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  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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Your admins are currently on the lookout for new potential staffers and have three open positions to fill! Below is a very very long-winded post about how the Iwaku Staff works and what we expect staffers to do. Remember, being a staff member is a job, and we do expect people to actually work! If you are currently an active roleplaying member of Iwaku, and have spare time to dedicate for community building projects, we want YOU!

Here is a brief explanation how the staffing system on Iwaku works.

  • Administrators are chosen by their retiring predecessors and inherit their positions. This is a tradition passed down since the first version of Iwaku.
  • Global/Super Mods are chosen from the Staff pool by the Admins based on how well they handle drama issues and how much they are currently contributing to the site. They are usually very personable people that are well known to the community.
  • Staff Members are chosen from the application vault. They must meet behavior requirements, and at the time of choosing be an active contributing member to the site. Ancient contributions will not count, if they are not currently active.
  • Jobs of ALL staff members are rotated based on what area of the site they are spending the most time on. We assign people tasks based on their strengths and interests on the site.
  • Community reviews and suggestions of where we want the staff to focus attention to are posted once a month.
  • Staff Reviews are done every 4 months, where let staffers know how they're doing and what we need them to work on.
  • We DO allow retired staff members to return to staff if they have become active members again.
  • At our current site size, we only have a Max of 15 total staffers at one time.

Being a staff member is a volunteer job. All staff members have jobs and projects to work on. Below explains the minimum standard for being an active part of staff.

  • A registered member for 3 months.
    3 months is enough time for any new member to get settled and lets us know you're going to stick around.
  • Be a daily active member without too many real life commitments.
    It's important that staff members be some of the most active and most seen members of the site. If you have a lot of real life commitments, such as long school or work hours, you may not have enough time to do the "extra" tasks required for being on staff. We understand that life commitments come first, so staffers need to be people with time to spare.
  • Be involved in one or more roleplays.
    As a roleplay forum, our #1 priority is cultivating active and fun roleplays. Enjoy roleplaying on Iwaku, and you're benefiting the site. On the occasions where you can't keep up with roleplays, we have several roleplay related projects you can contribute to.
  • Post 1 to 5 new topics a week in ANY forum.
    If we have 15 staff members and each one posted 1 topic a week, that's 15 new topics where members could post an interact in while they are waiting on roleplay posts. It doesn't matter if no one replies to your topics, you're still making the effort. We also provide resources in helping you make topics.
  • Posting a submission/post to YOUR area or project once a week.
    Each staff is requested to have a personal project. It can be aiding in someone else's project or your own special idea. For example: Writing articles for the Roleplay Workshop, Submitting Content to the Newsletter, Providing Challenges, or anything unique you might come up with. We must see -progress- on these projects and not just promises of 'I'm working on it.'
  • A good reputation amongst members and a role model to the community.
    Your public behavior reflects the staff team and Iwaku as a whole. All staff members need to be courteous to newbies and respectful to members. You cannot have any bans, infractions, or be frequently reported as a problem member. We don't expect Staffers to be on perfect behavior all the time, but we do expect you remember your responsibilities!

These expectations are not too high, however, we do strictly enforce the activity standards for staff members! This is why we insist that you should already be doing these things as a regular member before becoming a staff member. If you're already doing it without having an Admin down your throat, then you're a perfect candidate for staff. :D We DO take in to consideration all vacations and staff member's need for away time, as well as being flexible when necessary.

THERE IS A FORM FOR APPLICATIONS [RIGHT HERE]. You will be added to the potentials list, and each time we do a staff review your application will be considered. We keep ALL interested parties on the applicants list, so even if you are not chosen for staff right away, you still have the potential to be one in the future as long as you are an active member.

Howdy! :D Just letting everyone know we now have a complete staff and will not be adding any more people this season.

So if you're still interesting in being a staffer for Iwaku, submit one. Next time we have to rotate out staffers your application will be considered again.

*** Remember, once you submit an app it ALWAYS stays in the system and you will ALWAYS be an eligible candidate as long as you are an active member on the forums.

Thanks for your support! <3
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