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  1. I love watching Starcraft Multiplayer.

    Its like Geek ESPN.

    And I've been following the 2014 tournaments for Starcraft 2 lately on youtube.

    I wanted to share this hilarious moment from MLG 2014.

    The best part is the lol factor all starts from 0:00 up to like 3 minutes, before proceeding to the most hilarious and awesome beatdown ever.

    Some background:

    Scarlett, Team Acer's "Queen of Blades," is a perennial Zerg player.

    This was the first time she ever played her off-race, Protoss.

    Thus, the "lol, wat." reaction from the sportscasters and the AUDIENCE and HER OPPONENT when she picks Protoss.

    Its hard to see, but in the in-game conversation between Scarlett and her opponent, DongRaeGu, goes:

    DongRaeGu: Re re? (ie, Reselect your race)
    Scarlett: No
    Scarlett: Play
    DongRaeGu: ?
    Scarlett: I Protoss
    DongRaeGu: Seriously?
    Scarlett: Yea
    DongRaeGu: OMG

    Oh, Scarlett, Queen of Psi-Blades, that made my month.

    I back up the random guy in the audience around 9:00 who scribbled onto a sign:

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  2. There was a DOTA championship or something on one of the way too many ESPN channels one afternoon. My dad actually had to call me and ask me why.
    I told him casuals love to watch things they suck at.

    He thought it was a football joke.
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  3. That is awesome

  4. Seriously, one of the funniest Starcraft battles and funniest sportscasting I've seen in a long while.

    From the get-go, one of the casters is just trolling for over 5 minutes using some random, long-winded, rambling story that has absolutely no point.

    Because they're casting for a Toss vs Toss match between absolutely awful players.

    To cap it off?

    A win by fuckin' probes at literally the last second.

    Money moment: 09:00 onward.

    Red kills Blue's last two freakin' Pylons for the win. While his Nexus is almost dead.


  5. This is hilarious.

    For those who don't understand by watching it, the Protoss player is attempting to "cheese" (that is, do a cheesy, quick-to-make, damnably annoying strategy; usually a rush attack of some kind).

    His cheese is to scout the enemy Terran's base and place photon cannons at the entrance/exist ramps leading to the Terran base and natural expansion areas.

    ....Only the Protoss player is putting the cannons in the wrong base.

    ...Because he didn't scout the area all the way.


    But like the casters said, you really can't blame him. The scout's vision was just THAAAAAT far off.
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  6. If I ever saved it.

    That .gif replay where the zerg player mis-clicks his minerals then immediately quits the game.
  7. Thanks for sharing! Really good videos


    Terran Battlecruier
    Kills: 71


  9. When I saw that second Terran CC come up, I immediately thought "He's gonna go for a base trade with a planetary fortress."

    Called it.

    I gotta admit, I would NOT have thought to do that if I saw a Protoss Gateway proxy in my expo. I'd probably have gone marines on a panic.

    This Terran player did some pretty sick transitions there. I gotta give props to that.

  10. something a little different

    warcraft 3 multiplayer

  11. Money shot at about 2:30.

    What the fuck is that?

    Whut, lol, I don't even.....

    Just wat.

    I have never seen that glitch until this video.

    I am speechless.

    Apparently its an oldish glitch, but yeah, never knew about it.
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