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Step through the indigo colored doorway, feast your eyes upon the very item your heart has been craving for nearly five months and possibly over. Is your tongue dripping yet from the very aroma that drifts it's way along over to the brim of each nostril? Are you finding that you cannot seem to help but lick your lips, as they suddenly dry up from the sheer amazement, glory of such a place, baffled by how it could exist? Do the little hairs on the back of your fine neck stand up at attention, a shudder skitter up your back from anxiety reaching its peak this very single moment? Are you at all confused by the Nekos, Faeries, Elves, Dwarves, Kitsunes, Werewolves, and Dinosaurs dressed up in serving attire and rollerblades, swiftly moving across the sparkling, multi-colored tile floor? No? Well, splendid. Then, allow me to welcome you to my cafe'.<3

Whether you would like to just come here and make small talk with one of the cute asian girls holding coffee cups {ahem, Brother/Jinx-san..}, or sit back and enjoy any kind of delicacy your mouth lusts to taste from our oven, everyone is wanted and allowed in here. There is always music softly playing in the background, and feel free to change it whenever your mood calls for a tune, I won't rush over and tackle you..unless I feel the sudden urge to. Want to start dancing atop one of the counters? Go right ahead! That's what they're there for, sort of.. Whatever it possibly is that you want to engage in, just get up and do it! I want this to be a place for fun, random spontaneous activities, chatter and all around somewhere to be making memories for all to remember on and on.~

If, perhaps, you might need me, I shall be in the kitchen baking, most of the day. However, if I don't want to do so at the moment, you may see me wandering around without a purpose, stalking over customers and waiting to see how long I can be inches from their face without them perspiring from the uncomfortable situation. I could quite possibly be crawling on the floor, the ceiling, a table, a bench or maybe even along the serving counter. I will make sure to always be wearing a gigantic top hat, which shall be a hue of bright purple, of course.<3 This way, you will be able to find me if you so shall need anything, anything at all. Do not be afraid!! Come, come, One and All.~

-Hoists self up onto the main serving counter, crossing legs over each other to sit, watching the main doorway and fidgeting impatiently.-
* w*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
*STEALS a cup of coffee and stomps out.*

And if anyone moves this to Insanity to have the joke and theme RUINED by all the Insanity NON FUNNY PEOPLE, I will kick them in the balls! :D
-Watches Di-san steal coffee.-
Ah...Ah... n.n; B..Bye Miss Diana!!.. >_>
*stands behind Diana as she threatens* Yeah!

*quickly touches as many cupcakes as he can before running out* :D :D :D
*comes in and properly buys a cupcake* There you go Miss. *eats the cupcake, then proceeds to tackle-hug Static*
^-^ -Laughs as Butterfly touches the cupcakes, sending them ablaze the moment he is gone so no tainted cupcakes are available for purchase.-
* _* Next time.. You shall be incinerated......
. . .
-Smiles sweetly, noticing Higu entering.-
Oh thank you!!~ o.o PROFIT!!!!!!<3 -sticks moneys in hair for safe keeping.-
n.n Enjo-ACCK. -falls over from being tackle-hugged.-
.___. eeeep.
**Decides which cupcake she wants by licking them all**
Eeeeeep!! -giggles and pokes his forehead.- Rawr your FACE. O___O
n.n; -snaps as the cupcakes that were licked dissolve into green goo and reappear, perfect once more..and sanitary.-
*Prowls in front of the shop with a war hammer in hand!* >:D
- w-
-Smiles gently and raises left palm up, faintly glowing white as a barrier builds around the Cafe' to protect it from Miss Diana.-
Ah ah ahhh..~
*walks into the barrier and gets horribly burned*


*lies on the ground, dialling his lawyer*
-tackles Asmo and grabs the phone, shoving it down my mouth to start chewing.-
*Sneaks in while the barrier is down and smashed a wedding cake.* >:D

*screams for the cops*
sssssshhhhh. -Shoves a cupcake in his mouth and looks around.-
Please...please.... T ^T I just want to bake.~
What do I gotta do to get a cupcake shoved in MY mouth?

*Sits at the front counter impatiently waiting for service*
-Snaps fingers together as a fairy lady appears dressed in a waitress outfit before October, purple and bright blue sparkles fall all around her for a couple more minutes as she presents a tray full of all different cupcakes to him.-
- w-
*starts choking to death on the cupcake*
-Squeaks urgently, picking Asmo up in a tight grasp at the tummerz, trying to perform the manuever on getting the cupcake out, saving his life.-