Star Wars Episodes IV-VI: "The Dark Apprentice Chronicles" (MxF looking for F. Possible Group RP)

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  1. **Author's Note**

    Hey everyone! Okay, so I'm gonna be brief because the next little bit is a crap-ton of backstory exposition.

    Basically, contained in this thread is a Princess Leia x OC pairing. I'd like my partner to play Princess Leia, while I play the apprentice of Darth Vader (not Starkiller). The starting point of this RP would be during Episode IV: A New Hope when Princess Leia is captured by Darth Vader while trying to steal the Death Star plans recovered by Kyle Katarn. We could either start the moment she's captured, or when she's already aboard the Death Star, but regardless of what point we start at, she would encounter a young man named Mar Zhet. He is Darth Vader's apprentice, having been raised by the Sith Lord and taught the dark side of the Force. The Emperor senses he is more powerful then Vader, so he allows Vader to teach the boy so Mar will replace his master one day.

    However we decide to do it, the Sith Lord's apprentice and the Princess will begin a friendship of sorts, leading to him eventually betraying his master and helping the Princess to escape from the Death Star. From there, the Rebel Assault would proceed just as it did in the film and end with the Death Star being destroyed while Mar is labeled a traitor to the Empire and hunted down.

    From there, we could do alternate versions of the Original Trilogy, with the possibility of changing things and creating our own story from it. This concept has the potential to become a Group RP if we want, adding more players to create a larger Star Wars fan-RP, so we can discuss that aspect when we begin plotting.

    Anyways, post below if you're interested. The next bit to follow is basically just me setting up the Sith apprentice character and establishing a basis on how he became Vader's apprentice, so feel free to read it if you're a Star Wars junkie like I am! Its not a post that I would normally make, but it adds a bit of world-building and character development. Its more for me, but feel free to read through it. Its kind of pointless, but hey, it'll be a good read :3

    Now then... *ahem*

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...


    Episode IV-VI:

    "The Dark Apprentice Chronicles"

    Shortly before the Galactic Republic was reborn as the First Galactic Empire, CHANCELLOR PALPATINE declared the Jedi Order were a threat to peace and democracy. In secret, he commanded the Republic's Clone Army to initiate a secret military act known as "Order 66". Order 66 forced the Clone Troopers to eliminate all Jedi across the galaxy. Many of the Jedi perished during Order 66, but some managed to escape the Emperor's wrath.

    Fleeing across the galaxy, Jedi Master's took to hiding in the shadows while the newly formed Empire began to seek them out. Under the command of the Sith Lord DARTH VADER, an elite group of clones known as the 501st Legion, who performed many of the Jedi Executions and raided the Jedi Temple when the purge started, went in search of the remaining Jedi throughout the galaxy. Issued to track down the remaining Jedi during the construction of the Emperor's ultimate weapon, DARTH VADER, aboard his Super Star Destroyer, took the 501st Legion around the galaxy, eliminating any remaining members of the Jedi Order.

    Having discovered a surviving member of the Jedi Council living on Nar Shaddaa, DARTH VADER and his forces rapidly approach the moon to terminate the Jedi residing there...


    Nar Shaddaa: a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Living here would've been too much for anyone who had even a shred of a conscience to handle. Crime ran rampant and worse yet, the small moon of Nal Hutta was inhabited by the worst sentient life form's that the galaxy had to offer outside of the Sith. The Hutts. Living under command of the crime lords, the citizens have anything and everything to fear in their daily lives: rampages, shootouts, bounty hunters, break ins, enslavement, random acts of violence, and even raids and riots. The one thing, however, they never had to worry about since the Republic's abolishment, was an Imperial Invasion. Today, that very invasion was taking place and even the hardened criminals of the moon were frightened.

    Blaster shots flew through the streets as the Imperial Stormtroopers made their way towards the inner city. In front of them, were groups of old Republic soldiers, still dressed and ready to fight. The people inhabiting the streets had long since abandoned their daily lives and ran towards their homesteads in fear of both the Imperials and the Rebel forces trying to keep them back. As the rebels continued to fire at the Stormtroopers, the form of a tall man completely covered in black slowly approached their position. With a simple wave of his hands, the barricades they set up parted at a rapid speed, sending some soldiers flying and leaving others injured or dead. As the black-covered man approached the group of soldiers laying on the ground, he held out his hand towards a man wearing green. Raising his hand into the air, the man began to float, following wherever his hand went. "You! Tell me where your commander is, and I will let you live." the masked man said, his breathing constantly emitting through the black mask he wore.

    The rebel who the man, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, had picked up spat on his mask in response to his question. Gripping his hand into a fist, Darth Vader stared on as the rebel began to feel a tightening grip around his throat. "I'll ask one more time: where is your commander?" said Darth Vader, watching as the rebel in front of him reached for his throat and tried to free himself from the invisible choker. Gasping, the rebel's eyes unknowingly darted towards an abandoned building that was clearly falling apart. Darth Vader turned his head to the building, then looked back towards the Rebel soldier. "Your co-operation is much obliged." Darth Vader explained before tossing the rebel backwards, snapping his neck on a nearby lamppost. Turning back to the Stormtroopers, Vader pointed towards the homestead and began to proceed towards it, blasting the door open with the power of the Force. Stepping inside, he quickly looked around and saw that it was just as broken outside as it was inside. The small living room was long-since abandoned, but something was oddly suspicious about it.

    Waving a hand towards his troopers, Vader stepped aside and let the Imperial soldiers enter the building. They searched for what seemed like hours to the Sith Lord before they returned. "Lord Vader, we found no trace of the Jedi. Perhaps he already knew we were coming." one of the Stormtroopers said before Vader looked at him. "No, he's here. I can sense his presence. He must be using some type of Dark Side aura to hide himself. Keep searching." Vader said before a Stormtrooper nearby suddenly called out to him. Walking towards the Stormtrooper, he looked down to see a locked trap door previously hidden underneath the oven. "Good work, Private. Commander, I want this door open, now!" Vader called out before the Stormtrooper squadron gathered around the door and began to slice it open. When the door was finally broken, Vader entered the hole and dropped down into a deep tunnel system. With his squadron behind him, Darth Vader began his slow walk towards the source of the hidden Jedi, allowing the Force to guide him.

    After around an hour of walking, Vader and his Stormtroopers came to the end of the tunnel, no doubt having led to a less populated part of the moon. They were on the lower levels of the city which had been long abandoned, most likely during the time of the Old Republic dating back hundreds of years ago. Now, the aura of the Force was at its absolute strongest, forcing Vader to reach for his lightsaber and switch it on. "Commander, keep your men ready. The Jedi is most definitely here." warned Vader before he heard the sound of a Stormtrooper screaming somewhere in the back. Quickly turning around, Vader saw the Jedi, an older man with a grey beard, stabbing a green lightsaber into a Stormtrooper. The Jedi turned his head, having realized he was discovered, and dashed towards Vader. The Stormtroopers began opening fire, but most of them were quickly cut down by the Jedi as he approached. Quickly swinging his lightsaber towards the Jedi, Vader was countered by the Jedi Master. "You are weak, old man. Surely you know you're not leaving this place alive..." Vader explained before swinging his lightsaber towards the Jedi once more.

    The Jedi did not respond, but instead continued to battle with the Sith Lord. Their Lightsaber's swung through the air rapidly and the flashing lights from each impact of the energized blades lit up the dark battlefield. The remaining Stormtroopers had all but disappeared from the fight, having seemingly retreated to safety. Vader didn't blame them, nor was he angered at their disappearance. They had done their job and were no longer required for this mission. Not too long into the fight, Vader realized that he and the Jedi were evenly matched when it came to their lightsaber skills, so he resorted to using the Force. Shoving his hand towards the Jedi, the old man was caught off guard and went flying backwards, crashing into the wall of a building. Dashing forwards while using the Force to propel himself, Vader swung his lightsaber hard and disarmed his enemy. The Jedi retaliated by jumping extremely high as the red blade was swung again, this time at his head. Reaching a hand to grab his dropped lightsaber, the Jedi extended his hand and let loose a powerful burst of lightning from his fingertips. Countering the blast, Darth Vader tilted his lightsaber to absorb the impact. However, his mechanical limbs began to transmit the energy of the lightning, forcing him to feel a powerful burning sensation and develop trouble while breathing. Knowing he had moments before his body shut down from the electrical blasts, Vader let loose a massive burst of Force energy from his body, launching both himself and the Jedi Master into the air.

    Landing with a thud, Vader's mechanical limbs began to shut down, rendering him unable to move. As he tried to move once again, the bright green blade of the Jedi was pointed towards his throat. "You're mistaken, Vader. This time, you will be the one who won't leave alive." the Jedi said with a grim tone before raising his lightsaber, ready to plunge it into Vader's chest.

    "Lord Vader! We've captured a prisoner."

    "Kel! Kel, help me!"

    Turning his head rapidly, the Jedi saw that the Stormtroopers Vader had brought with him had returned. This time, however, they were with a very pregnant red haired woman. The troopers all had their guns poised and ready to shoot down the woman. Shouting in anger, the Jedi turned away from the Stormtroopers and looked at Vader. "You bastards! Tell your men to release my wife! Te-" the Jedi commanded before he suddenly felt an icy coldness spreading through his chest. Looking down, the Jedi saw that while he was distracted, Vader had managed to regain control of his left arm and plunged his lightsaber into the Jedi's chest. Staring at the Sith Lord with fear in his eyes, the former Jedi Master stumbled a bit before falling to the ground, dead. "KEL! NOOOOOO!" the pregnant woman screamed at the top of her lungs as she struggled to free herself from the Stormtroopers grip. One of the troopers hit her roughly in the back of the head before turning his head to Vader. "Lord Vader, what should we do with her?" the Stormtrooper asked. Getting up slowly as his limbs started to work again, Vader looked towards the woman. His eyes drifted down to her stomach, seeing how big it was. Clearly, it wouldn't be long until the child she carried was born. "Take her aboard the ship and keep her sedated. I don't want her to wake up until I give the order."

    Turning away from the Stormtroopers as they marched back towards the ship, Darth Vader reached a hand down and activated a button on his suit, opening a holographic transmitter. Kneeling down as the blue projection of the Emperor came into view, Darth Vader reached over to the body beside him and grabbed the Jedi's lightsaber. "The Jedi Master on Nar Shaddaa is dead, my master. His lightsaber," the Sith Lord explained, holding up the hilt of the weapon before lowering it, "is now in my possession. But, there is something else... The Jedi here has fathered a child. It is still in the womb, but I am positive that it will have the ability to use the Force." Looking down at his apprentice, Darth Sideous nodded and said "Such is the way that all offspring of both Jedi and Sith are... But, perhaps we can use this unborn child to our advantage. Although some Jedi do remain in the galaxy, I fear for the sake of the Sith. You and I are powerful, but even the Force cannot keep us alive forever. Our teachings must be passed down. Lord Vader, I want you to take this child as your apprentice. Teach it our ways, of both sides of the Force. You remember from your training that the only way to truly understand the Force is by embracing both the light and the dark. I will guide you in this enterprise, but the child of a powerful Jedi Master will prove to be a valuable asset... I can forsee it."

    Nodding his head in absolution, Vader said "It will be done, my master. The ways of the Sith will be passed down to this child. I will see to it personally that all traces of his past, including his mother, are destroyed. Then, he will only know of us, of the Empire... Of the Sith."
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