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  1. S T A L K I N G

    Do you do it? On Facebook, in real life? Maybe you stalk your favorite RPers here at Iwaku?
  2. That's the only reason to have FaceBook, and of course I stalk my favorite people on Iwaku. Real life stalking is creepy though!
  3. I feel like a creep when I stalk on fb or on Iwaku so I don't tend to do it all that often though I will do it from time to time to check in on friends or people I haven't talked to in a while.
  4. o______o;

    Not much, but I'm paranoid about who might stalk me. Meep.
  5. Facebook stalking is sociably acceptable :3 so ya, I do it x3

    Real-life stalking, however, is not. Which is kind of a shame really..... :( haha

    I don't think it's considered stalking, but I check up on RPers that I'm RPing with, and sometimes check out the profiles of other RPers just to see what they like, is that stalking? :P

    And yes, Elyd, I agree with you, it is a bit creepy to think of who could be stalking you! x.x
  6. Elyd, look away from the camera I have hidden in your shower I can only imagine who would stalk other people. And a person who stalks me is the probably the only person who could out weird me
  7. Yes. IT'S MY JOB. >:3

    But seriously... eeeeh, not really. I've always been one of those "If they wanna see me/talk to me they'll come and do it." Person. I RARELY go snooping around for/about or follow a person (online or real life XD ) unless I am specifically looking for them/something for a reason.

    As an admin though, I make it my business to know everyone's business. o__o Or as much business as I can without having to do too much work. I read latest updates on facebook for the people that added me. I check out people's profiles on Iwaku, browse the visitor messages to see if they're interacting with others okay, or snoop through their roleplays to see if I spot any problems for them or someone else. If anyone makes an offhand comment about another member, I go check that person out. Good or bad comments.

    .....I'm kinda like your MOM. If it's in your room sitting there out in the open - I'm gonna look at it. But I won't go snooping through your stuff. I'll ask you personal questions and make you feel awkward when your friends are over. But I do it cause I love you and I want you to be safe and healthy. 8D
  8. Dun has Facebook.
    Try not to give out my full name ever online, or my address and stuff.
    Stalking has happened to me, though I have never stalked someone.
    Online or irl.
    I dun like it.~
    Dun do it to me, kthnx.<3

    I do like to look at some people's rps on here sometimes, but tis it.~
    Or read blogs.
    But, that's why they're posted..
  9. I will admit I have done facebook stalking in my time but nothing too out of hand, I think.

    The only other thing I can think of is not so much stalking as it is creepy. When I'm out at a concert or even at the mall or something and I see a really really cute guy I stare. I really try not to but I'm not sneaky about it, either... Usually I'm caught and they immediately leave. Then I get depressed. :D
  10. I don' stalk no one on Iwaku; no time to read posts unrelated to my own. But I do stalk on facebook occasionally, and my best friend says if professional Facebook Stalkers existed, I would be the highest paid. I am a creeper-owl.

    When I was younger and desperate, I stalked a few boys as much as a thirteen-year-old could stalk (pretty much only finding addresses and googling them xD ).

    *edit: These days I don't have to stalk people; it's a much easier process to snag them now :D see--> want--> sass--> grin--> RELEASE or GET. Depends on my amount of determination and the preferences of the dood.

    Now I am being punished for eet D: I've had to deal with several obsessed semi-stalkers. It's creeper and annoying. I can't get away from them and I want to punch them in the face D:<
  11. I pretty much do the same as Diana, to a lesser degree.
    Ocha and I agree that it's pretty much the sole purpose of Facebook and really, I don't like Facebook much to start.
    But the other stuff - I check up on my roleplay partners and their profiles, especially if they haven't posted in a while. I keep an eye out for possible problems between members as well. And sometimes, I can't help curiosity. If I see a random off the wall visitor comment, I might look at the other person for context. ><
  12. I stalk people occasionally, but most of the time nope.
  13. no because i have been on the stalked side...its not fun....
    and when i see something about a stalker or a peeping tom its never anyone hot i mean they usually are creepy looking -_- be sexy and at my window and i might just stalk you XD
  14. I stalk members who have annoyed other members and wait for them to make a mistake so I can troll the fuck out of them and make them die.
  15. I stalk pretty much the same way Kitti does, which is -I believe- less time consuming than Dianer's.
    I will visit your profile, especially if you:

    -Have not posted in a while, and I'm waiting for your posts
    -Have a username/avatar that draws my attention
    -Make me think you and I could be a potential RP partners
    -Post awesome posts, or blog entries
    -Are a new member
    -Have just made a comment/post that upsetted the Selenite
    -Have just sent me a friend request or posted a comment in my profile
    -Make me think you could be stalking me.

    ... I think I'm not listing another reason or two, but I just can't remem-

    -Ah, yeah, also if your status says something that draws my attention.

    Although that could be like a variation of Reason Nbr. 2 in the list.

  16. Nobody even has me on facebook TO stalk me.. LOL.
    I've once been stalked though - I used to walk a dog for a lady around 6pm in the evening in Winter, I was about 11, and got £2 for it :)

    But yeah - this one night I was walking Rexi (dogs name) and I was sat on these stairs on my street, outside of an old abandonde building. Anyway, this man walked past, hood up, trackies on.. and was staring at me as he walked past. It was dark, so I got a bit worried and decided to walk back to the ladies has to give her dog back. I got up, what we call, her 'driveway' (it's like where the car goes, at the side of the house if there isn't a garage.) Hearing whistling I turned around and the same guy was beckoning me over, so I looked a little worried.. and simply walked into the ladies house. I was shook up and explained to her what was happening, that this boy was following me to try and get me to go with him. Bless her - she walked me home, I only lived up the road, but she was worried so she walked with me. :)
  17. Well... I kind of stalk..but only when I am really interesting in something or someone. But not in a creepy way...I mean >.< I do not do it alot..Yeahh
  18. Like I said, I feel like a creep when I stalk people on facebook. Fortuantely, none of you have my facebook in order to stalk me >:D
  19. That would imply giving a shit. So no. B(

    I do stalk the shit out of RPs/Favorite GMs, though.

  20. Wait, looking at someone's profile counts as stalking? For serious? Just once or twice? I'm confused.