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  1. So the OOC for Stale Blood. Talk plot, characters, what have you.
  2. Name logan ryder but known as staff seargent ryder
    Age 28
    Appearance logan is tall with black hair and has a very athletic build
    Bio logan was part of usmc force recon before the collapse of government. Now with his trusty rifle he wanders.
  3. Sorry, I posted without making a cs! I'll be doing one right noww
  4. uh, this is a Jump In, no CS required.
  5. Ahh, ok :) So, I'll just tell you that my character name is Reese Hyland, and she is 20
  6. So, guess I'll share some character details.
    Name: Johnathan 'Elder' Williamson
    Job: Courier
    Gear: SKS, Makarov, Knife.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.