Spirited Away Hearts

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    Chihiro felt her very soul leave her body, it was almost as if she were floating. All she could see was white, nothing was heard. She couldn't even reach out, it felt as if her arms and feet were tied down....But than she heard a noise....

    .....What was that....?

    She listened carefully...Was that? It sounded like...Water?

    Yes...It was water. But water from what? She felt her fingers tingle, beginning to feel. Her vision slowly returned and she found herself staring at an orange ceiling. She felt a pillow underneath her head, her long brown hair piled underneath it.

    She blinked, slowly turning her head to see she was laying in what appeared to be a small bedroom with a dresser. A large mirror stood attached to the dresser, Chihiro slowly pushed herself up, feeling her hair rest against her back.

    ....What happened?

    She swung her feet over the bed, looking down at her bare feet. She stared down at them as if they were foreign objects before she wiggled her toes and placed them on the floor. She rose cautiously as if she were afraid to fall, she felt so light. She took a few steps, looking down again to stare at her hands. Narrowing her eyebrows, she too stared at them. Seeing the wooden floor through them, she was see through?

    She glanced to the side, feeling deju vu. Did this happen before? She dropped her arms, continuing to the mirror. Her eyes going wide at the sight of herself, she looked like she was sixteen. Her cheeks still rosey and her hair hung loosely. She was wearing an oversized white shirt with a green trim, her legs covered in tight pink panty hoes.

    She let out a yelp as she was suddenly thrown forward, her chest hit the dresser before she stumbled back. Falling square on her butt, she let out another yelp. Feeling the pain shoot up her spine before she managed to get up. Rubbing her now sore butt, she turned to the door. Where was she?

    She walked over and opened the door, peering down the hallways she saw all the doors open all at once "Huh?" She mumbed, watching these shadowed things come out of the rooms. Walking down the length of the hallway, Chihiro looked back and forth before she followed the others down the hallway.

    She looked up, seeing a town. She tilted her head, memories slowly flowing back into her mind. The Spirit World? She found herself stepping down the boat ramp and walking through the familiar town, the smell of food filling her nostrils. Was Yubaba around? Chihiro wasn't sure why or how she was back but she couldn't wait to see Lin, Haku, No Face, and the Boiler man.

    She came to the small clearing that led to the Bathhouse. She smiled brightly, seeing the familar red bridge appear. One of the frogs spotted her and looked rather surprised "Sen? Sen is that you?" She blinked, oh yeah. She had almost forgot her name was Sen here, she smiled "Yup it's me" She watched the frog smile with joy before he grabbed her hand "Come we must tell everyone!" She found herself being pulled, running across the bridge and into the bathhouse.

    The frog man screaming that Chihiro was back, she watched a crowd of people appear and begin to greet her. She let out a laugh, happily greeting them all back. Her eyes scanning the area for any more familiar faces.
  2. No face was among the shadows, an invisible one but among them, he appeared when he heard the news of Sen and was determined to find the girl. He went back to invisible and started moving among the crowd looking for the girl that h thought of as a friend. A smile hidden under his mask as he moved among the crowd trying to find the girl known as Sen. Haku must be happy to see her here again but probably not as happy as no face. He had came to drop off something for Yubaba's son.
  3. Chihiro smiled, having just finished greeting Lin and Haku. She looked around, the crowd slowly disappeared. Though there was talk about throwing a party to celebrate the return of Sen, she looked around. It felt like forever since she had been here and she decided to explore the tubs, she chuckled at the memory of her first day on the job and how she had such trouble with filling the rather large tub with water. Not to mention the stink spirit but that was all in the past now, she walked along. Glancing into the rooms to see the workers washing and taking care of the other spirits. She slowed her pace and looked into one of the rooms with a large tub that looked similar to the one she had trouble with, she tilted her head and walked into the room. The floor was slightly dirty but other than that it didn't look too bad. She continued on, remembering she would need a bath token to start the water. She wondered if she could get one to try and relive old times but than again Yubaba would probably have a fit. She did wonder what the old witch would think of her returning to the spirit world, not to mention where was her old friend no face. The two had a little adventure together before she left and she wondered if the spirit even remembered her.
  4. No face appeared in front of her holding his hands out full of the bath tokens just like the first time he tried to get her to be his friend, "uh." He says, his mask now having a really well painted smile on it then just a plain blob. He pushed the tokens towards staring at her from behind the mask. He wondered how she would feel to know that he had his own face now and that he could actually talk? But at the moment he was too shy to say anything other than uh and ah.
  5. Chihiro let out a gasp, not expecting the No Face to suddenly show up but than again he was known for being rather shy. She took a moment to look at him as if she were taking in every detail, she noticed his mask was different than how it was before. Did she help him do that? Her eyes grazed to the bath tokens he held in his hands and a small smile played across her lips "Thank you" She said happily, taking them all carefully before she walked to the wall with the hidden door and struggled to open up but not as much as a struggle as she did the first time. Once it was open, she placed the bath tokens down. Grabbing one, she carefully placed it on the hook and pulled it. Watching as it disappeared before the wall came out with the rope she was to pull to start the water. She smiled at No Face again as she walked over to the bath tub and climbed it to pull on the rope. Careful to keep her balance as the bathtub was filled, the strange scent filled her nose before she turned to look at No Face. The smile still on her face "Do you want a bath?" She questioned, giving a quiet giggle. She wasn't sure what the other wanted, sometimes it was hard because he didn't talk that often but Chihiro enjoyed his company none the less.
  6. He blinks and glances around before nodding, "Ah." He moved over to the bath looking at it before getting in wondering if it would really be alright to take a bath. He looks up at the young girl, the smile under the mask growing bigger from happiness at being with the girl once more. "Bath," he said quietly, almost like a soft squeak. He wanted a bath, he enjoyed baths and it must be better to get one from Chihiro then it was to get on from anywhere else.
  7. Chihiro watched No Face as he approached the bath, tilting his head as he looked at it. Was he deciding weather or not to get in? She paused when he looked up at her and shyly waved as if she were saying hello to him, the smile on her face was still present before she let out a giggle "Yes I made a bath for you" She said, stepping down from the tub with ease. Though she made sure to shut the water off first before she looked at No Face again "Get in if you want, it's okay" She said, remembering the other needed to be talked to rather softly and kindly. Chihiro thought of him as a gentle soul despite what he did the first time she was here but she learned to forgive him and become friends. She was very grateful she had met No Face to be honest, without him she probably wouldn't have had the courage to go visit Yubaba's sister. She wondered if he knew that but as she remembered No Face was staying with Yubaba's sister, didn't something happen? She wouldn't mind visiting Granny again and wondered the woman remembered her.
  8. No face watched her before getting in the tub carefully watching her calmly. He was still worried that she wouldn't like him because of what he did the first time they met even though Chihiro and Yubaba's sister helped him become the man he was today. "Ch-chih-Chihiro," he muttered softly.
  9. Chihiro smiled, watching how the water rippled when No Face climbed inside. She couldn't remember if she had taken a bath during her stay but she did recall how much rain had fell during her stay, the land turned into sea in her opinion. Her thoughts were shattered when she heard her name and turned to look at No Face "Yes?" She said softly, wondering what the other wanted.
  10. "Uh..." He looks away flushing under the masks dunking under the water making sure his mask stayed in place a bit scarred at talking to his crush, just like every guy was. What would he even say? He's glad she's back? Glad that she remembered him? He blew some bubbles in the water wondering what to do about her. He pops back up and looks at her still red under the mask of him.
  11. Chihiro looked at him strangely, wasn't he going to say something? She knew how shy he was but still, she couldn't help but giggle when he began to hide under the water. She could see the bubbles he was blowing and giggled louder before he popped back up, she tried controlling her laughter before she looked at him with a smile "Why are you so shy? It's okay but I won't make fun of you or anything in fact I would like to catch up. How is Granny? I thought you were supposed to be staying with her?" Unfortunately Chihiro had lots the special hair band they had made her years and years ago but she still remembered the day they gave it to her as if it were yesterday and she wished she could get it back. She would cherish it regardless but maybe she could get them to make her a new one, she knew No Face was talented enough for that. She continued to stare at him, still wearing a gentle smile as she awaited for him to respond.
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