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  1. Hi, I was trying to format a page in my OOC but no matter what I tried, it kept creating double spoilers for my post.

    Here's the link to show you:

    Pirate Age OOC

    I'm not exactly sure if it's a formatting problem (although I have asked someone else for help and they got the same result) or if it's a bug or something. Every time I created one spoiler the second would pop up too. (Yes I've deleted them after to see if it would stop. No it didn't work.)

    Mind helping me please?

  2. I got rid of one of them for you. :heart: Left the other so that you can clean it up yourself.

    Your best bet if you ever start getting weird spoiler things, or any other code, is to go and clean it up in the BB Code editor. It's the left button in the upper right corner. when you are typing/editing Scroll down to the location with the double spoiler, and then clean up the extra [/CENTER] and spoiler code. :D

    If you don't get it, I'll be more than happy to help tomorrow.
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  3. Extremely helpful, thank you!
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