Stacy's Dad Has Got it Going On

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    Victor Quinn | 38 | High School English Teacher | Soft Spoken, Humorous, Kind

    Name: Thomas O'Ryan | Age: 21 | Full Time College Student | Sarcastic, Outspoken, Blunt​

    Victor was used to spending nights alone, ever since his daughter left for college two years ago a quiet night was commonplace. He always tried to busy himself with good books, movies, and tv shows. Even then, some nights the loneliness got too much, especially during the summer when he had a long break from his job as a high school teacher. Those nights, her poured himself a glass of scotch, and then another, and another. Sure, it wasn't healthy, but what else was an almost forty single man to do?

    Maybe if he had confronted his sexuality earlier he wouldn't be in this pickle, but then he wouldn't have Stacy which seemed like the only thing he did have. Well, besides is increasingly improper thoughts about Thomas, Stacy's best friend, he couldn't help that the young man had become so--handsome. With that, Victor put back another glass of whiskey. He was a bit over his 'limit' of two drinks a day, which was leading him to the blubbering idiot zone. He tried to calm his shaking hands with a cigarette something he only did when he was this drunk and Stacy was out of the house. She was with her friend Thomas --the hot one-- as always, or at least that's where he thought she was.

    The man was mid-drag when he heard the knock at the door, he quickly put the cigarette out embarrassed by his vice. He carefully made his way down the stairs, hoping to God whoever it was would make it quick. He was in no mood to deal with anyone but his own thoughts, and even those were annoying him.

    Quickly, Victor opened the door his otherwise handsome face red from drunkenness, and annoyance. "Yeah-uh, hello,"he said awkwardly to the person at the door. Hardly realizing that it was Thomas at the door.
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  2. Thomas
    Thomas had sat down at the study table before him and fixed himself in a proper study posture. He looked over everything in sight to see if he could find his notebook. He even rummaged through his backpack and took out everything but nothing. No notebook. Thomas sat there, stroking his chin and wondering where could his notebook be at this very moment. He retraced his steps in his head then realized that he might've left it over at Stacey's father's home as he'd hate to intrude in on him, especially if he was busy or whatever.

    It's funny that Thomas would be looking for his notebook in the summer but no, he has enrolled himself in a few summer classes so that he can graduate, something his best friend Stacey encouraged him to do for himself. Thomas got inside of his vehicle and drove over towards the house, where his best friend's father resided and parked in the driveway. He sighed before removing his seat belt and getting out of his vehicle, locking it out of habit. He made his way up to the stairs and stood on the porch, knocking upon the door before him as he waited for Mr. Quinn to answer.

    When the door opened, he smiled brightly towards Mr. Quinn then spoke after clearing his throat softly. "Sorry to bother you but I seem to have left my notebook here, or at least I think I did." Chuckling nervously, Thomas eyes Mr. Quinn. "Mind if I come in and check, please?" He asked in a tone that made it impossible for Mr. Quinn to say no as Thomas stood there, waiting for an answer and rocking on the balls of his feet in anticipation.
  3. The tall man moved aside to let Thomas in, trying not to let the young man in on how drunk he was. Of course, his conscious effort to seem sober lead him to stumble a bit. He quickly regained his balance and let out a small chuckle, as if to laugh at his own clumsiness. Carefully he cleared his throat allowing him time to chose his words, “No problem Thomas, I might have seen it on the table upstairs.” Good, his words came out all in the right order.

    Victor lead the man upstairs and into the kitchen where he thought he spotted the journal. Of course, the table also held the bottle whisky, a glass that had a bit of the intoxicating drink left, and a smoldering cigarette in a coffee cup. He had nothing to be embarrassed about, right? He was a grown man he could drink and smoke once and awhile without judgement.

    Trying to break the silence Victor spoke, “so---uh, you’re studying over summer break. I’m sure your parents must be happy to have such a good student. When I was your age I’d be out with friends drinking.” Well, he was now alone drinking, so it wasn’t like much had changed...besides the whole friends part.
  4. Thomas walked in right after Mr. Quinn stepped aside to allow him to do so. Hearing Mr. Quinn chuckle made him even more nervous then already was and hearing his words, Thomas nodded and followed right after Mr. Quinn upstairs. His eyes laid up a bottle of whiskey, which was close to being half full and the glass that was nearly empty. The cigarette he saw was still a little lit even though there was an attempt to put it out. Thomas was a bit confused right about now as he eyed Mr. Quinn, snapping out of his thoughts and back into reality.

    "Uh, yeah. I have the perfect average and attendance so they're extremely proud." Thomas laughed a little then raised a brow at Mr. Quinn, stretching his hand and arm out towards the display on the table. "Doesn't look like much has changed, Mr. Quinn." He said then chuckled slightly while snapping his fingers. "Oh! I think I left it in Stacey's room." Thomas said while stepping towards Mr. Quinn, bumping into him. "Oh, sorry." He said after a nervous chuckle escaped over his parted lips.

    Thomas entered Stacey's room and saw his notebook on her bed. He leaned on the bed, his ass sticking out a bit as Thomas grabbed it then leaned back up only to find out that Mr. Quinn had followed him. "Oh! I found it." Thomas said with a nervous chuckle, again and looked at Mr. Quinn. "Are you alright?" He'd ask with a raised brow while looking towards him now.
  5. God, it was like the younger man was toying with him. He hadn't been with anyone in what felt like years(actually it probably was years). So, Thomas was essentially hanging a carrot(a very handsome one as that) in front of a starving rabbit and expecting it not bite. Especially when he leaned over ot grab that notebook, Jesus he couldn't help but stare. When Thomas asked if he was okay, the words that came out of his mouth even surprised him.

    "Uh-yeah I'm fine-- I was just thinking that maybe you'd like to take a break from studying and have a drink with me," his voice was calm, even if he didn't feel it. If he hadn't had a bit(actually a lot) of liquid courage none of those words would have left his lips. Plus, it wasn't like Thomas wasn't of age, sure it'd be strange to drink with your best friend's father if your were 21, it would be downright illegal if he wasn't.

    Before waiting to hear an answer Victor rushed off to the kitchen and came back with two glasses of whiskey. "Here,"he said handing the young man one of the glasses. He knew he must have looked desperate, but hopefully Thomas just interpreted as him being a lonely old man--not a total sicko who was thinking perverse thoughts about the younger man.
  6. Thomas raised a brow at Mr. Quinn, who insist that he take a break from studying and have a drink with him. He didn't really drink but he wasn't going to turn down the offer from him since it seemed like he really needed someone to talk to right about now. Thomas was just about to answer before Mr. Quinn rushed off and headed towards the kitchen, with him following closely behind. "Uhm, I should really study." Thomas muttered innocently while looking at the glass that Mr. Quinn held out towards him.

    "Or not." He accepted then glass after his sarcastic remark then held the glass up towards him. "Cheers?" He clicked his glass with Mr. Quinn's then chugged his whiskey down, coughing at the aftertaste then holding his hand over his mouth. "Whew. Sorry." Thomas groaned a bit, his chest burning a little. "Uhm, maybe I'll just have a Coke, or something." Thomas said while walking over to the fridge like he owned the place and grabbed himself a bottled Coke and opened it, taking a small sip.

    "So, did you ever finish the patio set on the back porch?" He asked him while leading the way towards the back porch. "May I see?" Before Mr. Quinn answered him, Thomas was already turning the knob of the door that led the way to the back porch area. The patio set wasn't nearly complete as he had thought but there was a place for him to sit. "Mr. Quinn, you need to get a move on this." Thomas said with a soft chuckle while propping his ass upon the table, leaning against it now, his eyes locked on Mr. Quinn.
  7. The whole time Victor watched him, being alone like this only increased the level of indecent thoughts that tore though his mind. Why did Thomas have to be cute, it would be much more preferable if Stacy would have picked an ugly friend. As Victor followed Thomas outside he took another sip of his glass, again so focused on Thomas' appearance that he hardly heard his words.

    "Oh-yeah well, you know it's hard to motivate yourself when you're alone like me,"he said with a bit of a shrug, "maybe if I had a man--". His words stopped there, his face flushed suddenly. He just let it slip that he was gay, he spent all his life in the closet and now he was spelling it out for Thomas. Jesus, where was his brain today. He was trying to to find a way to backtrack, but instead he stood there like a dear in headlights, gaping.
  8. Thomas heard Mr. Quinn then eyed him with a raised brow. "Uhm, if you need another man to help you out, I can be that man?" Biting his bottom lip nervously, Thomas thought how ridiculous that sounded out loud than in is head. He knew Mr. Quinn for almost what seemed like years now and would never suspect him to be like himself - Gay. His scanned over him as he chuckled nervously, wanting nothing more than to break the tension between them.

    "Uhm, I think I need to go now." Thomas said while walking back into the kitchen after grabbing his Coke bottle and eventually exited the house. 'Crap.' Thomas thought to himself while turning heel and walking back inside of the house and getting his notebook. "Sorry, Mr. Quinn, no harm to you but the atmosphere was just weird." He stated while lifting himself up to sit on the counter now.

    "I shouldn't have freaked out. I mean, come on, you can't be gay." He took a sip of his Coke then eyed him again. "Can you?" Thomas raised a brow then shook his head towards him. "I will not believe you if you say yes." He interjected before he even got a chance to reply.
  9. This whole situation was just--surreal. Victor could hardly contemplate what was happening, everything was just plain crazy. The man followed Thomas back into the kitchen, but when he staredt to leave he stood there frozen. It wasn't long before the young man was back into the kitchen speaking to him, he hardly heard what he had said. To say that Victor was conflicted was a bit of an understatement. Sure he had been increasingly attracted to Thomas, but on the other hand Thomas was his daughter's best friend.

    With a deep breath, Victor decided to act once in is life. If he wasn't drunk, he probably would have never done what he did next. He walked over to Thomas, wrapped his hand around the back of Thomas' head in order for him to reach his lips, and then kissed him lightly. He pulled away soon after that, his face turning red.

    "Do you believe me now?" he whispered, stepping away. Clearly a bit unsure if what he did was even close to okay.
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