Star Fox: The Second Lylat Wars

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    The Lylat system. A collection of planets and stars that has seen its fair share of war. From the treacherous Andross who sought to command the entire star system, to the Aparoid invasion that sought to enslave all symbiotic life in the universe, the people of Lylat have seen the horrors of war. It seems however, that war is about to begin again.

    It has been ten years since the defeat of the Anglar forces and there is peace. At least that is what it appears like to the common folk. General Peppy Hare however has been monitoring a situation from afar, keeping a watchful eye on the planet Venom. It seems like there is a new movement sweeping the planet that looks to become explosive in the coming months.

    Venom has constantly been a source where evil has spawned or shaped in the system. Now it appears that a new face with familiar blood has begun plotting a movement that nearly succeeded decades ago. Dash, the grandson of Andross, has placed himself at the seat of power on Venom and began spewing speeches of power, control and destiny to those who have migrated there in search of new lives. He is a symbol to them. A beacon of charisma and a chalice of change. He has brain washed those who listen to him. Now it is clear to General Hare. He is not making a kingdom. He is making an army.

    Around Venom has been reports of strange activity. Colonies are going dark. Bases grow silent. And of course the officials of Venom claim no responsibility. The general is no fool however. He knows an uprising when he sees one. Another war is banging on the door of the Lylat system and the many species that inhabit it.

    Peppy begins work on training more soldiers for the coming war. Once again Venom is staking a claim to be the center of the universe and deserves to be recognized as such. And now it is up to the soldiers and mercenaries of the galaxy to decide what will eventually be the fate of Lylat. Will you sign up with the Cornerian military to stop this false prophet in Dash Bowman? Will you follow the words of the Dash and remove the false government of Corneria? Or will you instead look to make a prophet in the confusion, attacking both as you see fit to take what you desire? The fate of the Lylat system now rests in the hands of you brave soldiers, pilots and mercenaries.


    Come check it out if you are interested in the idea.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.