Star Fox: The Second Lylat Wars

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    The Lylat system. A collection of planets and stars that has seen its fair share of war. From the treacherous Andross who sought to command the entire star system, to the Aparoid invasion that sought to enslave all symbiotic life in the universe, the people of Lylat have seen the horrors of war. It seems however, that war is about to begin again.

    It has been ten years since the defeat of the Anglar forces and there is peace. At least that is what it appears like to the common folk. General Peppy Hare however has been monitoring a situation from afar, keeping a watchful eye on the planet Venom. It seems like there is a new movement sweeping the planet that looks to become explosive in the coming months.

    Venom has constantly been a source where evil has spawned or shaped in the system. Now it appears that a new face with familiar blood has begun plotting a movement that nearly succeeded decades ago. Dash, the grandson of Andross, has placed himself at the seat of power on Venom and began spewing speeches of power, control and destiny to those who have migrated there in search of new lives. He is a symbol to them. A beacon of charisma and a chalice of change. He has brain washed those who listen to him. Now it is clear to General Hare. He is not making a kingdom. He is making an army.

    Around Venom has been reports of strange activity. Colonies are going dark. Bases grow silent. And of course the officials of Venom claim no responsibility. The general is no fool however. He knows an uprising when he sees one. Another war is banging on the door of the Lylat system and the many species that inhabit it.

    Peppy begins work on training more soldiers for the coming war. Once again Venom is staking a claim to be the center of the universe and deserves to be recognized as such. And now it is up to the soldiers and mercenaries of the galaxy to decide what will eventually be the fate of Lylat. Will you sign up with the Cornerian military to stop this false prophet in Dash Bowman? Will you follow the words of the Dash and remove the false government of Corneria? Or will you instead look to make a prophet in the confusion, attacking both as you see fit to take what you desire? The fate of the Lylat system now rests in the hands of you brave soldiers, pilots and mercenaries.



    1. No Godmodding or power gaming of any kind. Be sure that if you are in a dogfight, don't make your targeting system something made by God or your ship has the greatest maneuvers in the galaxy. Every pilot can be had at any given moment. Not to mention in this universe, the G-diffuser system can fail. Be fair and honest. This also goes for any repairs that your ship may need to go through or injuries your character has to recover from due to potential crashes or tech burns. Again, be reasonable

    2. Be sure to work on your posts. No two four sentence paragraphs. Be sure to develop what you are doing as your character and how the world is reacting as well. The more you write, the more your fellow roleplayers will be able to write back. A minimum of three to four paragraphs a post please.

    3. Be considerate of your posting speeds. If you and another person are in a sequence of just your characters, that's fine. But if you carry on for three pages of just the two characters that takes it a little far. Try to make opportunities for other people to become involved as well and push the story. The more plot lines we can make, the better.

    4. Be sure to inform me if you are taking a hiatus for a period of time. Two days of no contact and I will begin to worry. By the third day I will send a message to you asking where you are at. The fourth day we will remove the character from a scene in some way. WE WILL NOT KILL YOUR CHARACTER OFF AT THIS TIME! You will have a week before that comes to pass.

    5. Be civil. If you disagree on a post or some other basic action bring it up in a polite manner and discuss it as people. No reason to start fanning flames in the OOC or making a scene in the IC either.

    6. Should you have any plans of something you want to do with your or someone else's character, bring it up with them in the OOC or in the PMs before you do it. If someone starts doing something to your character and you don't want it to happen, see rule 5 on how to deal with it. Also, if you have an idea for a plot point, know that I am open to creative collaboration and feel free to PM me.

    7. Enjoy your time in this story. This isn't meant to be work. The only work involved in this is myself making the rules and ground work for the story and you making characters to join. After that it is all fun and games. Please be sure to enjoy it as such.

    8. Should you decide to engage in romance, know where to stop. Don't get too graphic with it. I don't know if people still do this, but if it does get more than just a little steamy take it to the messages and finish the scene out there.

    9. If you are to make a mercenary squadron, you will need at least three members to join up as well. For the start of the roleplay you will not need that many as you can gain followers as the story progresses. Should you require a base of operations or a carrier, please add that to your character sheet as a separate ship. DO NOT OVERPOWER THIS SHIP OR SATELLITE! It may have basic defenses but nothing planet destroying. You may create an AI or robot to pilot the ship as well so that it is not simply floating in space aimlessly. You crash a battleship into a meteor because you didn't pull up the parking break, its gonna cost ya.

    Character sheet

    Name: The name of your character

    Username: Your name on Iwaku

    Age: How old you are? Nothing younger than 18 unless you provide a good reason in your back story.

    Appearance: What do you look like? Naturally in this universe there are no humans, but anthropomorphic animal people. If need be just describe what animal your character takes after and specific details you want to stress in their appearance.

    Home planet: Where do you hail from? Choose a planet currently in the Lylat system. This universe is already filled with weird places and I don't feel like adding any planets to it as well. If you wish, you can say you were born on a station in a nebulae such as Sector X or the like.

    Allegiance: Who do you fight for and why?

    Rank/Job: If you are in a military, what rank do you own? (lowest to highest available at start: Second Lieutenant – First lieutenant - Captain) What job do you handle as a part of your group? (Pilot, foot soldier, medic, technician) If you are a criminal or mercenary, simply state your expertise you provide to your organization.

    Personality: What kind of person is your character towards others?

    Back story: Explain to us where you stand in the new Lylat wars and why you fight for your side?

    Ship/Equipment: What do you carry on you in terms of weaponry and what kind of ship do you fly (if any)? If you have a ship you can either provide a detailed description or a picture. For now we will stick with small fighter sized ships. If you require a large ship for your mercenary group or a base of operations, be sure to follow the rules on that topic.

    This is the main outline I was thinking on, but if anyone has any better ideas or wishes to ask questions on the basic foundation to this, such as if this should allow the ability to choose the different alliances or if it should just focus on one group, just shoot a quick message. I don't want to start up an IC on this until there are at least three or so other people ready to join up. Hope to hear from some of you soon.​
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  3. Looks pretty cool to me. I'm not much of a starfox buff, but I learn about this sort of stuff quick. I'll reserve a spot.
  4. Thanks for the interest Shadic. If you have anything you wanna go over right now I can answer any questions you may have. I will look to post my old character sheet once I find the blasted thing. Its amazing how many files you can have in one folder sometimes. Haha!
  5. oh mah gawsh, you must reserve me a spot until i get some things cleaned!
  6. Will do El Presidente. Thanks for showing interest.
  7. A chance to play as my favorite anthropomorphic space based mercenary squadron? Sure I'd be game to role-play.
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  9. well, since nobody created a third party yet...

    Character sheet

    Name: Griff Rawker (Most people just know him as Mr.Rawker or just Griff, he's enigmatic that way)

    Username: @El Presidente

    Age: 34

    Appearance: v uuum this v

    Home planet: Born in Corneria, Grew up in Sargasso Space Zone, Lives in the Gulf Club.
    The Gulf Club (open)
    A super-expensive exclusive residential space ship, this is the Headquarters of Rawker's Organization, or House Rawker. This station has absolutely NO protection save a few patrol ships, and its high technology leaves no room for good armoring, but it's shields? Pretty top-notch.

    However, its Jamming ability is top-of the line, it basically is unsearchable on radar, In fact, the only way you can see it is with the naked eye. It also moves location from time to time, and it only orbits planets with low to no population.

    The Gulf Club functions as an ultra-luxury Residential station for those who can handle the hefty price. (or those who work for Rawker, in which they stay for free.) but too those who live here, it's a utopia and just simply...perfect! It's called the Gulf Club because it is a club, exclusively only for the rich and Rawker-oriented individuals, and that the artificial landmass inside the station resembles that of a gulf of something, hence the Gulf Club.

    Allegiance: He fights for House Rawker, which is currently on the side of Dash because he has higher offers, and even wants to split some land with HR, basically making them a Criminal monopoly.


    Rank/Job: Griff Rawker is the enigmatic, powerful, and hunted down leader of house Rawker, however he barely rules at all, in fact all he does is give the ideas, enforce the ideas, and spend his money on more ideas, he has other people to carry out the brains, money, and military. In fact most of the time, people actually do see him, they just don't know it's him, he mainly works as a Merc for Hire with ties to the house, and he is simply named Griff.

    SO in short terms, he is a HR-Oriented Merc-for-hire, who is an adequate soldier and dogfighter (no pun intended)

    Personality: WIP later

    Back story: Explain to us where you stand in the new Lylat wars and why you fight for your side? WIP later

    Ship/Equipment: What do you carry on you in terms of weaponry and what kind of ship do you fly (if any)? If you have a ship you can either provide a detailed description or a picture. For now we will stick with small fighter sized ships. If you require a large ship for your mercenary group or a base of operations, be sure to follow the rules on that topic.

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