents: Marshalarts, Violin, singing and writing, fluently speaking Italian/English


    Fears: Will learn

    General Personality: Loveable, Sadistic, laid back, calm, sarcastic,


    General History: At a young age, while living in America, Alessandra went through the torchure of her fathers brutal fist, chains and whips all because she wasn't pretty enough. Her father was a possessive man whom had his mother under the same conditions. It wasn't until she was 10 that her mother finally made a run for it, out of the country, back home to Italy where the two where born. Finding out that Aless had many talents she took all kinds of classes from violin, to marshalarts. By the age of 13 her mother feel deathly ill and she had to get a job to pay for her medicine. Finding a job at a local photo shop she really begun to see the beauty of photography and the work done to it. By 15 she was modeling for local clothing stores for calanders and catalogs to boost their sales. At the age of 16 her mother died and a few weeks latter she got a butterfly tattoo in her dedication. At 17 years old she got a letter in the mail to be one for the few students to attend Lynix Idol Academy the first year it was opened. That same year she got the tattoo on her stomach.

    Present Life: She has long made her Debut as a Model at 17. At 18 she started to write. Now she does photo shoots with the new comers of the Academy and some outside. Since she is signed with Starisb Studios she does her work on campus as a student, Being one of the few to actually get signed with Starish.

    This next part is because she throws a back to school party in the beginning.
    Car & House (open)


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