Stanton Manor- Cursed Existence

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  1. This is loosely Kuroshitsuji meets Fruits Basket in the sense that it's the aristocratic Lord of a large Manor,his wife,kids,butler,maid and servants and their daily lives.the twist is that the entire household is under a terrible curse,at sunset everyone becomes an animal,at sunrise they become human again

    In Depth plot: the
    Lord of the manor is reading a newspaper in the back of his limo,his driver hits a Fox and he just tells the driver to keep going and ignore wasn't JUST a Fox it was the legendary Tamane No Mai,the nine tailed Fox and for his lack of concern about living creatures she curses his household to become the very animals they pay no mind to,as soon as the Sun goes down they change into animals,every one including the servants is changed.upon sunrise they return to normal.the curse remains until the Lord accepts all creatures are equal whether man or beast

    Please post below if this interests you.if it gathers enough interest I'll write out character sign up sheets
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  2. I'll join in.
  3. I'm interested :)
  4. I'll join. I might bring in yoshitsune from genji in to this along with Yue Jin.
  5. Sure, sounds interesting. :)
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