Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Deconstructing

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  1. Basically, with it only being a few days until the movies. Which theorists, observant watchers or simply mad re-watchers want to pull stuff out of the trailer to try to predict what may or may not happen?

    So far I got two main things.

    1. Absence of Luke. Either this is just leaving fans hungry, or they're hiding something (and yes I've seen the Film Theory episode).

    2. At 1:26-1:32 Han Solo says "The Dark Side, and the Jedi". Not, "The Dark Side, and the Light Side".
    Which might suggest the Jedi aren't meant to be all goodie this time around.

  2. At 1:58, the Sith Inquisitor looks to have black poofy hair. They are in a snowy area.


    Inquisitor is Jon Snow.
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  3. I know spoilers. Don't need to listen to people babble about theories and stuff.
    Good luck to them though. It's always amusing to hear them go on about what they guessed right and how often they were wrong.

    Han Solo dies. Stabbed by the generic Vader fanboy.
  4. You know nothing Darth Snow...
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