Star Wars Episode VII

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    I'd pay tens of dollars to see this.

    Rumor is, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher will be returning for a story-line that is literally 30 years later, focusing on the old cast as well as handing things down to a "new" generation. No word on if Billy Dee Williams will be returning as Lando, or if Anthony Daniels will be reprising C-3PO, but Peter Mayhew has confirmed he will be coming back as Chewbacca (granted his surgery to repair his legs is successful).

    But yeah, I'm totally stoked. Filming has already started, even with the principal casting still undecided/a surprise. I believe they're rebuilding Tatooine currently.
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  2. I Love it XD
  3. After the paint-by-numbers pedo-trap that was Frozen, I'm starting to doubt Disney's basic storytelling capabilities.

    But hopefully the sheer pressure of the fans, and the fact that some of the Old Guard are involved, will stop the film getting too retarded. They really just need to get back to basics. Tell the story of a small group of rebels and keep the galaxy-spanning political upheavals to the background where they belong.

    That, and encase every blue-screen technician within 50 miles of Disney in carbonite.
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  4. I stopped following the Episode VII news a little while ago but my understanding was that yes, it's going to be about the New Jedi Order so it'll likely focus on the next generation. The Solo kids Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin, and Ben Skywalker.

    My guess is Ep 7 introduces them, 8 involves the Yuuzhan Vong war and 9 involves Jacen's death.

    I want to know who's going to play Mara Jade. That's the only thing I care about right now.
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  5. @Asmodeus

    100% Agree on the Back-to-Basics idea for storytelling. If it means anything, JJ has promised to use film over digital, use more practical effects, and trim the fat of the kiddie merchandising stuff like Ewoks and Jar Jar. We'll see.


    I don't think they'll use Yuuzhan Vong, or any of the EU stuff. I think they firmly want to make a Cinematic canon without using the skeleton of any of the EU. They may very well use iconic characters like Mara Jade, but as far as Ben, Jaina and Jacen and anyone else? I don't think that's going to happen. We'll certain see, though.
  6. But if not the next generation, then who?

    Luke, Leia and Han are far too old by this point in the canon (30 years after the last espisode). I think it has to involve the kids in order to keep people interested (and to keep today's younger generation interested).
  7. Chewbacca will return!? Man, that's going to cause a massive clusterfuck with the canon unless Disney just says "fuck it, everything starting with NJO sucked anyway so it never happened." Which I would be totally OK with me. So long as Kyle Katarn shows up.
  8. I agree with @Asmodeus that Malefacient was the basic of Disney, what I understand Malefacient was actually based off of the most evil faerie to have ever lived, according to some folklore from more than one culture if you're that open minded. I don't enjoy the movie frozen that much myself, however the evil fae meeting up with the Darth would be a senario I would just love see. Fantasy meets sci-fi :o

    Back then from Snow White up to .... I'd say about...finding nemo, Disney has lost me as well. I very much enjoyed this comic. It inspired some interesting ideas, thank you @Seiji
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  9. That's the thing, it's impossible to know. They very well could use a number of established EU characters, but if what JJ did with Star Trek is any indicator, JJ is going to say "Fuck the canon!" and go about and do his own thing. He'll be respectful to what's been firmly established by the six films, but I really don't think he'll tread much further past that. I genuinely believe he's going to do his own thing, much like with Star Trek. I mean, he completely wrecked the continuity to make his own! He retcon'd himself and said the originals happened, that the films are in an alternate universe/timeline, but still... he wrecked it.

    Glad you liked the comic, @Fijoli! I found it and cackled something fierce. I'm actually excited for the Maleficent film with Angelina Jolie coming later this summer. I love re-tellings!
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  10. The issue I have with that is, Star Wars has a more expansive EU and a larger (or so it seems) and more vocal fanbase.

    If Abrams messes with the canon, people are going to put him on blast for it.
  11. I too, am extremely excited for that movie may 30, I'm not missing that when it hits theaters.
  12. The continuity of star wars was already fucked with the prequels. So if a new trilogy screws around with it now, it won't make much of a difference. >:[

  13. What frustrates me most about the main continuity (the 6 movies) is that the Clone Wars cartoon and two of the video games have been confirmed by Lucas himself as canon. The stuff the cartoon and the two games (Force Unleashed 1 and 2) has established is, uh... well, most of it just plain isn't that good, and some of it literally spits in the eye of some of the best stuff to come out of the EU.

    Honestly, I kind of want JJ to do his own thing. As great of a world-builder as George Lucas is, some of his story-telling decisions have been, at best, highly questionable. One of the main reasons the original trilogy was so great was because George was surrounded by people who told him what did and didn't work, what was banal or what was legitimately good, fresh ideas. He hasn't had that since the Empire Strikes Back wrapped, and it shows most clearly with the prequel trilogy.

    @Diana +1 for Kyle Katarn love! One of the best things to come out of the EU, and the star of the video games that should be the ones considered canon, not that Force Unleashed crap!
  14. There's no way Disney just shelled out that much dollar just to make adaptions of the Extended Universe books. And if that loses them some sales from the fanboys I doubt they'll really notice.

    You know, given that everyone and their dog is gonna be lining up to see this film.
  15. At least we know the music will be good.
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