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  1. Anyone else playing the awesome that is Splatoon?
    If you are we should play together. You can add Egolegume.
  2. No, but I want to; however I don't have the 60 or so dollars to spend on a new game.
  3. I don't think adding anyone as a friend is going to help. There's no way to join friends in match making and there's no party system or voice chat.
  4. Nah. Was kinda excited to play it and whatnot. My wife especially since she thought it was adorable.

    Then we found out the single player was pretty short and underwhelming and most of the gameplay is around online multiplayer which I doubt will last all that long (a few months maybe?)
  5. There is an entire big old box you click to join a friend in a match.
  6. Talk about negative nancy shitting on my parade.
  7. How is it negative? The trend of multiplayer centric games isn't going to end with a single new ip.

    It still looks cute and fun. But by time we put the money down and get it the community will have shrunk.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.