Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow

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    The year is 372.5 ABY.

    After nearly a year of being on Coruscant, the Jedi have finally returned to their temple on Corellia. Since their relocation, they have discovered the presence of a Guild that may be linked to the attack on Corellia eight months ago. Tensions have risen between the factions of Jedi, Imperial Knights and Jensaraai, as they debate their next move. Some say they should wait, and allow the Force to guide them; others would rather move straight to the battle front and defend their very existence. In the oncoming months, they must decide how to best make their next move- before the Guild makes theirs. While investigations on this mysterious new Guild continue, the Jedi have also been attending to the trials of several Sith who have lost their Force abilities, adding onto the millennia of conflict between the Jedi and Sith.

    The anti-Force guild, still lurking in the shadows, have gathered more allies among the scum of the galaxy- bounty hunters, smugglers, senators, anyone who has a hatred for those with Force sensitivity- so that they can seize the throne of government once and for all and take the galaxy as their own.

    Like the Jedi, the Sith have found their own reasons to suspect that someone took their powers away by force. While they pursue their own leads, the Sith begin to rebuild, making plans to build a new Circle of High Lords. They are also on the hunt for both the anti-Force guild and any Sith who have not joined with the new Circle of High Lords. Soon, they will make the galaxy run red with blood.

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