Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow- a post-post-Legacy Star Wars RP

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After generations of peace, the galaxy is shattered by the death of the last descendant of the great Jedi Queen. Without clear direction, centuries of peace are threatened as factions vie for power. Many wonder how long it will be until open warfare tears the galaxy apart.

The Jedi, once the strong right arm of the government, find themselves divided against one another, factions once filled with purpose struggle to bring their own world views into primacy. Some desire to bring the galaxy more firmly under the guidance of Force users, others wish to merely preserve things as they are, and others seek to withdraw and pursue their own goals.

Conversely, a faction of humans has sprung up around the thought that Force users have ruled for too long, and that it is time for 'pure' beings to rule. Developing a combination of drugs and technology, they strive to bring force users under their control, so that their dangerous powers are controlled and focused by those worthy of directing them.

As always, strife breeds negative emotions, the fuel of the dark side. Never before have they moved so openly, creating a religion that worships the darker emotions, luring people into reveling in the joy of the unrestrained darkness of the human heart.

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