Spirits, ghosts, and hauntings.

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    Sierra Morits stared out her window at the huge city. It was a cloudy day and it was getting dark, so all the lights were on in every building.
    "Wow, this place is awesome, dad!" She called out, looking around.
    Her dad laughed quietly from the front seat, and her mother ignored her as usual and continued typing on her BlackBerry.

    Sierra was honestly excited about this, moving to Tokyo, Japan, and leaving her old life behind.
    She'd miss her friends, the few she had, but nothing had really been the same since her best friend, Emily, killed herself last Summer.
    She'd floated from group to group, never really fitting in anywhere.
    Everyone constantly asked her q[SIZE=4]uestion[SIZE=4]s about Emily[SIZE=4], no one really wanted to know Sierra.
    So in the end, it was a good thing to be moving.
    She had even learned a small bit of J[SIZE=4]apanese so she could at least [SIZE=4]speak a bit.
    She'd be taking classes with a private tutor here[SIZE=4] in J[SIZE=4]apan[SIZE=4] starting Monday.

    Her fa[SIZE=4]ther had gotten [SIZE=4]offered a better position here, so he'd taken it, and the only one who was upset was her mother, who had a[SIZE=4] ton of friends and was involved [SIZE=4]in so many [SIZE=4]clubs and such that she felt like she was leav[SIZE=4]ing so[SIZE=4]mething good behind.
    But Sierra knew she'd find something else to do h[SIZE=4]ere, while she continued to ignore her one and only daughter.
    Sierra had an older[SIZE=4] brother, Drake, but he was away right now.
    He was in t[SIZE=4]he army, and they didn't speak[SIZE=4]. Sierra was angry at him for leaving her, and for fighting for a country that didn't care about him, what if he died?
    She sighed loudly and her mother glared at her.

    "D[SIZE=4]on't [SIZE=4]think you're changing [SIZE=4]your mind about be[SIZE=4]ing here. You wanted to come here, so [SIZE=4]you're staying, even if you[SIZE=4]r father and I leave."
    She laughed cr[SIZE=4]uelly.
    Sierra's father said nothing, as usual.

    Finally, after an hour or so of dri[SIZE=4]ving a[SIZE=4]nd getting lost, they found their new house.
    It was [SIZE=4]an older style house, set in th[SIZE=4]e back of the city.
    It stood dark and lonely behind a stone fence and a[SIZE=4]n iron [SIZE=4]gate.
    "Here we are, darling!" Her father called out[SIZE=4], helping her mom out of the car.
    "Eh, I guess it'll do. I'[SIZE=4]ll have to redecorate."
    Sierra's mo[SIZE=4]ther said[SIZE=4], sni[SIZE=4]ffing the air.

    Sierra herself [SIZE=4]got ch[SIZE=4]ills just looking at the house, it seemed like it was glaring at her.

    They'd had the movers bring everything in, so [SIZE=4]all the[SIZE=4]y had to do was unpack.
    It was a bit late to do it tonight[SIZE=4], however, so [SIZE=4]Sierra la[SIZE=4]id down on her blankets on the floor an[SIZE=4]d fell asleep quickly.

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    Reimi Arai shut her eyes. Tight. But it didn't help. It never helped. "It" would always just follow her into her mind and leave her screaming with her eyes wide open. This time it's face didn't come though. Just it's voice. Fading in and out. The words she could barely understand, not that she wanted to.

    "You.....bastard...........she hates......I....GET OUT!!!"

    It was gone. Reimi opened her eyes slowly, half expecting to see it standing in front of her, but saw nothing but her bedroom. Sighing, she sat up in her bed and thought about her situation. It seemed like the hallucinations were becoming worse in the past 3 days even though she had just started taking the new medication 2 weeks ago. She knew she couldn't hide it from her parents for long. First she would hear things, then see things, then the screaming at night, in the day, the isolation from everyone.......then the cutting would start. The 17-year-old looked around and caught a glimpse of a face in the mirror. Her own. She was still pretty, but she didn't look the same anymore. Her eyes were missing that light they used to hold and her beautiful smile was now nonexistent. When she did smile it was forced and awkward.

    She hadn't always been like this though. 2 years ago, she wasn't popular, but she had a lot of friends. She was smart and taking extra advanced classes as well as a lot of extracurricular activities. Her parents were proud of their only daughter and were saving up a ton of money to send her to an Ivy League college in America. She was even thinking of moving there for good........with Shinichi..... Reimi's heart tugged when she thought of her ex-boyfriend. They had been together for so long and were so in love, but when the hallucinations started and Reimi began to change, he couldn't take it anymore. It was too much for him. And they broke up. She hated herself ever since and the hallucinations even more, but it seemed like there was nothing she could do to make them go away and get back to her old life. At this rate, she would be "The Freak" for the rest of her life. The doctor called it paranoid schizophrenia, but she wasn't sure what she had anymore..... In a few days she would be going to school for the first time in months, and even though she knew what to expect, she didn't know if she could handle everyone's distant behavior anymore. Suddenly she could hear herself beginning to hyperventilate. "Oh...no....I....I gotta get out of here!" she exclaimed, running out of the house. "It" was coming again.
  3. Sierra woke early the next morning, and yawned, still sleepy.
    She walked downstairs and looked out the front door- a girl was walking by her fence.
    Smiling, she walked outside, raised her hand in a wave and called out.
    "Ohayoo gozaimasu!!"
    She was saying "Good Morning" in Japanese, hoping that this girl understood her.
    She wasn't very good at Japanese yet.

  4. Reimi walked down the street quickly with her head down. A few people were outside their houses, but it was overall quiet since it was still early in the morning. None of them payed any attention to her as she passed by, and she wasn't paying any attention to them either. She just focused on walking. Putting one foot in front of the other till she calmed down. Why can't I just be normal anymore? she thought. It's like this only started because of--- No. Reimi shook her head fiercely. That had nothing to do with it. Looking around, she began to slow her pace. Where was she? There seemed to be fewer houses the farther she walked. And why did this place seem suddenly familiar?

    "Ohayoo gozaimasu!!" someone called.

    Reimi turned toward the sound and looked up at the house. At first, she payed no attention to the girl in the front door. Had she been here before? She tried to remember but it seemed as if something was blocking it, pushing it back deep into her mind.....
  5. Sierra noticed the girl pause, so she walked down the steps to the gate.
    "Hello! How are you?" She asked, in her best Japanese. It wasn't that good, but she hoped she was understood.
    Maybe the girl spoke English. That would be great.