Spring has sprung!

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    Finally after a long wait, spring has peeked over the horizon and showered us with it's pretty little face!!

    This weeks challenge is all about what spring means to YOU!

    Anything that reminds you of spring can be the content of the poem. Feel free to do it in whichever style you'd like, and just have fun with it!

    Here are some ideas:
    * Things you like
    * Things you dislike
    * Things remembered
    * Weather
    * People
    * Events

    Feel free to write one or more poems if you're feeling inspired!! :D
  2. The spring brings growth and life to all,
    Sweet music pure, a lively ball.
    As flowers spring up from the earth,
    The birds and bees bring childbirth.

    The seeds will sprout, the plants will grow
    As earth we till and grain we sow.
    We dance about the Maypole tall,
    And heed our Mother's gentle call.

    We dance upon the soft green grass,
    And laughter from each lad and lass
    Will fill the air, reminding them
    That winter's past, and spring has come.
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  3. Flowers bloom and emotions stir,
    Hearts beat fast while hazy minds blur.
    Pulses race as fields open up,
    Eyelids flutter and breaths just stop.

    Colours fill a white, empty void,
    And a beautiful tale is told
    By the pure snow drops and lillies,
    A story woven with great ease.

    But look! Where the sky and ground meet
    The storm clouds of summer gather
    Muffling the story with blather,
    Destroying all in one heartbeat.

    And after them comes the brown fall
    With its dull, droning, endless rain.
    Then winter, washing all away,
    Leaving white canvas for the spring.
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  4. Northern Canadian checking in

    Spring is the joy
    Welling up in my heart
    When I don't have to plug in
    For my engine to start

    Spring is swapping
    My winters for summers
    Spring is the return
    Of allergy bummers.

    Spring is retiring
    My tired old spade
    From digging a path
    Through the snow every day

    Spring is the snowmelt
    Running down all the streets
    Spring's the return
    Of crows, flies, and bees​
    Spring is the people
    More often than not
    Who after bitching all winter
    Complain it's too hot.

    Spring is packing
    My mittens away
    Spring is the planting
    And wishing for rain

    Spring is the pride
    Among countrymen
    Each year just to boast
    "We made it again!" ​
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  5. I sit and wait in this fragile place,
    To continue my dull living into this empty space.
    My strong arms to reach out of this darkness,
    Hoping to grasp out of this emptiness.

    "Oh!" I quietly say, this odd sensation had crept upon me.
    "My oh my!" I began to shout, as I spotted something sprouting from the leaves.
    "Buds?" I question as I try to reach and touch,
    But I am motionless, the beauty was enough.

    I have only shuffled in and out of this dreary cold.
    To see such beautiful light warm my skin, a love for such has me on hold.
    I am transfixed in their subtle way,
    I am breathless in their brightening days.

    May I forever be in this happy state,
    Though as time passes I only hope it will not deflate.
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  6. Color

    sweet perfume,
    a colorful
  7. Spring

    After the icy kiss of winter has come to pass
    It's sister Spring has come to at last
    When everything was slow and cold
    In spring, in it's all fast and hyper
    Where the flowers bloom once again

    Seeing the greenly grass and with the warm wind
    Picking up the Roses on the side of the garden
    Reeking of mud due to playing in the dirt
    Intercepting the mailman's delivery once again
    Never forgetting winter's warm lips
    Getting hyper on the streets

    At last spring is nearly ending
    But it's famous cousin summer is coming
    Yes, SUMMER
    The season all students cherish
    But i will miss Spring blooming face upon me
    But for her sake
    Will be looking forward to Summer's rowdiness