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  1. The pristine tropical scenery of Bal'demnic had little substance without sound. Only a sharp ring crushed outward on his skull. Dazed. Heart pounding. Hands shaking. Nausea. He lurched off his stomach silent and numb as the damp ground rumbled under his feet. Muffled booms penetrated the ringing periodically. Panicked voices started to come from the haze. He staggered and turned to see the cratered and burning forest from where he had come. A couple of clone troopers ran past him. One stopped for a moment to point further up the trail and yell at him. The Jedi knight squinted and shook his head. The words were still cloudy. Another plasma round from a cliff-side turret screamed through the trees before slamming into the ground, uprooting the foliage and deeply scarring the surface of the planet. They both jumped.

    "Ge----- ---tor ord---- - --trea-! Sir! We --- -ot -- --gage! Sir! We ha-- to move! SIR!" the trooper shouted.

    "WHAT?" the Togruta yelled back before starting to run. His own voice sounded strange.

    "Our orde-s a-- to retreat! We are not to e--age the Kon'me natives!" he responded.

    "They attacked us first when we were here to liberate them. Seems we need to beat some sense into the morons if you ask me!" the Jedi hissed.


    "Don't give me that. Nobody would miss them. They all just roll around out here all day doing nothing but being brutish and picking their gross noses and yelling at slaves to mine faster."

    A rasping wail sounded ahead of them. The trooper scrambled to stop, the mud and leaves leaving him slipping and flailing. The Jedi slammed on the brakes just in time to slide to a stop mere inches from the face of a Kon'me lieutenant waiting with his men in the trees. The bestial creature snarled and growled. The Jedi took a slow cautious step back with his hands up. On the ground in the center of the soldiers was the fresh corpse of the other clone trooper.

    "WAIT! Wait! Stop! Didn't you see the armor!? We're from the Rebublic! We're not with the droids! We're here to help!" he pleaded.

    "'Brutish' 'gross'?" the lieutenant grumbled in a deep guttural voice, "Je-dai chooses words not as wise as its freinds."

    He clenched his teeth, glared, took a deep breath through his nose and relaxed his shoulders back. They knew.

    The lieutenant raised his hand and the soldiers behind him raised their rifles.

    A bead of sweat trickled down the side of the Togruta's cheek tracing a line through the dirt down to his neck. He exhaled and spread his fingers aware of the weight of the lightsaber on his belt and the unstable soil supporting them. The hulking aliens had them locked in their sights for a tense moment with the anticipation of blood in their eyes. The most subtle twitch in the lieutenant's wrist stopped his heart and lungs. In a flash the Jedi ripped his hand through the air parallel to the ground. The ground beneath the soldiers' feet bunched and slid to the side leaving them toppling to the ground as if a rug was pulled from under them. The Jedi's arm shuddered. He turned to the trooper and bolted over the fallen Kon'me.

    "Run! We need to get to the transports on the beach!" he ordered.

    The trees and low branches and brush ripped at his skin and clothes as they sprinted. They were close. He could feel it. In only a few minutes they would be on a ship and speeding away from this horrible planet. Whoever had decided this outer-rim armpit of a place was beautiful or peaceful or a paradise or whatever those rich blubbering tourists from Courescant said could go soak their head. The mud and dirt was giving way to a more coarse covering and the thick plants spread out. The bright sun light on an open space was glittering through the gaps in the green. The Jedi and the trooper ripped out of the forest at full speed over the sand. Several clone transport ships were stationed a few hundred yards down the beach. One of them was already taking off a second was getting ready to do the same. Troops and a handful of other Jedi knights were gathering and accounting for their squads and casualties.

    "I think we made it!" the Jedi managed a snaggle toothed grin. He slowed to a stop and checked his six, making sure he hadn't been followed. It was all clear. He took a moment to catch his breath, listening to the roar of the ocean waves. The trooper ran ahead to report to his captain. He supposed he should contact General Ventor and do the same. With a huff he walked toward the transports again. His eyes trailed up the towering mossy cliffs which absolutely glowed in the mid-day sun. Somehow they reminded him of something, but he couldn't quite put his finger on what. Something far away in the past just out of reach of his earliest memories. There was a movement on an outcropping where a thin grove of trees clung to the rock face.

    He squinted and shielded his eyes from the sun. A tiny figure seemed to emerge from the trees and knelt with something on its shoulder.

    "No..." he shook his head in disbelief. His boots dug into the sand as he took off for the transports.

    "No, no, no! MOVE!" he threw his hand to the side motioning for everybody to run, "GET AWAY FROM THE SHIPS!"

    As he ran his blood boiled and he gathered his focus on the Kon'me on the cliff. Urging the forces in him with all his strength he felt the shooter and slammed his energy into him. A bright missile flared out of the barrel of the launcher before the soldier was force slammed into the rock beside him, breaking bones before he fell to his death. Before he could react the missile struck a transport engine as the ship hovered into the air. The reactor ruptured. In a jerking slow arc the ship rolled and plummeted into the ground where the others were parked. A shockwave ripped through the air. The Jedi felt as if he had been punched in the gut. The power threw him back into the sand. Debris rained down. Smoke billowed into the sky. He pushed himself up on hands and knees, shivering and bleeding where he had been hit by shrapnel. Out of the forest marched the Kon'me lieutenant with blood running from a jagged wound on his scalp. He chuckled.

    "Kill survivors," he ordered his men.
  2. Fane was in the mines when the action started. Of course, the drivers refused to let up the mining effort. Fane was part of the deep miners, those who had to go inside the mountain to get the precious dirt and send it back up. As she continued to work something caught her attention. A shockwave was sent through the entire planet, so it seemed. She fell backwards into a vat of sludge. Due to the water pressure, she was actually pulled up and out of the mine. Usually when this happened, due to the large excavation cite, the slave usually drowned. Fane used all of her strength to make it out alive.

    Fane was dumped out in a waste cite not too far from the mining area. As usual the collar around her neck shocked her violently. It also sent out a signal to tell the slavers where she was. If she waited there patiently, Fane wouldn't be punished as harshly. But there was something strange...Fane waited for a while and no one came. Finally, she decided to go explore. As she got further from the mines, Fane realized that something was wrong. There should have been more Kon'me natives in the area. Instead things were quiet.

    Fane was exhausted when she finally reached some sort of town. It wasn't anything special. Just another town. It looked like every other town she'd been auctioned at. Looking around, Fane saw something interesting. As she got closer she found that it was a Kon'me native. He was in regular clothing, but was shot through the chest by a blaster. Afraid of what was coming, Fane began to run. She ran as fast as she could, but her legs were starting to give out.

    Fane found herself nearing the beach when she realized what was happening. A Republic ship was destroyed and there were bodies all around. Afraid, Fane looked around for something to help her. Instead she was greeted by a Kon'me. The large creature was holding a weapon and violently grabbed Fane. She was going to be his human meat shield. He held her collar firmly. There was no way out of this and Fane was preparing do die.

    Once closer to the action, Fane thought to herself, I don't want to die. With this mind set, Fane began to struggle against the native. He had a firm grip on her, but that didn't mean she couldn't break free. The more she tried, the more agitated she got. As colorful bullets pushed past her body, Fane put her hands up to protect herself. It was a reaction if anything. But something amazing happened. The blaster bolts began to veer away from her. It was like there was an invisible bubble that redirected the attacks away from her, keeping her safe.
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  3. Fire rained down on him. With a yell the Jedi shot himself off the ground and back flipped through the air. He landed in a crouch, slumped on one knee, as the lasers scorched the sand where he had once been. There was no time to stop. Before catching his breath he bolted again from another round of fire let loose by his would be executioners. Running for the wreckage site he evaded blasts from all directions, but wouldn't be able to keep it up for too long. More soldiers were emerging from the trees and rocks. Someone had to be left alive. They had to get out of here. Too much fire was on him. The Kon'me were too close. He ran for a squad on his left, ducked and rolled under their fire. Once his feet came under him again he snapped up and came down crushing one of their faces under his boot. He landed low. Another came at him with a butt of a blaster rifle and he turned to the side. The soldier missed his face by less than an inch with the momentum of a missed target throwing him forward. The Jedi took the opportunity to rise up and slam an elbow into the back of the soldier's skull. Without missing a beat he used the twisting motion to gather his own speed and energy. With him he pulled a wave of force around to knock the rest of the squad to the ground. When the first one rose up he unsheathed a blue lightsaber and put it to the Kon'me's neck.

    "We were on YOUR side!," he spat with his fangs bared.

    "Invaders. Like machines," the Kon'me growled.

    A feral snarl was starting to escape his throat. He pushed the blade in closer, his body stiffening as he struggled to stop himself. The sound of blaster fire had him spinning to dodge the bullet and decapitating the soldier in his wake. The Jedi glared up at the next squad coming his way. In the hands of one of them was a human girl. They were taking hostages now. He sprinted toward them.

    "STAND DOWN," he screamed a warning as they open fired.

    Blasts from behind and to the side flew into comrades in both squads, with the two of them stuck in the crossfire. He deflected what he could but panicked as the trajectories ripped toward the hostage. Miraculously she wasn't hit. He narrowed his eyes. The blast had curved. Again another found it's way to her and ricocheted in mid air before it struck its target. A slight prickling on the edge of his senses. The Force. He focused as he ran. New objective. No more negotiations. Any soldier who got within striking distance met his end on the blade of the lightsaber.

    "STOP. OR I SHOOT!" the Kon'me with his hold on the girl yelled. His blaster was pressed against her head.

    "Fine," the Jedi snorted.

    Only a few yards from the hostage and her captive he sheathed his saber and skid to a halt over the sand, kicking it up all around himself. He put both hands out in front of himself sending a burst of energy at the pair as if he had continued to run and slammed into them. The wave ripped the Kon'me's feet out from under him. Both of them fell face first on the ground. The blaster went off inches from the captive's head. The Jedi jumped and in an instant was upon them. His landing crushed the soldier's weapon hand and pinned the blaster to the ground. He roared in pain. The Jedi glared down with a scowl and fury in his eyes. He pulled his lightsaber once more and rammed it through the soldier's neck.

    In a hurry, he knelt and grabbed the girl by the arm. Wrenching her out from under the corpse and onto her feet, he took her by the wrist and ran into the trees once more away from the battle field.

    "You're coming with me. We need to get to a ship and get out of here. Tell me your name," he ordered as they ran.
  4. Fane fell hard to the ground as the Jedi decapitated the Kon'me. She watched silently as he died. Being pulled to her feet, Fane stumbled and tripped as she was pulled by the Jedi. Unsure of what was happening, Fane collapsed when they got to the trees. What was happening? Fane felt the Jedi's grip as he leaned down to ask her her name...

    "Y-you're taking me?" Fane asked. She wasn't sure what he wanted to know. As far as she knew everyone owned slaves. Did he want her as his slave? Following the usual procedures, Fane bowed her head and said, "My name is Fane, master." Her voice was soft compared to the rest of the action. Feeling her heartbeat speed up, Fane felt the collar dig into her neck. It was trying to gather more information about her location and health. She knew what was next and pushed the Jedi off. Falling against a tree, Fane grabbed at the collar as it violently shocked her. Unable to do much else, Fane cried out through her teeth. At this rate it would kill her.
  5. "Fane, eh?" he nodded, "Jedi Guardian, Iisska Reylos... And I'm not your maste-- Woah, hey!" he exclaimed when she shoved him back.

    Her screaming put a stop to any argument he might have. Something was wrong. Iisska reached out to stabilize her. The second he touched her shoulder a painful jolt ripped up his arm causing him to curse loudly. His eyes flicked over her. That collar. Of course. Unable to focus on an object that small and fearing there was no time to mess around he drew his saber again. With out a word he burned through the side of the collar causing a small flare and electrical shorting.

    "Damnit!" he hissed and tore the broken collar away from her. It was thrown to the ground where it smoldered. Examining her for serious injury he found there was a burn on her neck. He sighed, "Sorry... Are you gonna be alright? Think you can still walk?"
  6. When the collar came off, Fane's body shook from the shortage. Her body was still in shock from the current when the jedi asked if she was alright. Fane was unable to get any words out. Instead she held onto him tightly. For some reason she felt safe in his presence. The burn mark around her neck stung, but was bearable. If anything, she was just weak from the day's stress. She was still on the ground when she looked at the jedi closer. He was strong, but his concern for her condition made her feel awkward. For the most part she never had any compassion. Even between slaves, it was more of a survival thing. If you were weak, don't bring others down with you. Fane ignored the thought and let go of the jedi.

    She pushed herself to her feet as her legs trembled violently. "I'm fine," she replied in a soft voice. Her entire weight was on the tree as she stablized herself. All the while her mind was saying, I've been through worse. At the moment pure determination kept her going. Looking at the jedi, Fane stated with a rather strong voice, "Let's go." There was a fire in her eyes. For once someone was putting their life in jeopardy to protect her and she wouldn't let him down no matter what.