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  1. Spiral Serpent: Voyage Delirium


    Deep within the Black Eye Galaxy, the universe’s most vile criminals are held in the Spiral Serpent, an asylum and prison spaceship. Only the most renowned soldiers in the Universe are in charge of overseeing the ship and inmates. The system was perfect, until an unexpected meteor smashed into the Spiral Serpent, obliterating more than half of the giant prison and pushing it to the far corners of the galaxy. In order for survival, the soldiers and inmates must work together or suffer a slow fatality. Question is, can they work together without killing each other?
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  2. [​IMG]

    Never before had the Evil Eye Galaxy seen a meteor such as the one that smashed into the Spiral Serpent, destroying sixty-eight percent of the ship’s mass. The velocity rocked the ship as meteor debris busted through the exterior, spitting hundreds of passengers out into space. Explosions rumbled the ship, tossing it’s passengers wildly like ragdolls. The ones lucky enough to have been on the far side of the Spiral Serpent had managed to conceal enough airlocks, shutting out space and explosions. The dead littered the halls, but that was the last thing to worry about. Upon having awakened, the soldiers realized the unarmed crew-members were exposed to the prison and asylum sectors. As the survivors realized their situation, it also became clear the captain and pilots had died in the chaos.

    Follow all Iwaku rules.
    No god-modding.
    No OOC drama, but IC drama is no doubt gonna happen.
    All characters deaths must be discussed and approved.
    You can app as many characters as you want.
    One to two paragraphs at the bare minimum.
    Post at least twice a week.
    There are no limits to what your character can be, can do, has accomplished, etc. So have fun! =D

    Spiral Serpent Remaining Corridors
    Soldier Bunkers 1~3
    General Lounge (For Soldiers and Crew-members)
    Artillery Room
    Crew-Member Food Court
    Crew-Member Bunkers 1~15
    Hallway to Prison
    Hallway to Asylum
    Prison Check-in
    Prison Bunkers 1~20
    Prison Shower Hall
    Asylum Bunkers 1~19
    Asylum Supplies
    Map Coming Soon!

    List of Passengers (open)

    Scythen (@YuriLucien)




    Character CS and Guide
    Division: (Pick one of four: Soldier, Crew-member, Criminal, Psycho)

    You get fifteen *’s. Please choose carefully.
    Physical Strength:
    (Place Special Ability Here):
    (And more if you have them):
    (And more):
    (And more?):

    Physical Strength: ***
    Endurance: *
    Agility/Dexterity: **
    Luck: **
    (Place Special Ability Here): **

    Character will get winded easily, but can take a punch or an energy blast. Has good reaction skills, luck and special ability.

    Star Chart:
    * - Great
    ** - Skilled
    *** - Professional
    **** - Supreme
    ***** - Legend

    Division Chart:
    Soldier: A renowned warrior.
    Crew-member: Chef, intelligence, etc.
    Criminal: Sane and dangerous.
    Psycho: Insane and dangerous.

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  3. Name: Known simply as "Mindeye" - she has lost her real name to the ages.
    Division: Psycho
    Age: 210 ~ 220 (Due to decelerated growth rate of Altrerians, she seems like a 21 year old)
    Gender: Female

    Species: Altrerian - a race of people in which each family has a special ability. Should two families mix, usually the ability of the "dominant" code is passed down, but occasionally abilities will merge and become a hybrid. The dominant codes tend to correlate with the largest and most successful families. Children are traditionally raised by the family of whom they have the ability, easily noticed from birth by a mark in the left eye which is identical to the house's banner. Likely, the house banners are designed to incorporate that mark. Altrerians originate from a planet in the Andromeda galaxy, however, due to the destruction of said planet in an artificially caused earthquake, Altrerians moved into space and built huge metal fortresses floating on the surface of stars, using their highly advanced technology to somehow repel the heat. Altrerians are carbon-based life forms, like humans are, and as such, require oxygen for respirational purposes. The physical capabilities of an Altrerian are very much the same as those of a human, though certain abilities may enhance this. They do differ in one aspect though - Altrerians have a natural life span of around 800 years, extended to 1000 with medical capabilities. It is thought by medical scientists that this is because Altrerians as a species do not aim to procreate as normal life forms do, but instead aim to achieve perfection, thus the body repairs damage instead of killing damaged cells like a human does. Altrerian regeneration is a little higher than that of a human due to this same reason. They can't regrow a limb without specific help from a power that can do that or anything though. They'll just heal from a scratch in 2 days rather than 3.

    Race: High Breed (officially) - High Breeds are a sub-group of Altrerians who build their cities at the cooler poles of the stars they live on, to utilise the star's magnetic field more effectively. High Breed simply refers to the fact that those who live in High Breed cities belong solely to high class families. Interbreeding is common here, but so is gene experimentation. Mindeye is infact an experiment to try and build an 'artificial Altrerian'. That is, take a High Breed Altrerian zygote while it is still just a single cell, freeze it to temporarily prevent growth, then manipulate it's genes. Altrerian abilities are coded for by only one chromosome, so manipulation is relatively easy. In this circumstance, they were trying to improve the telepathy ability of a certain family. They technically succeeded.

    Surprisingly giant image.


    Image not representative of powers; for illustrative purposes only. Actions protrayed in image have a slight chance of not reflecting my own opinions though I do admit that does look like a pretty fun midboss stage.

    Abilities/Powers/Skills: Mindeye's ability is officially nameless, since the High Breeds would get in big shit if the government found out they were making experiments, so her ability is usually referred to as Mindeye as herself is.

    Mindeye can be considered an upgraded form of telepathy in one sense, and a downgrade in another. She cannot read thoughts or speak to someone telepathically, as normal telepaths can, however, she can retrieve memories from the person, even ones that the person themselves have forgotten about. Unusually, she is not only limited to retrieving memories from people. She can also gain 'memories' from objects. She can easily do this with electrical components to read storage chips, and even for non-electrical items, she can still gain some information - for example, she can gain a list of people who have ever walked into a certain brick wall, as well as the date and time they walked into it.

    On the non-ability side of her skillset, she is also a rather talented user of certain experimental technologies of her race, and knows quite a deal about how to make them too.

    Personality and History: (I accidentally ended up merging the two)

    Mindeye is... a rather screwed up character. No one knows why, considering her high class upbringing, but she was always very dissatisfied with life, and ran off about 60 years ago to "seek thrills". Since time is experienced kind of in slow motion for an Altrerian, this equates to roughly 6 years of an average human's life span. She rather quickly encountered a passing criminal organisation who picked her up, and began to aid them in their activities. She joined forces with an electricity specialist and a strange person who could use some kind of pocket dimension as storage and became an universally infamous vault cracking organisation. Their pattern of attack was always the same - Store Mindeye and the electricity user in the pocket dimension. Place a portal to this dimension by a vault door. Appear from the dimension. Use Mindeye to read the code and lock mechanisms of the door. Use electricity and magnetism to control the lock mechanisms without a key. Begin loading things from the vault into the pocket dimension. Enter the pocket dimension. Close the portal, leave pocket dimension through second portal on getaway vehicle.

    After about 30 years of this, the police caught on to their strategy and captured the pocket dimension guy, forcing them to make the two remaining to make their own way out of the vault. The electricity user was killed in this escape, but Mindeye managed to get away. For the next 20 years, she returned to a different star's Altrerian community, and worked as an assassin with a 97% success rate - considerably higher than most others. It was here she gained her knack for technology. Of course, this is also where she began to lose her sanity - as one does after their only 2 friends are assumed dead, and as one does when one is witnessing death at their own hands every couple of nights. She was quite a feared assassin, as there was nowhere one could run to be safe from her - she always knew where you were as long as you passed by an object to get there. As they do though, the authorities caught up with her eventually, ironically using the pocket dimension technique she was so fond of herself.

    She has been in the Spiral Serpent for 9 years now, and still has 39 of her 48 year sentence left to serve. Apparently, due to Altrerians being a rather obscure race as one that only other Altrerians can actually approach the cities of, the officials of Spiral Serpent simply assumed her to be human with an anti-aging technology, and gave her a sentence fit for such a type. This amuses her greatly - the fact that the greatest vault raider and the greatest Altrerian assassin shall serve only the equivelant of 4.8 years in prison for her offenses. In prison, she eventually met up with the the dimension user, however, since the asteroid she hasn't been able to make contact with him and fears the worst. (I may make him a character, I may not. Who knows?)


    +Has ample amounts of patience, and being in the prison doesn't bother her much
    +Incredibly fast and agile partially from personal strength, partially from training and mostly from biotechnic implants.
    +Has the mechanical claws shown in the picture above. They are sharp enough to easily cut through flesh, but will only scratch stone or metal. They do not retract - instead, their form can be dissolved into material that looks like a normal nail, hence why the guards were unable to remove it - they could not find it.


    -Relatively fragile physically, relies on dodging over blocking if ever in combat.
    -Hopeless at interacting with people besides her two former teammates.


    Very little, but certainly isn't comfortable with the idea of returning to her hometown.


    Physical Strength: **
    Endurance: *
    Agility/Dexterity: ****
    Luck: ****
    Mindeye: **** (Kinda hard to rank this when she's the only known user. Basically, she can draw pretty much any information she wants to know from an object as long as it actually knows that information)

    (Incredibly fast and dextrous, with a strangely high luck-drawing strength. Her physical strength isn't something to be underestimated, but she's certainly not the best arm wrestler in the compound to say the least.)
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  4. Accepted! =D Excellent character! I'll add her to the list (that will soon be added! >w<)

    The ranking system is mostly for keeping battles fairly balanced between the stronger characters. XD I'll post up my characters ASAP
  5. What is Luck used for? I'm expecting something along the lines of critical hits, but I could be wrong since the stat used for Crit changes between games.
  6. Luck is for how easily you're discovered, take a hit, etc. The better the Luck the better the advantage.
  7. Here's my sheet: just say if anything needs adjusting!

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Jin-Srara

    Division: Soldier

    Age: 59 (Considered relatively young)

    Gender: Female

    Species: Go-San-Sa / extraterrestrial life form

    Race: Her particular race within the Go-San-Sa are known for their sharp teeth and sharper temperaments. Sometimes get nicknamed “The scarred ones,” on account of the numerous scars they accumulate from needless scraps, despite the fact that Go-San-Sa have a pretty ‘warrior’ focused culture to begin with.

    Appearance: Go-San-Sa are a race with four arms (the second pair of shoulder blades rest just under the first, and the second set of arms is half an inch shorter than the first), and are fairly tall by nature, averaging out around 6”7’. Completely hairless and covered in thin black-grey skin, it is extremely common to have tattoos marked on onto their bodies, showing both their family history and their own experiences. To have no tattoos is often in a similar vein of being seen as feral and dumb. Their arms, hands, and fingers (which end in stubby claws) are considerably thick and well built, and both sets are long enough to reach their knees. Their head shape is similar to a canine, with a fairly long snout, perked ears and forward facing eyes (even their teeth are somewhat similar, if more numerous), though they only have slit nostrils. Their eyes are fairly narrow and weak, giving them pretty poor eyesight. It is worth noting that Go-San-Sa have no skin around their mouths, which gives them a constant snarling expression regardless of their actual mood (it’s why voice and body language is so crucial in their communication).

    As for Jin-Srara personally, her 6”9’ body is peppered with scars and signs of old wounds, which is somewhat common among her particular race within the Go-San-Sa. Likewise, her back is much more heavily tattooed than any other part of her body, which is kind of a family quirk. For identifying features, her eyes are a kind of milky green, and there’s a tiny hole in her right ear, an old wound after an argument with an elder sibling got a little too heated.

    Personality: Jin-Srara has something a quick temper, and is easily angered and frustrated. This often leads to her being fairly violent, and is a trait that she doesn’t bother to suppress. Likewise, she can hold a grudge like no-one’s business, and is often quick to judge others on first impression. However, she does actually have an appreciation for the simple things in life, and she can be actually quite friendly when docile. She becomes highly proactive when she suspects a friend is in danger or at risk of some kind thanks to her highly protective nature. More of a follower than a leader, Jin-Srara is quick to fall into line when told to by a person she respects.

    Abilities/Powers/Skills: Jin-Srara is quite the physical powerhouse, and the fact that she has four arms greatly enhances this effect. While there’s no exact science to it, if you need something heavy lifting or someone big dragged off, Jin-Srara is a good bet. The fact that she has four arms is a power in and of its self: her coordination allows her to use all four at the same time, though the more complicated the task the less likely she’ll be able to pull it off while the other arms are busy. She has trained herself to use all four while wielding firearms, though, allowing her use up to four light guns (or two heavy ones, or increasing her control when using one REALLY heavy one).

    History: It is worth noting that both her name, and even the name ‘Go-San-Sa’ are sort of rough translations of their actual names: due to the heavy use of clicks, growls, and even guttural noises not possible by other races, many names and some words are altered when talking to other species. It is also worth noting that the Go-San-Sa are not the most tech-savvy species out there, and only achieved space travel because a trading post was built on the planet of their origins. Despite the flood of information and technology, the species still hold on to its more tribal roots hundreds of years later, even as advance technology flooded the planet.

    As for Jin-Srara, she hails from said home planet, a world covered in a large amount of lush jungle like environments. She was born into an already large family long after the establishment of the trading post, and thus grew up with what was once considered unbelievable technology among numerous brothers and sisters. As was the norm among “The scarred ones,” her childhood consisted of a lot of rough housing and play fights, some of which dissolved into actual fights: a good number of her scars actually come from family members. This “combat training” was somewhat necessary, however, as a Go-San-Sa is only recognised as an adult after they have claimed a life. Normally, this would be done via hunting a worthy animal or beast, but an increasingly common method was to serve a term for a military force. Since the trading post was officially neutral, the Go-San-Sa were quickly spreading to all the corners of the Black Eye Galaxy that had conflict and strife, some even choosing to stay aboard from their planetary home.

    Despite the protests of the more traditional families within the tribe, Jin-Srara’s family told her she was allowed to leave when she expressed a curiosity of the other planets and worlds. A part of Jin-Srara protested: how could she ever even think about leaving her family for such an extended period of time? Despite this, she couldn’t deny that the stories that came through the port filled her with a burning curiosity. Eventually, she made up her mind, and prepared to turn space-ward, receiving a generous grant by her parents for exactly that. Promising to return, the growing Go-San-Sa left her home, and struck out in search of a path to adult-hood. With the galaxy being as big and volatile as it is, however, it didn’t long before Jin-Srara found herself embroiled in open combat. Two small ‘empires’ were fighting for what was a relatively small section of space, both of which would later be swallowed by a much more powerful force, but at the time the conflict attracted those who were hungry for blood. Jin-Srara (not really caring which side she joined) was brought on as just a hired gun, part of what was essentially a glorified mercenary meat shield unit. They were given the order for, unbeknownst to them, a suicidal mission; to perform a small skirmish against a minor defensive position. On the surface, it sounded pretty standard, but that was only because they weren’t told this defensive position had been stubbornly holding out since the beginning the conflict, and that a head long charge was beyond dangerous. They were also not told that the primary point of the charge itself was to allow an actual military unit to sneak around to the flanks, and that no one expected them to come back from this mission for their pay checks.

    Of course, the fact she’s still here is evidence of that not going exactly to plan. Jin-Srara, through a mixture of bloodlust and carrying two heavy machine guns, had managed to rush the position screaming bloody murder even as the rest of her unit was ripped to shreds around her. The defenders hadn’t been expecting an outright melee assault to begin with, and so had fallen quickly when a four armed monster broke into their position, fists flying. By the time the place had been cleared out Jin-Srara had been shot multiple times, and had collapsed as the adrenaline left her system along with several pints of blood. Although medics from the stupefied unit she was supposed to be causing a distraction for were quickly on scene, it was only by a sheer miracle that she survived. By the time she could walk again, the conflict was over, and her one soldier charge had become a popular story of the winning side. Because of this reputation, she quickly found more work, and this time in much less suicidal circumstances. For the next thirty years, she continued fighting for any side that would have her, drifting from conflict to conflict. During this time, she perfected the art of brutal combat, and the quad-wielding style that her people were quickly becoming infamous for. While the work was dangerous, Jin-Srara was happy with her place in the world: for the Go-San-Sa, a life of battle is a good life.

    Life became a lot worse when there was no battle going on, however. The galaxy was a big place, and full of people ready to fight over ANYTHING, but many battles were resolved via large scale space combat, something the Go-San-Sa never excelled at. Close quarters fighting had little to no room in the vast emptiness of space, after all. To that end, Jin-Srara needed something to pay the bills, repair equipment, and buy bullets in all the dead time between actual jobs.

    A solution appeared in the form of a recruitment poster: a call for guards on the Spiral Serpent. The pay was more than slightly impressive, and it only required a few years of service, barely any time at all for a long lived species. Jin-Srara knew that her years of experience would earn her a spot on the ship, and it would be a good use of her skills between combat. Hell, it sounded a lot safer than fighting on a battlefield, even if the prisoners were the worst of the worst. With the left over money, she might even be able to afford some vacation time to go back home and visit her family. With a confident swagger, Jin-Srara sighed herself up right away.
    After all, what was the worst that could happen…?

    Strengths: - Built strong (Jin-Srara is pretty impressive in a physical sense, and quite a powerhouse);
    - Four arms worth of fun (while she can’t complete four separate complex actions, she has decent coordination when using all her four arms at once);
    - Promise of return (after the impact on the ship, her promise of getting home to her family burns in her mind, and her sheer determination to get see them again gives her incredible will power and endurance)

    Weaknesses: - Not the brightest candle (she’s really not that smart, and often doesn’t think her rather impulsive actions through);
    - Prone to violence (having a pretty short fuse, she’s more likely to lamp someone than talk a matter out);
    - Poor eyesight (she actually had a corrective headset, but they were lost during the crash, meaning everything becomes vague and fuzzy after a few meters)

    Fears: Her biggest fear is not being able to return to her family, or at least dying before she can do so. Uncertainty (and just generally not knowing what is going on around her) also causes her to get antsy. She usually responds to both situations by punching something.

    Other: She has her own custom equipment, which is decently spruced up compared to more standard sets. She’s most proud of her four sub machine guns, though.

    You get fifteen *’s. Please choose carefully.
    Physical Strength: ****
    Endurance: ***
    Agility/Dexterity: **
    Luck: **
    Quad-Wielding: ****

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  8. Would you mind pressing enter once more before each bold section name? I have a mouse that likes to skip a lot while scrolling so it's hard to tell where things start and end atm.
  9. Huh. There was supposed to be indenting to avoid just that, but it seems to have not come through. Ehh, whatever: there should be spaces now.
  10. Awesome character! >w< Accepted!
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  11. Hm... Guess I'll make another Soldier. Or maybe a Prisoner.
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  12. Sounds great! You can app as many as you like! :3 I need to get my charas up soon. XD
  13. Mah, don't make a habit of playing more than one character in roleplays.
  14. Hehe, take your time creating a character. ;3 I'm playing four. Lol. But, kinda have to as the GM. XD
  15. Cool, cool. About half way through my CS, just poking the thread to see if there's any point in finishing it up.
  16. Awesome! I'd like continue the rp, but I will need the players to be active. XD
  17. Yeah, just wondering if any of the others who made CS are still lurking about.
  18. Me as well. ^^ If they are, I'll create the IC!


    Are you guys still interested? :3
  19. [​IMG]
    Name: Alant Europa
    Division: Soldier
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Race: Earthborn (Mod-Child)

    Appearance: Recognized for his power armor, the HR Suit is a rather intimidating piece of equipment. Given it’s built to user specifications, Alant’s personal suit isn’t too tall at only 6’2. It’s built tough and certainly gives off the appearance of durable and dangerous. The humanoid faceplate devoid of any expression and backlit have caused more than a few of the inmates to back down. Well… the massive cannon hooked up to the suit’s back probably helped. Coupled with the voice modulator, and it’s no real surprise that amongst the sane criminals rumors of the HR suit being just an android rather than a piloted power armor have surfaced.

    Given Alant’s natural appearance, it doesn’t take a genius to understand why he wears the HR Suit during his rounds. He’s of average height (5’10) and is a far cry from intimidating, hell he’s been described as androgynous and fairly beautiful at times. Despite his soft appearance, Alant is a perfect example of appearances can be deceiving.

    Personality: An easy-going individual that’s been described as lazy due to his dismissive and relaxed attitude towards many things. If there’s an upside it would be that it’s very hard to rile Alant up or get to him. His work ethic is unquestionable, it’s just that he seems very particular about when he abides by it. Given the nature of the job, one is always on the clock, but Alant is somewhat reluctant to move when interrupted on breaks or his “free” time. Ultimately, he moves with just as much drive as any of the other soldiers assigned to the Spiral Serpent though.

    History: Alant Europa was named for the region of Earth where he was born and raised as a Mod-Child. One of the most successful of his batch, the gene-mods and implants took hold exceptionally well in Alant and development exceeded expectations. He was raised amongst a dozen brothers and sisters and it quickly became apparent that his personality was going to be an issue. Where his siblings were obedient and compliant, Alant was not in a manner of ways. At times he openly rebelled, others he simply refused to comply.

    The organization never managed to really beat such habits out of him, but openly discouraged them until Alant slowly changed his ways. Course this meant he got some actual field experience before his siblings and found that he rather enjoyed the purpose they had been raised for. Whether that was actually him or the mods speaking was up for debate, but it didn't really matter to Alant in the end. The mods were as much a part of him as any other part of his body by now anyways.

    Thus, finding a sort of peace, Alant reined himself in and toned his personality down to what most people currently deal with. He spent numerous years being hired out into various conflicts across galaxies before finally being released from the organization. Albeit it was only because he was expected to only live for a few more years afterwards as the mods took their toll on his body. Without many job prospects, Alant figured that the Spiral Serpent wouldn’t be a horrible place to spend the last few years of his life. It wasn’t like he was well suited for peace anyways. Surprisingly though, he’s lasted a bit longer than expected.

    Abilities/Powers/Skills: The HR Suit is obviously a rather important piece of equipment for Alant. It has rather impressive capabilities such as its mounted cannon that has both nonlethal and lethal capabilities, or the claws for melee combat that can deliver a powerful shock to incapacitate. It also grants him a modicum of protection beyond normal. Beyond all that though, it gives Alant a presence he normally wouldn’t have due to his rather harmless appearance.

    Anyone who would think that the HR Suit is Alant’s primary strength would have that mistaken thought quickly corrected if they ever tried anything. Despite appearances, Alant is easily one of the stronger and quicker guards on board the Spiral Serpent. While not quite as tough, he’s also a great deal hardier than someone might expect from a human.

    Despite serving aboard the prison ship for several years, Alant’s knowledge from prior to the service has not waned in the slightest. While not as qualified as a specialist, he does have a general knowledge for things such as first-aid, handling firearms, stealth, survival, and close-quarter combat.

    Strengths: Mental fortitude. Does not succumb to panic, fear, despair, stress. or other negative emotions and mindsets easily.
    Sharp mind and sharper memory. Despite his age Alant can still pick up information and new skills readily. His memory isn’t quite photographic, but he tends to remember more than he forgets.
    Weaknesses: Nothing blatant? He is one of the best the galaxy had to offer. Perhaps his methodology could be exploited? While Alant does adapt to changing circumstances rather quickly, he generally starts off by the book. As such his actions and reactions can be rather predictable at first.
    Fears: A slaughter. He’s hoping that everyone can work together now that they’re all trapped in this hellhole of a situation, but Alant’s afraid the situation might just boil over and turn into an us or them scenario.

    Other: A rather decent pickpocket who likes to mess with other guards by moving their belongings around.

    Physical Strength: ****(*)
    Endurance: ****
    Agility/Dexterity: ****
    Luck: **
    Power Armor: *(*) Provides a passive boost to Alant's Endurance, while allowing an active boost to either his Strength, Endurance, or Agility/Dexterity. Also comes with a range of weaponry and equipment such as passive sensors and a Virtual Intelligence that can interface with Spiral Serpent.
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  20. I'm still here, waiting.
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