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  1. So, I have a crazy idea for a group star wars RP. The focus would not be on smut, though it's certainly possible as the passions of the Sith fly off the handle, but instead on the gritty dark side of the universe. Smuggleing, slave trade, back alley assassinations, corruption of noble Jedi, etc.

    I want to see if there is any interest in this before creating to much meta-plot for it.
  2. Holy crap, Sarloch had an idea all by himself?!?!!? *hides under the table!!*


    I'm totally interested.

    OHMYGOD I'm totally playing my smuggler and not my Mando! The Miralukan!! AHAHAHA YES!
  3. I think I'd be interested. I always used to love the trilogy, so let's see if I can revive my adoration.
  4. I am a huge Star Wars buff, so count me in!
  5. Ok, so my general plan was to set things after order 66 but before A New Hope.

    I think we have enough people to get something started, so let's post some characters. I think name, race, occupation, and general background should be good enough, feel free to put as much info as you want though.
  6. Permission to be a Twi'lek? :D
  7. He says yes.

    Lol actually, he said "*sarcastically* No. No, you can't play the hottest race in the Star Wars universe...."

    But that's really a yes lol
  8. xD They are the hottest race... never thought of that. Thank you for enlightening me :D Gah! Now I feel like an inferior fan for not noticing that my favourite Star Wars race is attractive. Oh, woe, is me!
  9. XD It just means you like them for other reasons! Unlike Sarloch who just likes them because they're hot :P
  10. General
    Current Residence:

    Weapon of Choice:



    If anyone wants to use this, go ahead. It's what I'll be using because I'm a glutton for punishment like that. ;)
  11. I like Twi-Lek for other reasons too... They are a strong people who have fought for freedom for time in memoriam, even on their home planet they are treated as little more than slaves.

    Also, thank you Tor for putting that up! I'm at work now, or I'd be posting up some dudes that will be central to the meta plot I have rolling around in my head.
  12. Lol I was gonna say, aren't you supposed to be working? ;)
  13. General
    Name: Jorya Zione
    Aliases: Jorry. At least, she pretends it's a nickname. She doesn't actually have friends who would give her one...
    Age: 27
    Race: Miraluka
    Languages: A plethora. Basic, Miralukan, Bothan, Hutteese, Binary (she can understand her droid) and a few others but those are the main ones.
    Occupation: Smuggler
    Current Residence: On her P.O.S. ship

    Eyes: Lol eyes...She doesn't have any.
    Hair: Red
    Height: 5'6
    Build: Lean muscle and curves
    Scars: just a few here and there, nothing exciting
    Attire: Normal, every day, crappy clothes. Nothing special or exciting.
    Accessories: The strip of brown fabric always covering her eyes. (or where her eyes would be if she was human), and her "seeing eye droid"...
    Weapon of Choice: A blaster pistol and a small knife.

    Basic: She's a bit off her rocker, but just a bit. Being a smuggler made her a good liar and she just travels the galaxy, meeting new people, making friends, smuggling things from point A to point B.
    Strengths: Lying, pretending to be blind, force sensitive, smuggling, piloting a ship
    Weaknesses: She can't see force fields or computer screens, not force trained (well, maybe a LITTLE...)
    Fears: She really doesn't like running into force fields, so she's a little hesitant going through doorways, but there really isn't too much she actually fears. Maybe going to prison for smuggling...
    Likes: Tricking people into thinking she's a blind human and not Miraluka. It makes people put their guard down around her.
    Dislikes: Running into force fields or having to use a computer screen. Though, that's what her droid is for.

    Mother: Cynthia Zione
    Father: Aaran Zione
    Upbringing: Jorya grew up a daughter to a pair of Jedi, so there's really no guessing as to where her parents are right now...She hadn't wanted to be a Jedi though, too outgoing and spirited to sit still and let go of all emotions. Of course, the slaying of her parents put a sour taste in her mouth and took her from being spirited and carefree to spirited and a bit dark, perhaps. She was forced into hiding, being force sensitive, and took on the guise of a blind human which was pretty easy...except in the beginning she forgot to actually act blind...being able to see through The Force and all. After a few crazy go-rounds, blasting other ships out of the sky simply for which side the supported, she settled into a smuggling gig where she's pretty comfortable.
  14. General
    Name: Nalan `Ayehe
    Aliases: None
    Age: 19-20
    Birthdate: ??
    Race: Twi'lek
    Languages: Fluent in several different languages
    Occupation:Ex-slave and rogue Jedi
    Current Residence: Mos Eisley?

    Eyes: Gold eyes
    Hair: Pfffffff... no hair.
    Skin colour: The colour of this type font

    Height: 5'4"
    Build: Lean, sleek, tone, thin
    Scars: Some scars leftover from chains of slavery and some battles gone wrong
    Attire: Similar to down below in the picture, but more skin showing and her feet are bare except for the ivy-like metal that goes around her foot, ankle, and part of her calf
    Accessories: Her head covering
    Weapon of Choice: Green lightsaber


    Basic: [COLOR=#00ffff]quiet, loner, shy, trouble trusting people (more to develop and show)[/COLOR]
    [B]Strengths: [COLOR=#00ffff]Can get what she wants by using her body and such, knows how to work her way into getting what she needs[/COLOR]
    [B]Weaknesses: [COLOR=#00ffff]Trusts hardly anyone[/COLOR]
    [B]Fears: [COLOR=#00ffff]The race which enslaved her[/COLOR]
    [B]Likes: [COLOR=#00ffff]To fight, [/COLOR]
    [B]Dislikes:[COLOR=#00ffff] People[/COLOR]

    [/U][B][COLOR=#00ffff]She was seperated from her family at a young age and has not seen them since[/COLOR][B]

  15. BUTTS! I forgot languages! *goes to edit*
  16. I was thinking of joining this.
  17. Doooo iiiiiiit!
  18. you're certainly welcome to join, the more the merrier.
  19. General

    Name: Deia

    Aliases: Ortak Vahn

    Age: 20

    Birth date: Unknown

    Race: M

    Languages: Fluid in a variety of languages excluding droid which causes her significant problems.

    Occupation: Formerly interested in the Sith she has become an information dealer and saboteur. She is secretly a Bounty Hunter who works within the Coruscant underworld known as Ortak Vahn.

    Current Residence: In space tailing a bounty.


    Eyes: Steel Purple

    Hair: Black with red and purple streaks.

    Height: 5'8

    Build: Thin and flexible. She is also very athletic and agile.

    Scars: Her hands and arms are filled with markings and scars from previous battles with the empire, the numerous gangs of various planets and simple work within her ship.

    Attire: Her bounty hunter suit carries with it some basic body armor and a helmet to hide her appearance and detect heat signatures for warm bodied creatures. She carries on her thighs and a crude shotgun on her back. She has a wide variety of thermal grenades and explosives among her body. Her helmet looks like a modified version of a storm troopers except with a logo of the bounty hunters and added plating to defend herself and some modifications with the visor.

    Accessories: A broken light saber that she carries with her. It doesn't do much and she can get it to work at times but unfortunately it is more of a decorative item than something she could use.

    Weapon of Choice: All her weapons are designed to only injure a target. She prefers hand to hand combat but also prefers her explosions to cause some damages to her opponents.


    Basic: Kind when she isn't hunting someone. She is polite, courteous, grateful and kind. She likes to joke around but also has a very serious side which seems to trouble her. She is also very intelliget and loves to study things.

    [B]Strengths: Speed and intelligence. She is fast and nimble while also being very quick minded. She also is a good shot and can survive in numerous horrific situations based on her knowledge with how to deal in such circumstances.

    [B]Weaknesses: Her ears are very sensitive and she has trouble with long ranged weaponry. Enjoying to fight others up close she can't seem to hit anything even with guidance from technology.

    [B]Fears: The empire and the Hutts have been hunting her down. Since she took a bounty from both while providing fake evidence. She has begun thinking of creating a new bounty hunter persona to remain safe while also saying she killed Ortak Vahn to gain even more credits.

    [B]Likes: Books, messing with the broken lightsaber, droids, ships, credits and different planets.

    [B]Dislikes: Small spaces, slums, slavery, war, evil creatures, etc.

    [B]Family: Her family is a mix. While part of her family is rich and noble the other half is poor and ruthless. Growing up her family was always divided between bounty hunters and diplomats. As she grew older she felt pressured to push toward their direction. She has chosen for now to join the poorer of her two families and believes she could do much more good ridding the galaxy of scum then a diplomat could.

    Mother: She is a mirror image of her mother who used to do the same and hunt people down. After her marriage she became a galactic peacekeeper. With her attitudes to the poor very charming she tries to offer them basic treatment and opportunities to help move them forward.

    Father: A strong leader and one who has changed the planet her species dwell on. He has helped to move the planet into a more powerful position and to make sure any threats are neutralized. His charisma makes him one of the many great leaders of the planet.

    Siblings: She has another sister who works on Coruscant.

    [B]Upbringing: Nothing far from ordinary but she was always on ships most of her life. She didn't mind but urged for something more and enjoyed