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  1. Just looking for someone to rp with. I have a character already. She's a former slave turned jedi. There's two ways to play this...

    [original]: She's picked up and trained by a jedi master [you]
    [other]: the two are placed on a mission together

    If you have any other ideas, just ask and I'd be happy to see what I can do. Really just looking to have fun.

    • No one liners
    • At least a paragraph, more would be appreciated
    • A decent knowledge of Star Wars [my knowledge is limited in some cases, but I have enough to work with]. also if you don't know that much but still want to rp, you'd have to be willing to do some research
  2. That sounds like fun. I think the second plot seems a bit more fun. Two young Jedi pushed together on a mission.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.