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  1. Welcome!
    This morn I shall take you way to a world of wonder,
    Where? It won't much matter!
    For you see, my dear,
    You got nothing to fear!
    For on this day,
    You'll have your say!
    As you can see I am no poet, but I deem my pen distinguished enough to satisfy all but the most experienced, if not for a momentary interlude. Oh, I still have much to learn, but I think I got to step out my game to learn more, and as such I am searching for writers who will help me better my literary technique. Oh, don't look so stricken, I am neither a snob nor some kind of demon woman! I'll be more than happy to still play with you at our leisure if you feel unsure, but these plots below I want to reserve for more intensive plotting, so don't feel sad if I say I would rather not do such or such plot with you, I got plenty of time to plot another that will suit you better, if worse come to worse, I assure you!

    Now, what I am looking for, first of all, is to practice my ability to make complex characters and to manage more than one such character at a time. Secondarily, I wish to better my length and ability to make smooth dialogues as well as engaging descriptions. I usually play males, but for an extra challenge I would be quite happy to play females again, and regardless of my characters' genders, I will be able to make romantic scenes with whoever fit their fancy, that it be males, females or some other gender in between. I'm sorry I didn't separate this in neat little categories, but I felt the information flowed better that way.

    I have no limits besides what is considered 'gross' by the most majority of the world, such as bodily fluids outside sweat, blood and seminal fluids. I don't accept any depiction of 'red wings', toilet play or anything illegal, though the illegal part can be hinted or even referred to. Just keep it remotely morally acceptable and classy, people. Beside that, all's fair for me, so I just need you to tell me of your own limits beside those when we agree to plot further about either one of my ideas or yours.

    Finally, please be able to post at least once every three days and be willing and available for extensive plot and character-related conversations. Thank you for reading all this, now we may continue to fairer news; my plots.

    Plot A:
    Sweet Dreams, Enticing Nightmares
    This one is rather dark, and there will be no happy endings. You see, while most such plots involving a succubus or an incubus end with them madly in love and involve many many hours of improbable sex, this one will concentrate on the preying of the lustful demon upon his victim, their very nature making them unable to see the Sleeper as anything than a gorgeous prey and their allure making the sleeper's accent to such activities dubious at best. This will be the closest one to rape, and the only one who will inevitably end with your character, the sleeper, dying. Do beware if you don't want drama and tragedy in your roleplay with me!

    Plot B:
    Tribal Conqueror
    Tribal Chief/Young Bride
    Do you want to make your own tribe, with it's culture, traditions and bloody history? If so, I invite you to try this journey with me, as a young lass from a recently conquered tribe is wed to a tribal Chief, a decade her senior, and will comprise of both warfare, action, drama and slice of life elements. With this I hope we will both hone our lore and world making skills, and have plenty of fun in the meantime!

    Plot C:
    Muse of the Arts
    Young Painter/Muse
    For this one, I wish for something a little different, mixing Renaissance reflections, political scandal and a little bit of mischief. You see, in this one you shall be the older one, the one with power as your Muse is an important woman in Italian society, a widow who is to be wed once more to an influential patron of the arts. Our characters' affair may come to light at a bad time, and then, what will happen? That remains to be seen, but isn't chaos a form of art, as well?

    Plot D:
    In the Gloom of the
    Young Ingenue/Piano Tutor
    Here you shall be again the more experienced one, but this time as a male to either my young lady or my young master. Having reached the start of their adulthood, my character will be a sheltered individual who is eager to learn of the world and, more importantly, of their dashing piano tutor. Will you resist the sweet seduction? Will you even want to?
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  2. All of these sound very interesting to me. I was just curious if there was one that you were maybe craving? If so just let me know! If not then I can always choose one as well. Hoping to hear from you soon.
  3. I'm sure any that you chose will be a blast, so could you PM me your choice when it'll be made, please?
  4. Currently Craving:

    Sweet Dreams, Enticing Nightmares.

    Do contact me if you also have a plot you would like to show me!
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