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Please post a general character sheet before participating in the RP thread. :) This RP is all about back-alley business, so try and think of it as making a character for a futuristic mob or something. I'm not asking for too much detail because, well, that's just not how I roll. I like having more room to develop throughout playing while I'm still in the process of, er... "getting to know my character more".

Okay, now a little back-story/rambling about what this whole "Sky Tamers" thing is all about.

Sky Tamers, in essence, is my baby. So don't break its heart, mkay? It's an idea that I've been on the fence about making a story or an RP, but there are different reasons I'd want to do both. At first it seemed too big and broad to be an RP but then it seemed like it was too fun of an idea to be selfish with and get no RP satisfaction out of. So, I've decided to take this main idea and world that it's set in and break it up into multiple RPs over time, this being the first. I'll continue to develop the story's world and when this RP has reached a nice length and run its course, I'll use it as inspiration to further paint on the canvas that is Sky Tamers as a whole! :D

And if anyone's wondering, the name came from the idea that cities in this setting are all floating. Details and plot about the reasoning behind that will be revealed later and explained throughout different RPs where it's relevant. That shouldn't be too much of a problem, really.
I'm interested, but could you expand a bit on what the story is about? Or are you leaving it more open to the writer's imagination? What exactly is the conflict, what is the setting? If you added a bit more explanation of what Sky Tamers IS, then I think I might be interested in joining.
Sky Tamers is really more of a broad backdrop. It's just a name I pulled loosely from the idea of space-travel, and the concept that all the cities on Harum are floating. There's a lot to explain in that whole area, but this RP is just a spec to kind of fill in the history and timelines of the entire story I've been making. So in a sense, it's a collaborative project where everyone that joins the RPs I put up involved in this "Sky Tamers universe" of mine has a part in developing it as a whole. I don't know if that explanation gives it any justice or gives you any insight.

As for this story itself, it's about high-risk organized crime pretty much. The whole theme is that all of these crime leaders are using high management and leadership positions in corporations to mask their actual sources of immense sums of money. There's a lot to work in there from my original ideas that could help immerse people in the stories better and trying to incorporate that without having to go into pages worth of detail is what I was a little skeptical about. If you want to PM me or add me on Skype or MSN to get a better idea then feel free to. :) Not sure I've done the concept any justice yet.
I think I understand what you're getting at. I'm interested in the concept, and the setting as well. I think it could be fun playing in a sci-fi world where all the cities are suspended, it would definitely be interesting. I'm in!
Righteous. :) I'll get my character posted later today if I get home at a decent hour. Just one or two more people and it should go well. I want everyone to have a good amount of freedom with their characters as long as it can relate to the story. :)
Spot is reserved.

(told you I will join. :3 Even if I only get to post once a week. <3)