Star Wars: The Saga Reborn (IC)

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  1. OoC

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

    The Saga Reborn.

    Episode I:

    Weapons of the Force

    Shortly before the Galactic Republic was reborn as the First Galactic Empire, CHANCELLOR PALPATINE declared the Jedi Order were a threat to peace and democracy. In secret, he commanded the Republic's Clone Army to initiate a secret military act known as "Order 66". Order 66 forced the Clone Troopers to eliminate all Jedi across the galaxy. Many of the Jedi perished during Order 66, but some managed to escape the Emperor's wrath.

    Fleeing across the galaxy, the Jedi took to hiding in the shadows while the newly formed Empire began to seek them out. Under the command of the Sith Lord DARTH VADER, an elite group of clones known as the 501st Legion, who performed many of the Jedi Executions and raided the Jedi Temple when the purge started, went in search of the remaining Jedi throughout the galaxy. Issued to track down the remaining Jedi during the construction of the Emperor's ultimate weapon, DARTH VADER aboard his SUPER STAR DESTROYER, took the 501st Legion around the galaxy, eliminating any remaining members of the Jedi Order.

    However, something much more sinister then the purge of the Jedi is in the works. Kept secret from even his apprentice, EMPEROR PALPATINE has sent out a special group of Stormtroopers to seek out planets with strong Force energies. Only time will tell what he has planned...



    Sitting along in his throne room at Coruscant, Darth Sidious looked over at the city. A dark smile was slowly spreading across his face, looking over at the amazing area which now belonged to him. His empire. Thanks to years of careful planning and acting in the shadows, his hard work had finally paid off. Chancellor Palpatine was what they use to call him. A title which he acquired after convincing the ruler of the Naboo, Queen Amidala, to push for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Veloren. At the time, Veloren was on the payroll of the Trade Federation and praised the idea of leading the democracy. He was a good leader, albeit a little cowardly and rotten thanks to his constant bribes. However, Sidious needed to be in full control of the Senate for what he had planned. After Veloren was taken down, "Palpatine" did exactly what needed to be done. Needless to say, the authorities found him days later, dead. An apparent bounty hunter attack, most likely committed by Jango Fett. The explosion had Fett written all over it, although they never truly found out who had done it. However, a pattern soon began to arise.

    With every new political leader who tried to take his place, Sidious sent another bounty hunter to kill him or her off. For each leader that was murdered, came an excuse. Not paying off their debt to a Hutt, speeder accidents, and political assassination were all reasons why the leaders were killed. Palpatine saw to it that sometimes the bounty hunter responsible was caught, and other times they got away scot free. Whatever he did to keep himself in power, Darth Sidious made sure it was done in a way so that nothing led back to himself. By the time the Clone Wars ended, he had been Chancellor way longer then any before him. Without any to oppose him or run opposite Palpatine in the election, the Chancellor remained his position and his alone. Then, came the fateful day. The Jedi had come to overthrow him, so he naturally took care of them along with his new apprentice, Darth Vader. The two then set out to eliminate all Jedi from the galaxy with three simple words to the Clone Battalions: "Execute Order 66".

    Success came easier then he could have ever imagined, especially with the aid of his brand new apprentice. While Darth Vader failed to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi, he had proven himself to be extremely powerful when dealing with the leftover Jedi in the Jedi Temple, as well as destroying the leaders of the Separatist army. Just as he began to think about how Darth Vader, despite having not yet completed his training, was now teaching an apprentice all he knew, a voice echoed from his office doorway. "Mi'lord? Bravo Team has reported back from the planet Yavin IV. They say that they've located an abandoned Sith Temple with strong force-energy emanating from it." called out a Stormtrooper who had entered the room while Sidious was distracted. This was no ordinary Stormtrooper however. He was one of the leftover troopers from the 501st legion, specifically ordered to work for Sidious as a member of his personal battalion.

    Slowly turning his head towards the trooper, Palpatine nodded and said "Excellent. Send a transmission to them immediately. Tell them to start analyzing the surrounding area for signs of sentient life before proceeding with their mission.", slowly walking towards the trooper. "Yes sir." said the Stormtrooper as he bowed to the Sith Lord, then turned around. Just as he was about to leave, the Emperor spoke once more. "Send a transmission to Lord Vader as well. I have important matters I wish to speak about with him. Instruct him that he must also bring along "Jan Oorden"." explained the Emperor as the Stormtrooper nodded once more and exited the room.

    Slowly turning to face his office, Palpatine proceeded towards his holo projector and activated it, closing and locking the office door behind him. Broadcasting to the Super Star Destroyer, Emperor Palpatine patiently waited for Darth Vader and his apprentice to answer the call.
  2. The job had been simple clean up for Anakin. That wasn't how he referred to himself anymore, but a few of the troops in the 501st Legion were conditioned after the Clone Wars, so he did not argue it. A handful had just returned for the planet of Onderon; having found a Jedi who'd thought it safe to 'hide in plain sight' on, basically, the second largest Core Worlds of the Repu-... Empire. Darth Vader was currently covered in a large cowl that covered him from head to boot, as well as a heavy set of armor. His breathing almost sounded mechanical through his helmet and one might venture to guess that he was more machine then man, underneath that armor. They were right.

    His battle with his former master; Obi-Wan Kenobi had left him limbless-- save his already prosthetic arm-- and now he was limbed once more. A member of the Imperial flight crew, a mere officer at the time approached him. Moff Tarkin spoke sharply, with a disciplined tongue. He made it seem as though he'd served as an Imperial pilot all his life.

    "Lord Vader." He spoke, standing stright with his feet together, looking up, but away from the dark giant before him.

    "Speak, Officer Tarkin."
    "The dis-assembly pod is ready, m'lord.

    When Vader spoke, his voice was deep and modulated; it seemed more aggressive and evil then it was actually meant to be. Vader was loyal to his own, and demanded respect, but he wanted his crew to feel safe in his presence, so long as they made no mistakes.

    "Very good, Tarkin. Fetch Jan and have him wait outside the pod's chambers. I feel the Emperor requires both of our presence."

    Tarkin's lips pressed together and formed a line. Vader could tell it was a mask though, knew that the next thing Tarkin was going to tell him was that Emperor Palpatine had demanded his presence. Vader, however, refused to face his Master in his armor. That was something only his enemies would see him in. Something that was meant to evoke fear in hearts.
    With that, Vader set off. Striding past Tarkin in such a way that his long cloak whipped up and nearly brushed the officers arm. Vader then found himself seated-- no. That wasn't the right word. When you were seated, you weren't connected to your chair. Vader was link to this seat. Bound to it. The white pod began to rotate as the top came down to close, and once it did, the pod became pressurized automated extensions revealed themselves. They arms moved into the unpreceivable grooves of the heavy black suit and became to bear him of it; removing it piece by peace. The part that unnerved him the most was the bolts in his hips that held the reinforced legs onto his light prosthetic ones. Soon he sat in the chair, no longer a robotic looking man, but a man looking machine. His slightly curly, sandy locks of hair fell roughly around his face. Which seemed like a some kind of mixture of crater and cavern. Circles of black had formed around his eyes, and with in the dark circles, his blood shot whites held piercing yellow iris. Finally free of his armor, the Sith Lord stood and push a few buttons on the holopad connected to the chair and it opened. It was ready, for the next time he would need it.

    The man turned around, facing the exit of the room and stepped towards it. On the othe rside, he felt his apprentice, Jan Oordon was waiting for him. Perhaps. He felt he was, but the feeling was uncertain. If he hadn't been, there would be consequences.. Especially as his Master was waiting.
  3. Malady: Once Upon a Time, purple

    Once upon a time, Malady's psycho analyst declared her a sadist. That psycho analyst died (quite violently) a few days later not because Malady was unhappy with that analysis, but because Malady was, indeed, a sadist. Though several suspected, no one could pin the murder on Malady, partly because she was a consummate professional and partly because despite her mental state, Intelligence deemed her a usable asset. (Though when asked, she will claim, quite confidently, that it was entirely because she was a consummate professional)

    Since Malady was a sadist, one of her favored pastimes was the interrogation of prisoners, or more specifically, the interrogation of prisoners who required a little more... persuasion. It was in pursuit of her pastime that found her in a brightly lit room, languidly pacing around a bloody twi'lek bound to a chair.

    "The attack, my dear," she drawled in a heavy imperial accent, idly tapping a bloody vibroknife against a gloved palm. "Be a good little boy and tell us about the attack you have planned."

    The twi'lek spewed out a string of curses at her, though it was much less impassioned than it had been when they began. She ignored him and took the time to examine the blood smeared on her glove. Blood red didn't show up too well against the dark gray of imperial uniforms. Such a pity. But it did show quite nicely against the blue skin of the twi'lek she had at her mercy. Speaking of which, he was still determinedly cursing at her, but his voice suddenly turned into a drawn out scream as Malady carefully carved another bloody line onto his bare chest, this one perfectly parallel with all her previous ones.

    "Why must you make this so hard for yourself, love? Just tell me what I want to know, and all there will be no more pain for you." She idly twirled her blade as she spoke, flicking off droplets of blood.

    The twi'lek didn't respond this time, simply breathing heavily. She allowed him a few moments' respite, then, with a long suffering sigh, prepared to add another red line onto his skin, but hurried footsteps followed by a tap on her arm stopped her. She turned around to meet the scared eyes of the medical officer assigned to her for the duration of the interrogation session. "What?" she asked, her tone showing annoyance with just a hint of displeasure.

    "M-My apologies, Agent Malady," the officer started, nervously glancing at his machines set up nearby. "How-however, the prisoner's vitals show that his- that his injuries are too severe to continue this session."

    Malady turned back to look at the twi'lek, her lips almost curling into a pout. After a moment, she let out another sigh and waved dismissively. "Do what you have to, officer." The officer nodded, obviously relieved, and headed back to his machines, hurriedly tapping at the screens as Malady exited the room, bloody vibroknife in hand.

  4. The clash of Lightsabers echoed throughout the dark, enclosed room of the Rebel starship. As it turned out, the Rebels had managed to find themselves a surviving Jedi Master to help assist them in their war against the Empire. But it would do them no good. Once the Empire had discovered this Jedi, "Jan Oorden", a special agent for the Imperial forces was sent along with a battalion of Stormtroopers to destroy the ship and kill the Jedi. Most people wondered how "Jan" was able to kill a Jedi, but nobody asked him directly. Instead, those who travelled with him tried to keep interaction to a minimum. Nobody wanted to piss off the guy who was capable of killing Jedi, because only God knows how he would kill a Stormtrooper. But the less anybody knew about him, the easier his job became. "Jan" was just a cover up name, a false identity given to him by the Emperor so that nobody would suspect him of being more then another Imperial agent. In all actuality, Mar Zhet, was actually a Sith, trained and raised by the Dark Lords Sidious and Vader. However, nobody could know that he existed. His identity was kept secret because the Emperor knew that if the Rebels, however unlikely, managed to get their hands on a Sith, they would not hesitate to use him or her against the Empire. There was no definitive hero and villain in the war, but if you understood the entire story of how the Empire was created, then the Emperor was the villain of the story. But with an array of bounty hunters, smugglers, and even common criminals on both sides of the war, either employed by the Rebels/Imperials or working with them because they agree with certain viewpoints, it wouldn't have been difficult to imagine a Sith potentially winding up with the Rebels.

    Once aboard the ship, Mar and his Stormtrooper battalion raced down the halls and burned open the doors, killing any rebels they came across. The troopers focused on the individual battles while Mar marched his way through the remains to find the Jedi Master. His search, which had taken almost an hour, finally led him to the command bridge where the Jedi was waiting for him. As his identity as a Sith was revealed, the Jedi sprung into action. She was quick, but also very old. Her abilities with the Force were extraordinary, but her skills with a Lightsaber were miserable. Needless to say, Mar couldn't focus on fighting her as a swordsman and would need to pay close attention to her use of the Force. The panels on the floor, broke pieces of the ship, metal bars and even electrified wires heaved into the air and launched towards Mar, who narrowly dodged all of them. When the old crone tried to shove him out the window of the starship with constant shoved from the Force, Mar finally found an opening. She was too distracted about shoving him out into space then she was about keeping herself out of harms way. With a lightning quick reflex, Mar flicked his hand and sent his fallen lightsaber hurtling towards the woman, activating it was it flew. By the time she had realized her mistake, the red blade had already cut her in half. Gasping for the last time, the woman tumbled to the floor and split in two, dropping Mar. Dusting off his black and grey uniform and walking over to the body, Mar looked down at her and grumbled "Jedi scum..." before picking up the two Lightsabers. As he grabbed the lightsaber from the fallen Jedi, the room began to glow bright blue and fizzle away, leaving only the blackened metal of holo-pads surrounding him. The woman also melted away, revealing a training droid that had programmed for combat and installed with anti-Force devices, as well as given powerful jets on its body to simulate the effects of the Force.

    "Hm. Not too bad... I still need to improve my technique though. Almost died that time." mumbled Mar as he holstered the Lightsabers and walked out of the holo-deck. As he marched out, a Stormtrooper approached him and explained that Lord Vader was looking for him. With a nod, Mar walked off towards his master's main chamber so that they could both speak with the Emperor. Once he was there, Mar bowed to Darth Vader and said "Greetings, master. Do you know why the Emperor wishes to contact us?"
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