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  1. The dark felt welcoming to Kaine as he strolled through the thick forest. Little light shone from the moon through the trees, but he didn't need it. His eyes adjusted to the dark as he went along in the forest, keeping his eyes open for anything or anyone that wasn't welcomed. He stopped walking as he sensed something lurking in the dark, and he noticed a stray demon.

    "And where are you going?" the captain questioned, his voice monotone and deep.

    He waited for the demon to reply, but it simply walked from him. He was poking near the border, and it made Kaine growl lightly. Unsheathing his sword, he pointed it at the demon and his eyes flashed an eerie red. "Either you stop or your life will end."

    The demon didn't stop, and the captain held out his hand. When he did, the shadows crept up from the ground and grabbed the creature by its legs. The creature shrieked while Kaine stepped forward, and with one fluid motion, he swung his sword down to behead the said demon. With that, the shadows had dropped the body to the ground. He grabbed the head of the demon, taking a close look at the face. Oh, he recognized him. The demon was one of his father's servant. Poor soul. The prince didn't care. Tossing the head to the side, he started walking again as he held onto his sword as he walked. His father wouldn't be pleased that he killed his servant, but at the same time, he probably wouldn't even notice.

    For now the border was safe as long as he watched it.
  2. Aristeides was bored.

    Well, magnificently bored.

    She exclaimed loudly, a slow, dragging sigh, and tenderly rubbed the back of her neck. She sat atop one of the far towers, christened with white marble and silver spires, her leg dangling nonchalantly off the edge. A light breeze lingered drearily across the tower, ruffling her pale silver hair in soft wisps across her ashen face, absently peeling them away with her gloved finger. Her bright, honey colored eyes flickered downwards towards the vast stretch of land; known otherwise as Luria. Entrenched in soften golds, blues and pinks, it was certainly aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Beneath her, the stretch of dark blue water glistened and danced calmly under the vibrant sun, glowing brilliantly under the orange stroke of glittering sunlight. The sky had tinted to a pale yellow, specks of dark blue woven in towards the beyond, above her sight the white sky was a endless wave of white smoke; sunset. Ah, the dark was coming. Certainly a better time than the night.

    The breeze whistled heavily in her ear, as if trying to whisper secretly, but she responded indifferently. The higher up she was, the more she could feel it. She could see everything from atop one of the towers, and with her supernatural sight, she was perfect to spot for abnormalities. One might think she'd learn to appreciate the beauty that surrounded her, the natural beauty in an unnatural world. A world for mortals. She never belonged with them, but she didn't quite belong with anyone else, either. Where was the beauty, if not everlasting? Her morality and "fate", as they called it, was her least favourite topic to cross her moribund mind. She sighed, and raked a hand through her hair, gently woven with the soft ebbing of the wind. Perhaps, since she did not listen, it was trying to earn her attention by pulling her hair. A childish action, surely. She shifted her position and swung both her legs over the tower. She felt the odd compulsion to jump.

    Would angels come, and carry her across the vivid sky, into the white?

    Or let her drown?

    She smiled. She wouldn't drown, but it was amusing for her to contemplate the impossible.

    They all abandoned her a long time ago.
  3. "The crackling of broken branches echos through the forest, accompanied by grunts and thunderous thuds. At the focal point voices are heard, shouting attack and destroy him. The moonlit night gives way to a large shrouded figure, that moves swiftly through the trees like a tremendous wind."

    Thinking to myself, "Wherever I travel these huntsman follow, never giving way to just letting me be no matter how many I devastate. First, it was five and they multiplied over the years to where their numbers total thirty. I have been merciful in the past and given them chances to let me be. My warnings were never heeded so, tonight I leave none alive."

    As I ran, rolling my shoulders back and forth as I head towards the clearing in the waist deep grassy field, to give full vision to myself and my attackers. The leader exclaimed, "By the authority of the High Council of the Ashter Guild you have two choices Lakar; Give yourself up or die by our blades. Please choose the latter, my sword is beckoning to taste your blood."... with a smirk on his face. I stared at him with feral eyes that captured the heavens above, with a flare I remove my duster, revealing my twin blades. The mundane look of these swords receives a chuckle from the surrounding group.
    "What are you gonna do with those, pick our teeth to death?"... one of the men questions. I raised my blades above my head and as the clouds clear giving way to the moon, "Luna has blessed me with the Moon-silver Blade of the Clever Master.", I reply. With a kiss from the light of the moon these artifact weapons that disguise themselves as typical ones, transform into large glorious Moon-silver blades, having the measurement of 60 inches in length and 20 inches in width. These devices of terror are adorned with glowing light blue tribal runes and ivory sculptured handles with panther heads for pommels. I bring them down from above locking myself in a defensive stance awaiting their demise.

    The cool night breeze made its way through the tall grass, placing a calm over the field. Then the battle ensued, starting with my flank, they attacked. With a quick motion of my arm, I swung my left blade flat against my back, blocking the attack of six swords. I then maneuvered my right blade in that direction striking down five of the six and mortally wounding the remainder. As the sixth one fell, I followed him to the ground with a spinning flourish, my left blade pierced this wounded bag of bones. This act severed his ties to this realm and sent him on to the next. From behind I hear the leader yell out, "What are you waiting for? Get him!!!!". Turning towards the onslaught, I placed both swords into the ground and leaped over them, landing in front of the leader. As I landed I said to him, "Watch this." The sound of clanking chains slightly tingled in his ear, as they land with a lite blow. Crossing my arms across my chest, the end of the chains were connected to the pommels of my swords. With great viciousness, the twin blades sliced through each of the remaining twenty-three combatants. The whipping of the chains faced them for the edge of my giving creations. The pieces of the fallen pounded the earth with their blood and flesh. Standing in pure amazement at what had happen to his band of men, the leader was unable to move. "You will never see another day and you master will know I am not one to be trifled with." I confessed to him. With my blades coming nigh, I jumped in the air casting a shadow giving to me by the moon. The edges of my Moon-silver bladed reapers ended their path by stripping him off his mortal coil.

    Landing next to my duster, I pulled my blades to me and the chains dissipate. After earthing my swords, I placed my duster back on my frame. Walking through the field, I said to myself, "I will let the earth soak up this undying failure."
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  4. "Find her."

    The words, though simple, echoed through the great hall like the voice of a vengeful god. Strained with fury, deep with sorrow, and shouted at the top of his lungs, the king's orders left no doubt as to what he wanted. Asmodeus was a man who did not well tolerate incompetence or, heaven forbid, failure, and the fact that the light cavalry had so far been little more than useless in finding his daughter just made his blood boil.
    "Find her, damn you all. I don't care if you need a hundred search parties. I don't care if it drains all the gold in the treasury. I want her found five minutes ago," He continued, dropping back into the throne, weary and heartsore. The colonel in front of him bowed, sending a puff of dust from his dirty clothing, and turned smartly on his heel to leave. The knights were searching also, and the guardsmen he could spare, but the light cavalry were most of the horse he had on hand and supposed to be the swiftest force in the nation. Yet his daughter had not been seen since last night, and they had found nothing.
    "Sire... it could be our worst fears are true," A nobleman mentioned, only to receive an icy glare.
    "My daughter is no idiot. She will not cross into Asgaroth," he snapped, though in truth he did not know. Gods. Things had gone downhill, and he wasn't exactly sure why or how. She was rash, his sundrop was, but this was something else entirely.

    Something else entirely, coincidentally, was exactly what Sonnomaya was thinking as she stared across the border. Compared to the slightly rugged but beautiful Lurian landscape, the kingdom of demons was a wasteland. Every hundred paces, a waystone marked the border. The vegetation did not neatly stop right at the line, but existed in a strange limbo, neither dead or alive at the strange edge of the human world.
    Sonnomaya had been six when the treaty had been signed, standing in her little blue dress behind her father, sure to be still and quiet and on her very best behavior. Truth be told, she was always on her best behavior. Until now. Now she was furious, and gods knew she had her father's own temper. This was a stupid idea, and she knew it. But it was this or go back and face the music... the wedding music. If it was merely her father's wrath, she would return without issue. The disappointment of her mother didn't phase her, not for a moment. Even the thought of the light cavalry's reaction to her immature outburst didn't make her at all afraid.
    But a husband. No. That she would not stand for. She would take orders only from a man who was better than her, and none of those suitors qualified. She was smarter than any of them, better learned, well versed in the military sciences, and a fucking officer in the light cavalry. What did they have to that? Titles? Old blood? New money? A knighthood? No. She respected none of them, would bow to none of them, would marry none of them.
    She would honestly rather marry her horse. The beat was beautiful, anAkhal Teke as golden as a newly minted coin. She was the Sundrop, and he was her Galleon. A more swift and loyal horse had never been ridden, as far as she was concerned. Her light cavalry tack fit him perfectly, and when she nudged a gentle heel to his side, he stepped across the border with only a snort of disdain. He, like her, feared nothing. Not even the realm of demons.
  5. Elysium woke to the sound of shouts all down the hall of the shabby bunker. Kicking herself into gear she dressed into her tan leather and she snatched her blade to join the rush of her soilders. There was so much noise and it was beginning to annoy her, without a second thought she pulled her dagger from its place in her boot and slung it into the wall, her voice ripping over the din. "ATTENTION!" Almost every soul managed to freeze in place before snapping to order and attention. There were black circles under her eyes as she glared into her squad's eyes.

    "What in the FUCK are you all doing? Am I mistaken or is this a WARRIOR'S bunker and not some hen's coop?" The question was rhetorical of course but she was dying to have just one of them step out of line. Moments later she heard a sarcastic voice from the ranks. In a handful of seconds she had drawn her weapon and pointed it to the throat of a single brave soul. Looking down the length of her blade with cold grey eyes she growled. "What was that Lt.?" The man glared right back at her and spoke up. "It is a warrior's bunker. With a single hen." His voice was riddled with sarcasm and judgement. Bending her head forward she pressed her blade further to his throat, a slow laugh building in her chest. "Yes, you are absolutely right. Perhaps you should be removed from your rank Lt. Hen?" The man paled a bit, and realized she wasn't in the mood. This is what happened when Cpt. Elysium didn't get enough rest. A drop of blood clung to her black blade and shined in the gaslight.


    Elysium need not look up to see who's finger pushed down her blade. "General." With an expert flourish she sheathed her blade and clicked her heels together regarding the older man. "Clean it up. The princess." Elysium nodded firmly as he left her. Turning the opposite way, three soilders followed her the rest stood still until she was out of sight. "Lt. Hen" coughed and hacked until he was purple in the face. "She is a piece of work."
  6. The Queen's violet eyes opened to darkness. They flickered, adjusting within the mere second of awakening, and appeared to glow luminous within the dark region of her chambers, a shimmering light in a world of darkness. She blinked, thick black eyelashes fluttering with the refined elegance of a swan ruffling its magnificent feathers, glistening with the refreshing spray of a lake, only this time her porcelain cheeks were stained with tears. Thick, soft strands of black hair fell from their previous consolidated state within a regal top-bun, framing her sculpted face, but now her hair was tossed and frayed. Still fabulous, of course. She had slept. Despite the everlasting darkness that swarmed Asgaroth, tainted with the souls of the dead and the demonic figures who roam with no destination, it was hard to tell if light would ever spill in to their land. She didn't want it to. Darkness was her element. It kept her secure, in control of herself and those around her.

    It helped her protect her family.

    It was where she belonged.

    With a small moan, she rose from the bed. Sleep wasn't a necessary function she required to keep alive, (or dead) it was simply a refreshing pass time. Her son was out patrolling, as she assumed he would be. No idea where her husband was. Using the dark, rich velvet to cover her porcelain body, she padded softly to the door, pulling her hair out from its clasp as she did so. It tumbled definitely down her back, swishing with the hollow movement of her legs as she walked. She gently opened the large, iron-wrought door, groaning under its own weight, furious with her for being disturbed even in its old age. She glanced out into a dark and hollow corridor, finding it empty, not that she expected anything else. She was protected by the shadows. She closed the door with a metallic and arduous groan, but of course, even a door of its mass was nothing for a monster such as she. She padded towards the window, where violet light flooded into the shadows. Darkness. The feral squawking of the winged demons soaring through the sky, the white moon glaring down at her and drenching her snow-white skin with its pale light. Her ashen pink lips curved into a smile. She found this all bemusedly cathartic. She was no saint. She loved her land, the darkness was a safe place for them. As much as she could understand her husband's impatience, she was cautious, careful, and had plans for their land which involved everlasting peace. Peace, from them. Those bothersome humans. She wore a wicked smile with her beautiful facade. She turned from the large window, the velvet curling viciously at her feet as she turned with elegant force, dropping it at her ankles. She slowly began to change into her regular, formal attire.

    She sat at the window, her profile drenched in pale blue shadows, and absently began to re-arrange her waist length hair with a bemused expression on her face. A frivolous and vain pass time, perhaps, but she was killing time. She was certain a more amusing way to spend her time would certainly worm its way to her talon and fanged grasp. For now, however, she would marvel of at the barren beauty of her land.
  7. The King's eyes scanned his throne room, his cold eyes stared upon the demon that stood in front of him at his throne. The demon before him had been caught for an unforgivable thing, trying to steal from the King. It was treason, and Caim did not like that among his kin. Who even dared to go against him? They should all be scared of their king, they should all be cowering in fear of him. Oh, he did not show mercy to those who tried to steal from him. He finally stood, making his steps towards the demon who was quickly at his feet. The ruthless king had no patience for this behavior, as he was a ruthless man.

    "And you dare steal from me? Are you that bored of your life that you have to target me?" His voice was deep, twisted with a dark tone that sent most in fear of him. His voice was the commanding type, and it had been frightening if you heard it in the darkness.

    The demon didn't not look up at him, he just cowered in fear. Caim let out an amused chuckle, lifting the demon to his feet to look him straight in the eyes. He sneered at him before he thrust his other hand forward, going towards the demon's heart. In one fluid movement, he had impaled the demon's chest with his bare hand, breaking bones that protected it and ripped it out to squeeze it in his hand. The only noise that the demon made was a yell, and soon falling limp in the king's grasp.

    "Take this body away," Caim commanded, throwing the lifeless body to the ground.

    Little imp servants came to claim the body, carrying it to wherever they disposed of bodies. He watched as they took the demon away, seeing that they left a trail of his blood from when they dragged the body out. A smirk came across his lips, feeling satisfied for the moment. His blood lust had calmed for the moment, which would only come back within the time. Right now, he was okay, and now he requested for his wife. He had wiped the blood off from his hand with a cloth that a servant had brought to him, trying to look presentable to his wife if she were to walk into the throne room. Though, he knew that she would see the blood on the ground, and most likely say that he was up to no good.

    For now he waited for her arrival.
  8. Elspa calmly brushed through her hair with her glass nails, eyes vacant, mouth slightly ajar. The only thing worth remarking about this land, was that it would never change. She had seen many kingdoms wither and die slowly with time, whether it be due to war, or simply the kingdoms' own incompetence. She had been wandering the world for quite some time, she had seen all she needed to. Luckily, she didn't look as old as she felt. The fate of their land had been passing through her mind, like a lucid dream she couldn't quite wake up from, even if she could control herself and everything in it. Trapped wouldn't be the word she'd use, even though it would explain it best of all. Were the demons, this kingdom, trapped? Inevitably to be enslaved by humans? No, no. Another smile tugged forcefully on her lips, she was feeling bitter, yet unceremoniously calm. Perhaps the signal before a storm. A tempestuous one. Her sharp violet eyes pierced through the glass separating her and the outside world, she could see her eyes reflected prominently on the pale blue shadow, oddly enough, nothing else.

    A timid knock cracked the serenity of the darkness, she craned her neck ever so slightly towards the door as to spot them once they entered. "Yes?" She asked firmly, and her response was met with the screeching groan of the metal door. "Pardon, my lady, but the King requires your presence in the throne room." One slim black eyebrow rose, and she smiled. Genuinely this time. She didn't say anything, but she saw his eyes widen as he wavered back from the door ever so slightly, causing her to smile. She nodded to him, standing up from the window, a trail of black hair cascading behind her. "Yes, thank you." The servant blinked, nodded politely, and left the room, leaving the door open behind him as he scurried down the corridor and into dark abyss. She turned towards the window once more, and was met with vibrant purple eyes glaring back at her. An intense gaze, she had. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why the fear was instilled in others quite deeply.

    She walked silently to the throne room, the gentle clap of her shoes reverberating throughout the empty halls, a silent echo left behind. Shadows scattered at her feet, scurrying away from her. After a few minutes, she reached the throne room. With one hand, she pushed open one of the iron-wrought doors similar to the others throughout the castle, nailed with thick, black iron bars. She entered into the throne room, closing the door behind her. Her eyes immediately locked with the demon before her, the one she loved, her husband. She smiled softly, but her eyes deceived her lips; for they were vivid and lively. Her eyes moved from him to observe the blood that was splattered all over the floor. Her eyebrow raised, her eyes swiveled to Caim's, the faintest glimmer of mischief visible under the pale light. "Now now, dear, I thought I told you, not in the throne room?" Her face took on a solemn edge, her pale lips molded into a dainty pout. "I doubt the blood will come out, it seldom does." She seemed more dejected by this fact, rather than what occurred to put it there in the first place. Regardless, a smile found its way to her lips, as she approached her husband and kissed him softly on his cheek. "What happened here?" She asked calmly yet firmly, her eyes surveying the blood once more. It took her a while to become accustomed to her husband's style of doing things, for she wasn't nearly as ruthless without good reason. She couldn't speak for herself, having essentially no morality of her own, she was simply a much calmer and pragmatic spectacle than her bloodthirsty husband. She was good for him, the way she seen it, without her, god knows what would have happened Asgaroth. It seemed he had called her for a reason, but she was curious first of all of the events that transpired within the throne room, however minor they might have been. She was intent on keeping a close eye.
  9. "We are lost aren't we?" Sylvienne glared at the back or Aaron while asking the question seeing his shoulders rise as he got chills from feeling the cold anger from her.

    "hehe now now being lost presumes that we have a set goal an.."

    Sylvienne stopped and took a deep breath
    "the set goal was home as in where you live. To for once allow me to get a nice hot bath and food as in not weird critters found and grilled over open fire without a single trace of spices!!"
    Falling to her knees. The fairy girl wailed "AAh why do i keep following you around i only end up like this. lost in the woods like some animal where's my hot bath? Where is the bed and books!!"

    "oh hey look isn't that the border to the demon kingdom?" Aaron said having climbed up a small hill

    The fairy girl stopped wayling "you aren't even listening to me" She said with a pout and tear filled eyes. She then stood up with a distressed expression on her face "wait Demons? So we are in a worse position than lost?!"
  10. "Which teams have not left yet?" The king asked after a moment, weary.
    "Ah, Party Bravo, under the supervision of Captain Elysium Silver, your grace," His steward replied after a moment, brow creasing. "Do you have need of them?"
    "Bring the captain in. We have enough teams searching the... obvious places," Asmodeus mused, "I would have at least one team checking to ensue our worst fears have not been realized. Yes, send her in, and quickly. I want my daughter found... or, at least, her trail." Leaning back in his throne, the aging monarch rubbed at his temples and idly scratched at the stubble along his jaw. Gods, he felt old. Too old for this, to be sure. He had not nearly given his life for peace only to have his daughter ruin it all in a fit of pique. He now counted it as a blessing that Caim had a rebellious and troublesome child as well. If there was to be any sort of understanding between their peoples, it must be over the matter of children.

    Meanwhile, Maya had urged Galleon into a light, ground-eating canter, following what might once have been a road. She saw piles of stones that might have been waypoints or cairns, and rotting posts that might once have sported signs... or severed heads, if rumors of the tactics used by demons in the war were to be believed.
    She had been six when the treaty was signed, so she had few enough memories of the war, but demons had been regular visitors to court. Some came for trade, others as emissaries of their monarchy, a few seeking refuge within her father's graces. A strange folk, stupid in spite of their long lives, but not that different from humanity. Though some were powerful, the success of humanity in the war went to show that their sense of superiority was greatly inflated.
    Still, she did not fancy meeting one in violence, so she kept her sabre sheathed and rode along in a open, non-threatening way, wondering when she would actually get to see one of the inhabitants of this strange and barren land.
  11. The air seemed to be still in the dark forest after the removal of the pesky demon. Kaine wasn't pleased, not even a little. No trouble was spotted, nor heard. However, he heard something in the distance that caught his attention. The sound of a horse's hooves came to his ears, making his body tense. Wind carried the scent of the human that was a companion, making his skin almost crawl. Who would dare travel alone through the forest? Foolish, he thought as a small smirk came to his lips. No mortal was safe when they crossed the border without proper paperwork.

    He walked through the forest, cutting through some trees as he followed where the sound was coming from. His eyes saw the horse, and he had gripped onto the hilt of his sword. No, he wasn't going to kill this mortal just yet. No unnecessary mortal bloodshed was going to come to start another war. That was crazy. His father would love a war, he was already prepared for one. Caim was always so anxious because he was bored being in peace.

    Kaine stepped up onto the road, his hand held up to halt the one on the horse. "Is there a specific reason as to why you are on my land, mortal?" His voice was deep, and it sounded threatening. "Or should I kill you for disobeying rules? You are on my land now, and I may do as I please."

    When he took a closer look at the rider, he was slightly surprised to see a woman. Then what amused him, he noticed who she was. He knew how important she was. Why was she here? Why did she disobey her family's treaty?


    The King looked at his Queen as she entered the throne room, a wide grin spread across his features. Caim welcomed her in with opened arms, and chuckled at her questions. He allowed her to place a kiss on his cheek, and his eyes glanced down at the blood that was splattered across the ground. A small smirk came to his lips, unafraid of what his wife would think of what he had done. He did the bloodshed to satisfy himself, as well as did it for justice. For now, it just calmed his blood lust. "Oh, my dear, someone tried to steal from me," he told her, "And no one steals from me."

    A servant that was in the room held the item that the demon tried to steal. A dagger that had black gems embedded in it's sheath. The dagger itself was made of the finest iron, curved slightly like a hook. It was gift that had been passed down to many of Asgaroth's kings, and Caim was planning to keep it until he died. Even if Caim's father gave it to him before he passed away, he still didn't want to give his own son the dagger. It showed that he was willing to give the throne away, which he was not.

    "Perhaps everyone is just finding this peace boring," he mentioned, grabbing the dagger and looking at it thoroughly. "Restless a lot of them are. They want trouble, my love, they want to do something. They can't do anything if they are stuck behind borders when we used to roam so freely. You must remember how ruthless us demons are, my dear, we never wanted this cage." He handed the dagger back to the servant, letting out a small sigh as he looked upon his wife. Elspa was simply gorgeous to him.

    "But I did it for you," he added. "All of this is to keep you happy with me."
  12. Tick tock, your majesty.
    ris stalked the brightly lit halls of the castle, silver hair sweeping around her like a vail as she moved with light-footfalls with a particular destination in mind. She had heard the commotion that had started the night before, the young princess having darted off into the night, with no real destination in mind? A smile crept onto her lips. Surely she knows where she's going. A bullet head, yes, but she certainly hoped the young girl wasn't stupid. Where else could she really go? She wasn't even sure why the young princess had departed in such a hurry, but she supposed the reason rested far beyond the mind of the mortals. They just wanted her found, which seemed to be the top priority.


    The Queen noticed her husband's smile, it was pure satisfaction with his actions. Despite it, it made her smile, even just seeing him do so. It felt contagious, a plague she was more than happy to let swallow her. When he began to explain what happened, she nodded softly. Understandable, surely. He preferred to take justice into his own hands, and elicit the punishment he seen fit. She glanced down at the item the thief supposedly tried to steal. Ah, she recognized it. She understood it as something very important to Caim, but she questioned it no further. She understood his motivation, it was such passion that made her empathetic, if nothing else. She watched him take the dagger in his hands, and watched it as he spoke. He was speaking of peace, the treaty. She recognized his dissatisfaction, but she could also see the unrest it was causing upon the hell that stalked the land. She nodded sympathetically, lifting her gaze from the dagger to her husband, her eyes burning through his. She touched his hand gently. "My love," she began softly, casting her gaze to the window, her thoughts and feelings from before coming rushing back in one fatal strike. She felt just as bitter forcing her kind behind a chained gate, forced to rattle and shake the chains of their contempt behind a closed door. "I know. It's all so unfortunate, I see how the demons suffer. You know I mean not to restrict you to such a cage," her voice took on a harsher tone, she removed her hand and place it atop of her other one in front of her. "You know its what's best. One day, we'll claim what's ours. We will be free again." Her voice lowered, she softened her gaze. "I know you mean to make me happy, but this is better for us all in the end, I promise you." The firmness of her voice conflicted with the gentle pleading of her eyes. To prevent betraying herself any further, she turned her gaze from him and faced the doors. "Patience, my love, all will be better soon."
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  13. "Elysium."

    The steel eyed woman ignored the lieutenant and continued to sharpen her blade, trying to find her center in the violence of the steel. All sirens had been set off in the kingdom, and the monarch upon the throne would more than likely be calling her to him at any given time.


    Still ignoring the man she stopped the grinder and grabbed a scrap of silk to begin shining her blade. She couldn't stand when people just called her name without explaining themselves. If they had something so important to say they should just be out with it. Not continue to call her name. All her men knew that if she did not find something worth her time, then more than likely she wouldn't pursue or listen any longer. Lt. Farron stomped up to her and grabbed her hand, "Elysium. You have been summoned to court." With a gentle gripping of his wrist, she dug her fingers into the major nerve ending, freezing him to his place. "Lt. Farron. Did you have any direct orders that would result in you touching me?" A shake of the head. "I am Captain of this squad, and you will treat me as such. You say your piece and stay momentarily only if I ask." Flicking her wrist she turned his arm in an unnatural way, causing him to complain in uncomfort. "Do you understand?" Lt. Farron glared at her before speaking. "Yes Cpt. Silver, I understand." Holding him a moment longer she released him only when she felt it necessary. Waving him away she sheathed her freshly sharpened weapon and left the armory.

    The steward stood waiting with a arrogant castle guard who glared at her. Most of the royal guard hated her because of the incident from so many years ago. Ignoring the massive man she turned to the Steward. "I was summoned." The steward looked her up and down, she could smell what he was thinking. 5"6 with a single blade and no armor? What was his majesty thinking? "You, are Cpt. Silver?" Elysium just stared at him. Swallowing uncomfortably he turned and began walking. Elysium followed, her hand on the hilt of her blade.

    The giant double doors opened to reveal the throne room, on which the old king sat. The steward nor guard bowed, but Elysium did. Kneeling before the king, deeply and humbly she spoke. "Your majesty." Elysium stayed upon her knee. In normal circumstances she would have asked what he needed. But both of them already knew what was going to be asked of her. The Princess had run, the rest of teams had already been placed on scouting the obvious areas. Elysium, she would be the blood hound after the Princess' scent. Even though no one realized, her skills in tracking went unmatched. But no one wanted to be personally involved with finding the headstrong girl, no matter how much honor.
  14. Her horse snorted, his blue eyes rolling at the scent of a predator as the demon closed in on them. When he held up a hand the gelding danced onto his back hooves, threatening to rear and run. The princess forced him down with a sharp word and her hands rested firmly on his neck, fearless and in complete control, as always
    "Coincidentally, doing as one pleases is precisely why I am here, prince Kaine," She greeted him politely, the sight of his face familiar, though more from the picture kept in an old corridor than any memory. "I am here... diplomatically. I seek refuge. Amnesty, perhaps. I would love to tell you the whole story, but I've come a very long way and it is quite a long tale. Suffice to say, I am here not as an agent of my father, but as a free individual seeking the stronghold of freedoms I have heard tell are present in your fine kingdom." When it came right down to it, she could be charming, giving him not a saccharine smile but a straight and honest face, not letting herself appear anything but supremely confident.
    This prince was what, six hundred? Unwed, allowed to lead his own force, independent from the influence from his father by all stories. He would understand her plight, of that she was fairly confident. And his father, the esteemed king? He may be violent, perhaps even cruel, but he was no fool. The moment she stepped foot over his border, he gained a considerable amount of power, but if she was harmed or uncooperative with him, that power would decrease tremendously. For the power she held, if nothing else, she was quite sure he would not dare have her come to harm.

    Back in the throne room, her father watched Elysium through weary eyes. Was this the bloodhound he had been told so much of? She didn't look like much. He had probably seen her before, but he had seen so many young officers... had watched so many perish, some in his arms, some just in his eyes. All in his memory. All in his heart. Women died the same as men, children the same as adults, the best and bravest same as the cravens and weak. He hoped that she would return from this mission and he would not have yet more blood on his hands.
    "Rise, Captain," He bid her after a moment, glancing coldly at his steward as he heard something mumbled to the effect of preferred the bitch on her knees.
    "You know why you are here. My daughter has gone, taking her horse and her gear. Other teams are already sweeping every corner of the kingdom." For a moment, he lapsed into silence. Then, reluctantly, "But she may not be within our kingdom. Asgaroth seems an unlikely place for her, yet I cannot rule it out as a possibility. Do not cross the border unless you have sight of my daughter, alive. If you encounter a party of Asgaroth, ask them for safe passage, but do not risk war." He had ended the war for her... for her, and for others. He could not justify starting it again, though his heart broke at the thought of his daughter there, helpless without him. Six-and-twenty she may be, but he still remembered bouncing her on his knee, still remembered when she had been so small she could only ride ponies on her own, still remembered the hip-high terror of the castle's cats and hounds.
    Abandoning her broke him, but a war would break the entire kingdom.

  15. ---
    Peering through the fields of violence left behind, I come upon a hill that overshadows one land and gives light to the other. Ah the desolate land of the Demons and the flourishing land of the Humans. The line that parts them, each land beckoning the other to come closer. The smell that enters the air is that of a powder keg readying to explode. The body's of the ones whom walk these lands, making the ground thirsty for their blood. Let's see what I can do about this. The bringing together of these two old enemies shall be a golden triumph for Luna and myself. But where to start? Just then I see two sides just beginning to clash, the fates have called them and they answered. I walked down from my precipice and headed towards the forest. I knew not what awaited me there but I was sure that it would only be the beginning of a journey well spent.

    The border seem to distance itself from me and my line of sight. I came across a road, that had not been used in decades, this would be my path. As I trudged along the path, the smell of death coursed through my senses like a rushing wind. I then hear voices in the foreground, I approached cautiously trying to keep my wits about me.

    It's the Demon Prince Kaine and the Human Princess Sonnomaya, I sat and listened.
  16. Obediently, Elysium rose to stand. Her fingers twitching when she heard the Steward's words, a flash of slicing his throat flashing through her mind. The hilt became warm as her anger reared up, but cooled once she got a manage on her emotion. With a expressionless face she listened, not nodding or showing any sign that she understood. Through her years in the military she realized that men rather this from a woman who may be stronger then them. Pride never allowed a woman to shine brighter. When he finished she simply replied, "Understood." before turning and leaving. She did not need to be told to left, she was not a fan of ceremonious departures. She had a job and she was going to complete it or die at the blade of the enemy. Elysium did not fear death, how could one fear it when her entire life had revolved around vengeance and blood now. It had made her a monster.

    "Captain, are you in need of any assistance?"

    Pulling the saddle strap firmly around the belly of the magnificent beast she called Abaddon, she sighed softly. She need not turn around to know that Felix stood behind her, supplies in hand. Turning she patted the rear of Abaddon and regarded her admirer. "Felix... this is a one man job. As much as I would love to have your company on this excursion, its not in my place to invite you." Her tone was deadpan and professionally cold as always. Always business with her. Felix nodded looking a bit down as he turned around, blade dragging. Shaking her head she ran her fingers through the black Arabian's mane.

    Mounting the tall horse was surprisingly easy for the petite woman, the horse snorted as she kicked him into a walk. And so she set off directly to the border of Asgaroth. The princess was headstrong and naive. Nothing her father knew about her, after all Elysium had been a foolish girl once as well.
  17. - "Relax i don't notice any demons around nor does the bracelet so we are okay. And even if they where close they can't cross the border here."
    Aaron pointed down towards a point as he said it. To show Sylvienne the human border markers.
    - "See not lost just moving around. We get home when we get home. I mean wasn't that waterfall with the sunset yesterday magnificient?"
    Aaron pated Sylvienne on the shoulder and started walking down hill towards the road. The steep side of the hill slowed his decent, but as he reached further down he stopped slidding in the loose dirt and moss.

    - "I could use your good vision right now Sylvienne the bracelet just turned warm."
    Aaron looked up at the fairy with a frown. Who ever it was emiting the energy that person was strong. Or carried powerful weapons. For now it was better to take it slow and easy. He could still remember the warning from the elves before that the demons where restless. But still who was it there close to the border that emited this power. He had the memory of who i was on the demons side that patroled the border that had power but he couldn't remember.

    - "Aaron no we can't go near the border, that demon will sense me from far away im not practiced well in my peoples power to conceal them properly."
    The Fairy girl slowly worked her way down and gratefully acceppted the young man's helping hand as she reache down to him. She knew that face he showed at the moment. He was curious but also worried. Meaning he had a bad feeling about what this power meant or knew what it was. Giving him a nudge she got them both moving down to the road togheter and there Aaron stopped again deep in thought, looking in the direction of the border.

    "I think we should have a look. I know how dramatic you fairy's can be so the tales and talks you have heard might be exagerated of the agressivness between fairies and demons" Aaron turn towards Sylvienne with a smile
    "Trust me and trust your own abilities i know we can handle a pesky litlte demon with the stuff and experiences we carry"
  18. Leia

    Leia yawned, sat lazily within a branch of a tree that neared the border. To say the least, she hated watching the border above everything else. How she came to gain this position had slowly became a shrouded mystery for the female demon who became a beast so easily. She ran her tongue against her lips, brushing against the sharp canine like teeth set behind them as she turned to look at the invisible divide between both this kingdom and the other. "How boring...Peace..." She mumbled in a quiet tone, running her hand through the blood coloured locks. Being a Lieutenant had some perks she guessed but other than that she was often bored and boredom was a terrible thing for the blood loving girl.

    Carefully, she shifted on the branch so her legs swayed off the side, her eyes set on the ground as she quickly fell. Her descent was quick but that meant it was only a few moments later that she was walking off from her previous spot, arms folded across her torso as red irises glowed with irritation. She wore a long red and black silk dress, reaching the floor along with a silk white material wrapped around it, barely touching the floor as it was tied around her waist. It was odd, she would normally wear armor or some uniform that would protect her but since she rarely did fight within this form it was unnecessary.

    Thinking back, Leia was trying to confirm where she had left her current reading material. It was important! She loved that book dearly, mostly hiding it within her barracks as few dared enter there anyway but lately it had...vanished. She was curious to who would mess with her, mostly since she found terrorizing the lower ranks amusing and she doubted someone with a higher rank even knew about it. "I must have misplaced it." She added, nodding her head as she looked around, checking once more that there was nothing odd occurring before she continued to walk.

    She continued her useless rambling about the old and tattered tactics book, occasionally pouting before she tried to ignore the very thought of it being gone permanently. To be honest, she doubted anything exciting or remotely interesting would occur on this duty and was quite irritated at the time it took for her turn to be over! "I should of made that pipsqueak flame guy do my duty to day..." She mused, scratching her cheek idly as she approached a new area. "At least I could have done something that did not drag me to the depths of boredom." Pausing, she groaned. "I have not seen one demon that I can kill! How cruel is that!" By now, Leia was just complaining about the lack of activity.

    She stopped.

    Her eyes widened when she noticed something. Prince Kaine...and a mortal? Curious to this the girl took only a few silent steps forwards before she pressed her hand against the tree, raising a brow. 'Why is a mortal here?' That was the last thing she ever expected since the war had ended. Lightly, she hummed, a sign of her curiousity as she was otherwise silent. She would not interrupt this scene, mostly since it could be seen as disrespectful so she would wait, trying to work out what would drive a mortal to escape to these lands.

    'Maybe shes insane...'
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