Spooky October

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  1. So it's October. We're safe for the rest of the year, but for now it's time for things unsettling. So a topic dedicated to the things that don't quite sit right.

    And no, I don't mean SASSY ADULT BIG BIRD COSTUME.

    So, anyway, pleased to say I'm less than 30 minutes into October and already have something to share. I give you:


    Take a virtual trip though your deepest fears. Find the closest portal of agony near you. And be sure to check traffic times for your trip to hell.

    And don't bother clicking Report a Problem. You've fake driven into hell. And nothing can save you now.
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  2. GoogleHell1.jpg

    They're following me, Iwaku. Always just out of range, just out of focus.


    They're everywhere now. Every window I look in. Every door frame. I don't know how long I'm going to last.


    They're taking form now, Iwaku. They're no longer hiding. I can feel their cold stares from everywhere. I cannot hide. I cannot run. Help me. H̶̺̮̣̲ͨ͊̓e̜̪̠̥͙͓̱͍ͬ̎l̛͚̜̭̰͉̠̞̃p̘̙͕̪̝̩̻̔͒͜͟͢ ̢̫͚͇͚̦͚͓̎̊͂̈́ͦ̅m̜̦̠̖̅̇̍̃͊̎̓̓͋e̝̰͉͇̙̻̼̊͗̇́͜͠.͎̲̜̫͓̋̒̿ͩ͢
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  3. Go to Hottopic.com. There are all kinds of costumes there that irritate me.

    Like this this:


    I can understand that they want a girl-friendly costume for Ninja Turtles, but come on... Does it have to be that short? The back of the "dress" looks stupid, too. How the hell is that a costume, anyway? It just looks like a stretched out tank-top... They don't even include a mask to go with it. *nerd rage* Not worth twenty-five bucks.
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  4. She could at least have the mask and a shell

    Slutty Halloween costumes make me bonkers. Is this really how you want to be perceived , girls? As unimaginative bimbos who, given the choice, would rather wear glorified lingerie than proper clothes? Cause if it is then I don't wanna hear ANY of you hoes complaining that men don't like you for your personality >=(
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  5. Now now, there's nothing wrong with sexy Halloween costumes...

    ...What's wrong is that they're the only ones available for women...
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