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  1. Star Wars
    Knights of the Old Republic
    Part 3

    After the second entry, Knights of the Old Republic II, the fanbase was left with a immense pool of questions; revolving around Revan, and generally, what the **** happened. I've always wanted to RP a conclusion, so now here we are!

    GM: Sapphiric (Derrrppp.)
    Charaters: Accepting
    Genre: SiFi
    Sub-Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Action/ Adventure
    Posting Expectations: Intermediate to Average
    Plot-line: Open to characters, with some linear elements.
    Other: This will, for the sake of argument, have Revan be male and Surik be female.

    PLOTLINE Part 1 (open)
    It's been 10 years since the death of Darth Traya on the Malachor V and Surik escaped on the Ebon Hawk. 15, since Revan left to fight the 'true Sith' and simply vanish from record into the unexplored Outter Rim. What happened to either Surik or Revan after this is in no record; the Jedi Temple holds no knowledge and the Dark side of the force hide it from any who might have found it interesting, like Jedi Master Yoda or Grey Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn.

    PLOTLINE Part 2 (open)
    Revan did not find the true Sith he was looking for when he left the Republic behind, nor did Surik find Revan. Their paths crossed, however indirectly. Before the Surik's story (KOTOR II) Revan found a planet deep beyond the Outter Rim-- even deeper the Empire lead by Senator Palpatine would ever venture. This planet was brimming with the Dark Side in a way that made Nar Shadda look like the Jedi Temple and
    PLOTLINE Part 2 (open)
    immediately left it behind him.
    Of course, like every part of the Dark Side in his life, it drew Revan back.

    Revan then found another planet neutral in the force, populated by what seemed like Mandalorians and, surprisingly, a large population of force-
    sensitive humans. Neither groups had any idea of the Mandalorian Wars, and didn't even refer to themselves or the other party as Mandalorians or humans. The humans called themselves "Sii'th", which turned out to be because they'd been lead, long ago, by a member of the Sith race. The entire population though, was neutral in the Force, and only barely knew about it. The Mandolorians were the same, but they called themselves, "Hythos", and even they were force-sensitive. As Revan explored, he learned that every thing on this planet had been force sensitive.
    Becoming a master in the force enough to receive forsight, Revan sent his ship, the Ebon Hawk, back to the Republic so more Jedi could follow him.
    and so, he decided this was where he would gather, and teach, the force he'd one day lead to that other planet. A new Jedi order that wouldn't be blinded by the restraints of The light-side. Use their emotions, but for a higher cause, and thinking of other. The Grey-Jedi Order. Or, as he called it, "True-Force Order". Here he would teach the child of this planet- Ulyssues- and then, they'd go there.
    That dark planet.

    What scared him, was what the population called that planet.

    Unlike Revan, Surik (and her crew) had been unconscious when the Ebon Hawk took them in the same direction of Revan all those years ago, but a ship can only fly so far with an unconscious crew. The Ebon Hawk landed on the planet, J'daii and, by some act of fate, Surik and the other awoke. It seemed this part of the Galaxy was rich in the force. For even the ones not sensitive in the force with Surik became sensitive in the weeks they searched for life.

    They found no life for months, and once they did, they would all wish they hadn't. Except Surik. Every day they had striven on that planet, they found themselves thinking darker and darker thoughts. Surik had fallen, and not even by choice. The very atmosphere seemed to taint all good she'd mustered, and all neutrality her master, Kreia, had taught her.

    By the time they'd found civilization, it had been to late for most of them, and Surik had long since lost her Jedi dogma. The civilians were no different. By no fault of their own, they'd been twisted and tainted by the Planet's influence in the Dark-Side. They all attacked the outsiders. Killed most. Surik didn't fall though. Though they were driven by the dark-side, the lightsaber and actually mastery of the force seemed foreign to them, and it caused most there lives. It was a slaughter, once the weak of Surik's crew were killed, her and the remaining beat them into submission. Now they had shelter, food and water. Surik took over, and it became her community.

    Unlike Revan, Surik didn't start an Order of willing children. Everyone. Everyone either learned how to fight or they died.
    That lasted a very small time, though. If they couldn't fight, they had to contribute to the society somehow. Farmers, security, merchants, technology. Anything.

    It was forced, however. Before long, she'd formed a planetary Empire.
    and the Planet had forced a single goal into her. Destroy. Destroy whoever else tried to take this planet from her.

    Unbeknownst to Surik, the Ebon Hawk had been being tracked by the Republic ever since she left for Malachor V. How the force hadn't told her of this, was a mystery. It worked in mysterious ways. Now, the Republic was in pursuit of the Ebon Hawk with a fleet of Republic troops.

    It's been a Generation since Revan began his Force Order, and he finally has a class of powerful student who will soon venture to J'daii to find what Revan assumes will be the 'True Sith'.

    Surik has a planet under her thumb, a new Sith Academy brimming with students and is focused on stopping ANYTHING from taking her new home.

    A Republic fleet is closing in on the Ebon Hawk, upon that new home, unaware of the danger they're approaching.

    Soon, everything will come to a head.

    Players (open)
    A whole lotta nothing

    Character Template (open)


    Appearance/ Race: Race can be anything in the Star Wars verse)

    Birth Place: Ulyssues, J'daii or Republic (this also determines, if you're a Jedi or Sith, your alignment in the Force)



    Class and Style: Member of the True-Force Order (Grey-Jedi), Surik's Empire (Sith), Child of the Force


    Saber Crystal Color: (Force-Order = Blue, Green and Purple along with Grey, and Yellow.) (Surik's Martyrs = Red, Black, and White along with Orange)

    Classes (open)

    True-Force Order // Grey-Jedi:
    This is a Jedi who dapples in both sides of the Force, fighting for good and Justice, but not afraid of their hate and rage. They know they need power to destroy their opponents and keep their homes safe. Not all Grey-Jedi are like this, who follow the order of the usual Jedi.

    -Knight (+Saber) (-Force)
    -Templar (+Force) (-Saber)
    -Sentinel (+Blaster) (-Force) (>Saber)


    Surik's Martyrs // Sith:
    A tool of the Darkside and the planet J'daii. They have been driven mad by their very planet and only find solace in doing as the planet tells them.

    -Messenger = Knight
    -Bearer = Templar
    -Marytyr = Sentinel


    Child of the Force -Sii'th, Hythos (Mandalorians) and Surik's citizens-
    This is a Resident of either planet J'daii or Ulyssues who has received little training in the force, but IS sensative and can use it to an unpredictable extent in battle. They do not have lightsaber, but blasters and grenades.

    -Force Order (+Accuracy) (-Power)
    -Surik's Martyr (-Accuracy) (+Power)
    -Republic* (+Arsenal) (>Accuracy) (-Power)

    *Not Force-Sensitve, but has a stronger, more technologically advanced arsenal.
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  2. I really like the Second Plotline, but can I just say one thing. The 'True Sith' are these guys right here. There race name is 'Red Sith' or 'Sith Pureblood' because they are the first ones to ever use the Dark Side. Anyways, I'm not upset and just saying who these people are (If you didn't already know) and that Revan already met these True Sith whenever he and Malak explored deep in space and returned corrupted. >.>


    I'm sorry don't hate me for pointing that out D:
  3. @Urdnot Grunt

    I know about the Sith Purebloods. The Martyrs of Surik are not them, just what Revan believed to be them when initially passing the planet, J'daii.

    They'll come into play later on in the plot after everything that happens in the second plotline, thanks though :)
  4. (This is a work in progress, just wanting to make some of it already)

    Name: Talon Praxon

    Age: 19

    Appearance: The armor/robes he wears.


    Birthplace: Ulysseus

    Strengths: Sabers, Tactics, Strong Will, (Will add more)

    Weaknesses: Force, Leading, Cooperation, (Will add more)

    Class/Style: Grey-Jedi Templar

    Background: (WIP)

    Crystal Color: Two Grey Sabers.
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