Star Wars: The Reaching Darkness



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First name: Rathe
Age: 34
Sex: Male


Lethality is infamous for many levels of crime. Theft, murder and smuggling have all been reported under the accusation of this criminal organization. Little is known of their ambitions and them being a large union is simply a rumour.

A handsome bounty will be rewarded to whoever successfully captures Rathe, or any other member of Lethality. They must be turned in alive so as to be interrogated. It’s crucial that their misdeeds come to an end and their hideout gets shut down.

Pursuing Rathe has turned in a direction no one expected. Desperate to avoid capture, he turned into the mysterious, unexplored territories of space. There’s an ominous aura in this area. Those sensitive to the Force feel shudders up their spines when approaching this remote district.

In search of Rathe, you’ve been led to a mysterious, dark looking planet. This planet has no name. People call it The Reaching Darkness, though, because it seems to swallow all who dare enter this location.

You’ve tracked him, chased him or met him while wearing a clever disguise. Whatever method you’ve tried, he’s managed to escape your clutches. With what information you have, you know where he’s gone. So have other bounty hunters, who are just as eager to obtain the price on his head. With luck, maybe you’ll find the hideout of Lethality!

Somewhere on this planet, a criminal is hiding from you. You must find him before the others, or else you’ve come this far for nothing! There are bounty hunters willing to fight for possession of this man, so be wary of the other wandering hunters.

This planet is the epitome of gloom. The ground is nothing but loose, black soil. There’s no plant life. Just dust, dirt, rocks and strange, red clouds. In some places, there are corpses half buried into the ground, or abandoned spaceships. Obviously, those who come here don’t make it out alive.

But why?

Soon, you will learn there’s more to this planet than meets the eye. The place seems abandoned, but… Your presence has disturbed something horribly dangerous. Something infectious; something predatory.

May the Force be with you…



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Game Master: Fluffy
Accepting New Characters?: Nope. D: All spots are filled. If a player withdraws or goes inactive, I'll accept new ones.
Posting Expectations: At least once a week from each player would be fantastic. I won’t get angry if it takes longer, but if it takes too long and the game needs to get moving, I will hijack you. Leaving for an unexpectedly long time or a withdraw from my game will result in character death.
Rating: R
Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller
Basic Plot: Rival bounty hunters must join forces in order to survive against a zombie horde, using what supplies and weapons they have available.
Writing goals: To practice the element of teamwork! This is NOT a roleplay for “I stand alone” behaviour. If anyone cockily wanders from the group to be a loner, I’ll throw so many zombies at you as punishment! >:[ There will also be battle scene practice. I know I myself could always use room for improvement when it comes to writing out fight scenes.
Some Notes: I realize that this isn’t 100% true to Star Wars. This has nothing to do with the original movies, really. I just wanted a zombie roleplay with Star Wars-y stuff. v__v So please, don’t get nerd-hate all over me.

Also, a good reference for looking into races, weapons, vehicles, etc. is Wookieepedia! I highly recommend it.

Name: Self explanatory, I think. Include aliases as well. Bounty hunters go by different names sometimes.

Age: If your character doesn’t know their age, it’s fine. At the very least, put down how old they look.

Sex: Male? Female? Both? Inapplicable?

Race: The variety of creatures in the Star Wars universe is vast. Please, be whatever you’d like. (:

Role: We’re mainly bounty hunters in this game, but I’m open to other ideas. Perhaps you’ve been on the planet already, just waiting for your saviour and before all that, you were a smuggler or pilot or something. Or maybe you’re a prisoner riding along with one of the bounty hunters. Or, perhaps, you’re just an assistant to one of the hunters! Plot away, my dears.

Appearance: Use an image, a written description, or both.

Personality: How your character interacts with friends, foes and strangers.

Strengths: What makes you so awesome?

Weaknesses: Must balance with the strengths. Must.

Special Abilities: For those special abilities that come with you not being a human. Or, perhaps, you are Force-sensitive. Whatever these powers may be, list them here.

Equipment: Whatever you came to the planet with. Your ship, your weapons, your armour, your supplies—everything.

Bio: Just write a little something about your character. Be as brief or as descriptive as you’d like.

Character Cast:

1. Erisi "Frostbite" Terra [Fluffy]
2. BCND10-X4 and BCNF10-J5 [Spammy]
3. Yasod [The Butterfly]
4. Cyrus Thane; Death Stalker, Storm Shadow [Okami]
5. Neroon Chamberlain; The Inquisitor [Admiral]
6. Fallon "Tut Tut" Beukeboom [Cotillion]
7. Arkavenn Xanthus [iAmXC]​


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Erisi "Frostbite" Terra




Bounty Hunter, Engineer, Merc

Erisi is 5' 8", but her combat boots add a couple of inches. Naturally, her skin is a light brown and her eyes are a bright white, showing no pupils or irises. Above and beneath these eyes are green markings she was born with. Her snowy coloured hair is very long and often tied back so it won't get in the way. Erisi's hands and ears are different from a human's; she has four clawed digits instead of five fingers, and her ears are pointed. Nonetheless, she maintains a stunning level of charisma. She has an athletic body with well sculpted muscles. The clothes she wears are far from modest. Being from an arrogant race, she knows well that she is a beautiful specimen, so she'll show off as such. However, because of her line of work, she's seen wearing suits appropriate for battle more often than street clothes. Safety is much more important to her than attraction; she takes her work very seriously.

Serious, dutiful and ingenious for the most part. When comes time for a mission, she is stoic and calculating. Eri doesn't have fun fighting; she does it because she has to. Her attitude comes off as cold a lot of times. She is also greedy, in a way. Erisi became a mercenary because of the promising income, mainly. The reason for this is she wants funds for upgrades to her weapons, her ship, her own self and her partner. She is obsessed with mechanics, bettering herself and learning more about the universe. Cohesive as she is, she is not emotionless. Eri loves and cares like any regular person would. The only way she can show this, is by watching their back in battle or volunteering to be their doctor. The only being who's witnessed Erisi being heartfelt and sincere is her partner, Yasod. Though only in private.

Erisi is quick, nimble and acrobatic. When in combat, it's difficult for her enemies to take aim because she's always moving around. She really has no fighting style, but having trained enough, she's developed tactics of her own that seem to work well enough. With her enhancements and quick thinking, she's very deadly in combat.

She is a "glass cannon"; while she dishes lots of damage, her defenses are not the greatest. So that she can achieve a high level of speed, Erisi chooses to wear only a few pieces of armour. This makes her much more vulnerable to attacks and when stricken, it could be alarmingly harmful. Additionally, her body is high maintenance. Going too long without rest will shut her body down, making her useless. Going too long without giving her enhancements a 'check up' would be bad, in case something needs replacing, tweaking or repairing. Even Erisi can admit that things can go horribly wrong at the most inconvenient of times.

Special Abilities:
Erisi is able to see in infrared light, and she is incredibly intelligent and rational like other Arkanians. Also, her hands are potentially more dangerous than a human's. Instead of five fingers, she has four clawed digits.

Cybernetics and Enhancements:
Erisi has gone through many scientific procedures in order to enhance or replace certain parts of her. The improvements come with many advantages, but disadvantages as well. Enhancements tend to drain her of energy when used to full potential, or pushed beyond the limits.

Both of her legs are enhanced, making them stronger and faster. The skeletal structure is very sturdy, and hidden beneath artificial skin that's a caramel tan like her natural flesh tone.

Additionally, her entire left arm is replaced with a prosthetic one. That arm was severely damaged once upon a time, so she took it as an opportunity for improvement instead of lamenting the long term damage. This arm functions like any other and still has the four-clawed hand. The only big difference is the weapon programmed into the arm. There's a hatch on her wrist that will shoot particle beams. The downside is that if she overuses this weapon, her arm will overheat and lose all function until she can tend to it.

There are several hatches located on Erisi's body, actually. They are well hidden, blending in with her skin so they're unnoticeable. These are weapons for desperate times of need only. A last resort, if you will. When activated, these hatches will open at the same time and release dozens of lasers that strike in random directions. The major consequence is the amount of pain this will cause Erisi during and after the attack. She'll get very fatigued, and all things mechanical about her will shut down, then her body will shut down until she re-energizes. This has not yet been needed, but it has been tested.

- Medpac
- Stun net
- Arkanian energy shield (located on her right forearm)
- Stun baton
- There's a poisonous blade hidden on her as well. It will flip open above her hand when activated, making her more dangerous in melee combat.
- A pair of close ranged blasters modified to allow rapid fire so the weapon won't destroy itself. This rate of firing will decrease, however, if she chooses to switch to a longer range.

On Erisi's home planet, she was apprentice to scientists who invented and repaired cybernetics. They were for the benefit of Arkanians, as well as their allies. This was a path chosen by her parents, which she has walked upon with no complaints. Watching and learning about prosthetics and enhancements turned out to be highly beneficial for herself, her family and the people she's worked with in the past, as well as currently.

When she officially earned the title of a worthwhile engineer, Erisi decided she wanted to do different things with life. Instead of being stuck on her planet with assignments, she wanted to travel the universe and develop inventions of her own. The life of a mercenary became a spectacular idea the more she thought about it. Generous bounties were offered to those who could successfully capture criminals and with that much profit, she could expand her levels of research.

With what money she had, Erisi purchased necessary equipment for bounty hunting. For a long time, she traveled and pursued her targets solo. Unlucky prisoners came up with the name Frostbite for her, because of her snowy hair and cold personality. To some, she is the season of Winter in the form of a beautiful woman.

During her travels, Erisi kept her eyes open for a special individual she could hire to be a lifelong partner. Someone she could share her earnings with, upgrade with her technology and, admittedly, just someone she could have for company. Hunting by her lonesome became troublesome for her. She rarely talked and rarely felt happy, even with her improving experiments.

She encountered a Yaka, a race she was fond of and familiar with, by the name of Yasod. Fortunately, she also got to witness him overpowering a formidable foe. This was a shining opportunity, she thought, so Erisi confronted Yasod and offered the job to him. With him, she's been able to get work done a lot faster and easier. The two of them discovered that their abilities went hand in hand, plus there was never a reason to argue with one another, except for the times he did not consent to particular enhancements she proposed.

Erisi continues to venture in space with Yasod, rarely staying in one place for too long. They've become a well known bounty hunting duo with very reliable service. All duties aside, Erisi cherishes her partner and is satisfied with the idea that he'll be the only one she ever has this good of a relationship with.


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Name: Cyrus Thane. Known aliases, Death stalker, Storm shadow.

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Role: Bounty hunter, scout, commando.


Personality: Thane is uncouth. It take him a while to open up to people, and even then he seems awkward. He prefers to be silent, and only speaks when absolutely necessary.

Strengths: Thane is an excellent soldier. He spent time in the Empire's special forces. he is solid under fire, and does well fighting with others

Weaknesses: Thane is brash, he doesn't do well dealing with people. He has lived most of his life answering problems through the end of a blaster, and that is how he deals with most problems. He resorts to using violence far too quickly. Thane also refuses to back down from a fight.

Special Abilities: For those special abilities that come with you not being a human. Or, perhaps, you are Force-sensitive. Whatever these powers may be, list them here.

Weapons: All of Thane's weapons have a stun capability.

T-24 light repeating blaster

E-11 sniper rifle

DC-15s sidearm blaster (heavy blaster pistol)

Thane carries a number of knives, that vary in size an shape.

Thane also carries a variety of thermal detonators.

Armor: Thane wears a high tech suit that gives him excellent protection, at the cost of some mobility. His armor is made up of lightweight composite material plates, over reinforced cloth. His armor also has a personal energy shielding system. His armor includes several computers that fill a variety of functions. His suit has a cloaking system that allows him to be undetectable to sensors, it also has an active camouflage system that allows Thane to be almost invisible for a short amount of time. The camouflage system does not make him impossible to see only difficult. Thane's armor also has an advanced optical system built into his helmet. Thane's armor is all experimental, and is yet to have been tested properly.

Ship: Thane uses a modified Star Viper class attack platform. Thane's Star Viper has been enlarged, to accommodate a small number of prisoners as well as extra weapons.

Bio: Thane was sixteen when he was drafted into the Imperial army. He was an imperial scout trooper for a year before he was transferred into the Storm Commandos, the special forces branch of the storm trooper corps. He served under the empire for ten years, and in that time he saw almost constant conflict. After Thane was released from service he found he could not adjust to the civilian life. An old friend from the unit he had served in talked him into becoming a bounty hunter. Thane signed up with a small company, and was soon doing extremely well. Thane left the company after a year, having made a large amount of credits, and started out as a freelance bounty hunter. He used some old contacts within the empire to get some cutting edge technology, and soon became infamous among crime syndicates in the sector he operated in.


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Name: Neroon Chamberlain.

Alias: The Inquisitor

Age: 38

Sex: Male

Race: Genetically Enhanced Humanoid

Role: Bounty Hunter, Tactician, Political Officer

Appearance: Standing at a good 6'4", Neroon strikes an imposing figure. His crisp and rigid posture make him even more imposing, as does the scar that traces from his forehead and goes straight down over his left eye and to his jawline. His one grey, and one hazel eyes add a peculiar note of artistic finesse to his face, just adding to the charismatic way he presents himself. high cheekbones and a hawkish nose give a predatory feature as well. Carefully maintained regulation hair length and an orderly goatee is the only hair on his body. Everything, and I mean everything else is shaved. His body has no excess fat, and Neroon has the perfect amount of muscle to be just in-between body-builder and athlete. He wears a custom fit uniform, and rarely deviates from it unless the job demands it. Even then, his clothing type is as rigid and pressed as he is. Since he is often in armor, his skin is white, but an off-white, as if he rarely gets sun, or chooses not to get a tan.

Personality: Neroon is used to having his orders and anything he says followed without question, without hesitation. This, along with other factors have lead him to have an air of authority, and he truly believes he is superior to others. His tongue is as sharp as a vibroblade, and his intelligence makes even having a conversation with him a sparring match. He will wear his armor when needed, but in most situations, he will wear a normal uniform that closely resembles an imperial officer, but it is custom made, and is lacking any imperial insignia.

Strengths: His background in the Empire gave him extensive military experience, combat training, the works. His Political ventures gave him the savvy to talk his way out of most situations, and to get what he wants.

Weaknesses: His enhancements give him an edge against most other beings, but there are drawbacks. He frequently has to inject himself with a stimulant to suppress violent convulsions. Headaches of differing severity are a constant for Neroon. High mental capacity comes with a price, and he pays it. His Xenophobia is usually in check, but around aliens who he knows are not to be trusted due to his time in the Empire, Neroon can be extremely racist and prejudice.

Special Abilities: Due to his genetic enhancements, he is stronger than a normal human, his bones are denser, and he ages slower. On top of that, his brain has been enhanced significantly. He is a tactical genius. Neroon can see thousands of scenarios and accurately predict outcomes that rival any computer.

Armor: Neroon, due to his military background has acquired three experimental suits of armor. A secret project, entitled "Dark Trooper" was conducted during his time in the Imperial research division. The Dark trooper suits were originally only meant to be an augmented Artificial Intelligence droid, and they served that purpose for a time. But with his considerable influence, Neroon petitioned to have three suits made especially for him. Only the second and third stages were compatible with Neroons figure, but he took the first stage Dark trooper model as well, using it as a personal droid.

Being a military man, Neroon outfitted the three combat suits with as much firepower as he could, while still retaining movement. The first stage suit is a light attack droid, capable of hit and run tactics. It has light armaments, and is really an anti-personnel droid. The second stage suit, Neroon's first and most used suit, is heavier, and carries significant firepower. It has medium armor, and is mostly used for all-purpose combat, excluding heavy vehicles and space combat. The third suit, rarely used by Neroon is a walking tank. It's armor is of the same make as the TIE series, and conventional weapons don't work on it. However, it is incredibly slow, and takes physical toll on the user. Just moving it requires Neroon's augmented strength, much less sustained combat in it.

Ship: A Modified TIE Bomber, with installed hyperdrive, cargo space and improved armor. Bombing capability was sacrificed to allow for added storage capacity. it's not the fastest ship, but Neroon knows speed isn't everything when it comes to catching a bounty. Armaments include turbo lasers, a concussive missile bay, and one mini Ion cannon for disabling targets.

Equipment: Neroon's weapons depend on which suit he has, or if he doesn't have one on at all.

Weapons without suit:

-Standard ARC-9965 blaster rifle

-Lightsaber slung on hip (Will explain in Bio)

-Hidden combat knife embedded inside left boot.

Weapons with Second Stage suit:

-DLT-19 Heavy blaster rifle

-Kashyyk Stalker Pistol( Kind of like a one handed bowcaster)

-Fully integrated wrist lasers that are hidden in a compartment under a layer of armor. Can be deployed with a flick of the wrist. only on left arm. Comparable to a blaster pistol attached to his arm.

-Demolitions charges in a compartment hidden under the thigh armor plate.

-Lightsaber that is able to be quickly deployed from compartment in right forearm.

Weapons with third stage suit:

-LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun

-Mounted Shoulder rockets, one on each shoulder

-Demolitions packs

-SE-14r Light repeating pistol

Other supplies: First aid kit on person, but medical supplies in general remain on Neroon's ship. Since he only takes contracts for kill only bounties, with few exceptions, he has very few stun items, and no grenades

Bio: Neroon was a normal man, who had joined the Empire to make a difference. He was from a modest family on Corellia, and applied to be a stormtrooper. A simple grunt, or maybe an officer was all he was after. A few years into his service, he was deployed in the Outer Rim. His entire regiment was attacked by an unknown force upon making a new frontier outpost, and he alone had survived the slaughter. Alone for nearly three years before an Imperial scout ship checked on him, and rescued him, Neroon was a changed man. Seeing comrades die before him, being alone amidst the chaos and terror that was true battle, Neroon Chamberlain, 132nd Infantry Regiment, died along with his comrades. The being that was taken back to Coruscant and awarded a promotion, medals and honors for bravery was someone else entirely.

After that, he was deployed elsewhere, and performed as if the life of a soldier was the only thing he had. Months passed, and one assignment after another, he performed with efficiency, dedication and cold, ruthless determination. Certain divisions within the empire began to notice, and on Neroon's 25th birthday, he was offered a position in the Imperial Research Division. He took the position, and the chief of research and development at the time, Dr. Ardwick saw the potential in Neroon. He offered him yet another offer: Become part of the ultimate Imperial design. "Become the perfect trooper," was what the Doctor had said. Neroon agreed, and soon he was the subject of experimental tests, bone density drugs, and brain enhancements. The process nearly killed Neroon several times, but after one full year of it, he was complete. His muscles were stronger, his bones were denser, and he felt...younger, somehow. Not only were the physical benefits there, but his mind went through a vast change as well.

Almost like a Chess master, Neroon could see options, moves and scenarios before they happened. He could take a losing battle, and turn it into a roaring victory. And the applications weren't just for battle either. The political benefits were astounding. Soon, Neroon resigned from the Stormtrooper corps and applied for the officer ranks. By the time he was 32, he was controlling fleets of Star Destroyers, and was no longer just a stormtrooper, but he was now Moff Chamberlain, also known as the "Inquisitor" for his brutal and ruthless tactics.

But this life was not for him still. He still didnt' feel...satisfied. Oh the power and the glory was satisfying on the outside, but he truly did not feel like he had done what he wanted to do. So he resigned from the Imperial Navy, much to the delight of the other Moffs, and to the distaste of the Emperor, because he took much technology and resources with him. He roamed for a few years, trying the odd jobs, making a living for himself in various ways, but close to his 36th years alive, he joined the Bounty Hunter Guild. He has been making a name for himself ever since, and is well known throughout the Guild. He has never taken on a partner, besides his Combat Dark Trooper, "Clarke" named after someone very close to him from his past. He is not Force Sensitive, but carries around a Lightsaber on his belt. he rarely uses it, but takes it everywhere, and those who have gotten even remotely close to him have yet to know how he has a hold of it.

He is currently tracking his bounty, and a part of him regrets having to take so long, especially for a bounty that is wanted Alive. If there weren't so many credits for him, Neroon would have left for some other venture long ago. Now, he has at last tracked him to a dismal planet. There will be no more running, no more hiding. And if anyone gets in his way, Rathe won't be the only one who feels his vengeance....

Armor Images below:


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Awhh . . . .they took the helghast picture already . . . hey if i find another pic of something and if i can make a bio can i join?


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I'm sowry, Nograd. I closed applications after 5 members. :c I did not think this thing would be popular, to be perfectly honest... I was sure that only a few people would follow me in this weird plot. I have a lineup of people who want to join and are waiting for spaces to free up. I'm wondering if I should have planned for something bigger.

Anyway, hmm... Maybe when we get further into the story, I'll see about more room for new characters, alrighty? I want to see how far I can get with my smaller cast, first.


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Oh okay srry for being a bother then. Ive just been wanting to try a star wars rp for awhile haha. Well yeah tell me if any room opens up. Oh and if it does tell me a summary of what has been happening up to then so im not totally lost


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Preferred Character Gender
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Name: BCND10-X4 and BCNF10-J5

Age: N/A

Sex: N/A

Race: X4 is a heavily modified Astromech droid and J5 is a heavily modified Power Droid.

Role: Combat droids

Appearance: X4 appears to be a standard R2-series Astromech droid with a burnt orange/brown trim over the white portion of his chassis. J5 looks like nothing more than a standard EG-6 power droid.

Personality: X4 and J5 have something of a functional relationship. They cooperate and fight together even if they don't seem to get along. Indeed their discussions only seem to become more heated when the shooting begins. Though they hold a low opinion of organics as a whole, they're willing to cooperate if it means getting off this infernal planet. When dealing with organics, X4 is more talkative and forward, while J5 comes off as sullen, often making biting remarks.

Strengths: When X4 and J5 transferred into these modified droid bodies, they lost none of their combat skill. Their aim is always precise and their small size allows them to reach areas others couldn't and use them as defensive cover or a new firing angle. In addition, X4 kept much of the mechanical knowledge of the Astromech and though J5's power generator is not as large as a standard EG-6s, it is still capable of supplying a lot of energy.

Weaknesses: X4 and J5 have difficulty with extreme terrain and are also limited in speed by their chassis. Their small size can become a problem, and they face difficulty when being swarmed by close enemies. Though X4 is capable of connecting to J5 and drawing power, X4 can be drained of energy with a long firefight, which can also happen when the two are fighting together.

Special Abilities: X4 and J5 have all the benefits that come with being a droid. X4 is capable of limited repairs thanks to his astromech chassis and J5 is capable of power supply.

Equipment: X4 is equipped with three hidden blasters of pistol size, one in the dome and two extending from either side of his cylindrical torso like arms. He has a flamethrower that fires from his front. J5 has a turret of two blaster rifles that extends from a retractable panel on the top of his frame, and another panel on his front slides away to extend a short barreled thermal detonator launcher

Bio: X4 and J5 were combat/assassin droids, gifted not only with firepower but the intelligence to use it properly. As organics are always in need of another organic dead, they went into business with each other, always staying one step ahead of authorities. Until all outbound ships were being inspected. To hide, they purchased an astromech and power droid, heavily modifying them to be ready to accept the assassin droids programming and have the equipment to be proper forms. Choosing to keep the new chassis for a time, they used a combination of actors, holos, and protocol droids to avoid questioning, but then the ship they were on crashed into this infernal planet. They've been trapped ever since, slowly making their way across the surface to try to find a spaceworthy ship.


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Urban fantasy, cyberpunk.
Name: Arkavenn Xanthus.

Age: Early, mid thirties.

Sex: Male.

Race: Human.

Role: Vigilante Bounty Hunter. He takes his bounties based on whether the person is a criminal or not.




A fairly cynical man, Arkavenn no longer believes in the system of governance and justice of anyone with the exception of the Mandalorians. He takes justice into his own hands - Therefore his black armour, and like his father, who was killed in action pursuing justice, hence the red. He punishes criminals with his own brand of justice, violently. What he likes to do, especially to those who have come up with a 'trademark' way of killing, is to kill them in the same way they did to their victims.

He is also extremely loyal to the Mandalorians, adhering to the Codex that Jaster Mereel came up with that made them honourable, highly-paid mercenaries and bounty hunters. A dilemna, however, has been troubling him for many years - What to him, is more important? Honouring his father and continuing his father's line of work, or loyalty to the Mandalorians?

Strengths: Good fighter, shot. Interrogator, knows how to read a person and predict tactics/moves.

Weaknesses: Short temper, when his justice is not served. Does not compromise his beliefs. Insults too much sometimes - Insensitive towards the feelings of others.

Special Abilities:


Set of Mandalorian armour. (Naturally comes along with crushgaunts, the HUD and etc.)
- Constructed out of Beskar.
- A beskad in a sheath on his back.
- A wristblade with vibro properties.
- Knife in his boot, dislodged with a kick.
- Repeating rifle on his back, capable of interchangeable intensity between stun, normal blaster bolts and disruptor bolts.
- Two blaster pistols, one on each hip.
- Xythan shield generator in his right wrist.
- Grapple gun attached to his left wrist.
- Web of current that can be deactivated or activated along his armour.
- Assortment of one smoke grenade, one frag grenade and one flash grenade on his utility belt.


Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-Interceptor Class Ship.
- Combination of ion cannons and laser cannons.
- Able to store up to a pilot and co-pilot comfortably. The closet is quite roomy.
- Tractor beam able to stop a single-pilot ship.
- Double layered armour.
- Hyperdrive engine.
- Heat seeking missiles.

- Born on Mandalore.
- Raised as a Mandalorian in his family.
- Earned his armour in pieces through various trials starting from when he was young.
- Father left on his vigilante quest.
- Killed in action whilst hunting down Rathe. Took a blast from a plasma cannon to save a small girl.
- Repainted his armour and therefore set off on a hunt for Rathe.
- Present day.


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I'll have my character up either late Friday/early Saturday....and mostly done.

Name: Fallon "Tut Tut" Beukeboom

Age: 35

Sex: Male

Race: Trandoshan

Role: Bounty Hunter


Personality: Hates Wookiees, will attack them unprovoked. Otherwise treats other races with respect, will honour any life-debt.

Strengths: Still has the Trandoshan ability to regenerate lost limbs and skin, but it is becoming less effective as he grows older.

Weaknesses: Incredibly reckless, often enters hopeless close combat situations and relies on his regeneration ability too frequently.

Special Abilities: Force-sensitive. Unable to use the force himself, but uses it to great effect if hired to hunt down a force user.

Equipment: LJ-50 concussion rifle equipped with an EMP bayonet.
Trandoshan Repeater Rifle
Trandoshan Sword

Bio: Idolizes Bossk, another Trandoshan bounty hunter. (going to add more later)

The Butterfly

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Still unfinished, but this is what I have so far.

Name: Yasod

Age: 35

Sex: Male

Race: Yaka

Role: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Back up to Erisi

Appearance: Yasod towers at 6' 10". His skin is pale, his hair a flat black, and his eyes are grey due to being replaced with cybernetics long ago. Yosad cuts his hair close to his scalp, appearing almost bald. Like the rest of his race he is large and incredibly strong, a feature that is increased upon due to further cybernetic enhancements. He appears to always be seen in armor, though in truth his body has been replaced with additional implants and improvements, both of his and Erisi's design, that cover a majority of his body. He is only rarely seen this way, however, as he prefers to stay in his Mandalorian armor. The few occasions he is unmasked his face is almost always stern, with a deep set frown that has drawn heavy lines in his face

Personality: Yasod can be characterized as subtle in his personality. Often it takes much effort and time to distinguish between his sarcastic, dead-pan humor and his absolute seriousness. He tends to switch back and forth between the two, coming off as much darker and more grim than he intends. Though he often "jokes around", he is a consummate soldier and performs his tasks dutifully, believing in a skewed sense of honor that he developed over his time with Mandalorians. He can be kind and gentle, though few exist who have seen it that live today. Erisi is the only living person to have seen him smile.

Strengths: Great physical strength and genius intellect, as with all of his kind. Further enhancements to his body grant him greater strength as well as surprising speed. Capable melee and hand-to-hand fighter, often mixing various techniques and martial art tricks in conjunction with his already enhanced strength and speed. Cybernetic enhancements enable him to be highly accurate as a sniper.

Weaknesses: Larger frame means he must keep to more open areas, though enhanced his speed is only an asset when it is unexpected, otherwise he is still slower than many other species.

Special Abilities: Yasod has a cybernetic brain and great natural strength as all his kind do.

Cybernetics and Enhancements: Yasod, much like his partner Erisi, has had many enhancements done to his body, primarily to increase his strength as well as tie in with the many technological advantages your typical Mandalorian armor brings. Multiple sensors and comm systems are held within his helmet, further increased by his own body's enhanced nature. However, because of this he is much heavier than even a normal male of his kind would be and his larger frame requires much more room to move, in addition though he also must be powered by a large energy system, in this case a light-mass core. An energy source that, if not properly shielded, could result in his death via detonation.

His speed is slightly enhanced partly due to his strength, but primarily due to leg enhancements, similar in design to Erisi's, though due to his larger frame, they allow for only a slightly faster move speed.

Yasod's right arm is the only part aside from his eyes that appears to be cybernetic, the rest shaped to appear as close fitting armor. His arm houses a single shoto lightsaber, a captured treasure from a hard fought battle, in the forearm. Used only as an extreme measure, the lightsaber has been fitted into his body in such a way that his hand folds back against his arm and becomes replaced with the weapon. This offers greater control, but not much. Though it is a deadly weapon, Yasod is not Force sensitive and only knows very basic attacks and movements with it. It is a last resort weapon that could just as easily damage himself as his enemies.

Equipment: To be added

Bio: To be added


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Going to finish up my character tonight and get a start on the IC. It'll be put up this weekend, I'm hoping. Things have been stressful with my mom being ill and my internet being uncooperative. Thanks all for being patient. (:


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I said I'd get it up this weekend and I did:

>>; For me it's the weekend still. It's only 10:45 PM on Sunday! Hehe. Anyway, pardon that it's not written very well. It's the best way I could think of to start out with. Introduce yourselves however you would like. Arriving to the planet or already scouting the planet is what would be going on. Except for Spammy, who's been stuck on the planet foreva.

Feel free to do some interaction, too. Be it violent or friendly. *shrugs* We've got to group together somehow, right? Anyway, when I get those intros from y'all, we'll get on to finding out the dark secret of 'The Reaching Darkness'. *dramatic music*

Have fun.


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hey Fluffy, can i create a second character? I came up with a good idea, and I want to try it out.


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I would feel better about just 1 character per person, Okami. Unless this idea of yours has a smaller role than the main characters we've got. Either way, feel free to send me your idea. :3


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I might be a bit late getting my first post up, been slammed with school work this week, and I'm going to be out of town all weekend to play a Halloween gig. I'll try and get a post up at some point tomorrow...but if that doesn't happen, it'll be up late Sunday night.


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A quick question: What would you have us do about replying to others' posts? Do you want to wait until everyone posts before we all do a second, or would it be okay if we made small posts that really didn't progress story line, but kind of acted like filler? You know, until the last remaining people post. I'm itchy with the desire to continue, but I'd like to get this clarified first. Thank you!


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I'm okay with filler posts! :3 It adds to the excitement while we wait on others.

Chapter 1 is just getting to know the planet and getting to know the characters. By the end of this chapter, I would like for there to have been some interaction between the characters. Cross the path of at least one other player so that you're not alone for Chapter 2, you know? And eventually, we'll all meet as a group.