Spring Animals

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What Animal do you think Represents Spring time?

  1. Birds and Bees

  2. Butterflies

  3. Lambs, Goats, Ponies

  4. Bears

  5. Deer

  6. Ducklings

  7. Piglets

  8. Bunny Rabbits

  9. Squirrels, Chipmunks, Rodents

  10. Foxes

  11. What? None of these so, Other.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Spring has Sprung, Snow has melted (in most places) its already even May. The Animals emerge from their slumber to greet the world all the same, So tell Us what kind of animals you think of during this time of year.

  2. *tries to absorb all the snarky, mean-spirited, sub-humorous retorts to this thread into himself so that everyone else on Iwaku can answer normally*

    1) Dragons
    2) I like to eat all of those animals equally - cos that's their job. To be in my belly.
    3) What? No love for the Spring Octopus?
    4) Your momma
    5) That other person's momma
    7) Mike Tyson
    8) This is the Muslims' fault
    9) Where are the owls for Diana? Owls Owls Owls! Apparently Owls are important in Iwaku now for some reason.
    10) Why are lambs, goats and ponies in the same category, you reductionist bitch?
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  3. Do boxes of Freezies showing up on grocery store shelves count? That's the true sign spring has come at last.
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  4. *slaps Dervish*

    *slappity-slap-slaps Dervish*


    Also. Rabbits are awesome. I love rabbits. They are the bestest animals in all of Animaldom.

  5. If you live in Australia, magpies.

    Spring is swooping season. They will murder you if you get too close to their nests.
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  6. I think you meant to say, sloths. Sloths are the bestest.
  7. [​IMG]

    The majestic ferret is the animal of spring, most obviously. I have no biases in this, of course. :ferret:
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  8. Birds and Bee's increase in frequency in the Spring.
    They seemed like the obvious choice.

    Except Butterflies. 8D Butterflies are a FOR SURE springtime critter.

    Except it's not really an animal it's an insect and- *GETS KNOCKED OUT BY ASMO*
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  10. Butterflies. They represent Spring because of their beauty and elegance. WELL I'M HERE TO TELL YOU THEY'RE A LIE.


    See this? They are feeding off the carcass of a piranha. A PIRANHA. As beautiful as they are, they are evil. Evil I say.

    That's right @The Butterfly . I'm watching you.

    Ok, in all seriousness butterflies are pretty rad.
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  11. How can one find his spirit animal?
  12. I gotta say bunny rabbits. It's probably because easter comes in spring and the easter bunny is a big symbol of the holiday these days. Other parts that come to mind is that rabbits are an animal tied to fertility and spring is a time associated with birth and fertility... So, bunny!
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  13. Deer for DAT VENISON.

    Foxes becouse they always show up near us come spring time, making a real racket at night.

    Squirells becouse we have one living in our yard.
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  14. influences....
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  15. Where's the avian options?

    The return of songbirds is spring for me. I look forward to the first robin of the year, and hearing the chickadees sing as well
  16. Rabbit Season.
  17. ^^; there's no four seasons thing in my country. Our 'seasons' are either hot and hotter, or rainy and humid. But spring calls to mind butterflies, birds and bees, and bunny rabbits for me~
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  18. Birds and bees... it- ITS THE FIRST OPTION. birds is even the first word.
  19. But what if I don't wanna vote for bees?
  20. I chose all of them because I could, but I primarily went with the birds and the bees... if ya know what I mean. *wink wink**nudge nudge*
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