STAR Academy [FT]

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This is the beginning of another new semester,which is filled with assignments,sleepless-nights and a lot of caffeine.
But for the students of STAR(School of talented,Artistic and Renownable),school life is also filled with dreams,excitements and fun!
Imagine doing all that you love everyday,and learn about what you love...
Imagine,you're in a school full of talented people like you,there might be competitions,friendly or not,but it can certainly help you to improve yourself...
Imagine,there are thousands of students with the same goal in life as you do,all studying in this school and trying the best to excel in their own way...
Imagine,there are trained instructor,maybe even celebrities instructors,giving you lessons on what you love...
Imagine,walking down the corridor and meet one of your idol,and he/she is one of the students,and you get to talk to them,or have lunch with them...


For musicians who live all their life wanting to do music.


For those who talented on being someone other than him/herself.


For those who want to walk the runway.


For artistic person who see things differently from the others.


And prepare for 3 years long of tough yet enjoyable school life.