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    Chapter 1: Awakening

    The sun was high overhead, the gulls riding on the thermal updrafts from the jungle. Kilika Port's stilt walkways were being put to the test as more and more people arrived from the S.S. Liki and the S.S. Winno. People were coming from all over Spira to take part in the festival. Granted, there would be parties in other places, because this year marked the second decade of the Eternal Calm, but as for right now at least, Kilika had the spotlight.

    The wooden stilt and plank walkways were burdened with countless Spirans, some even coming as far as Gagazet just for the occasion. Hut shops were open for business and there were vendors galore to be seen once you stepped foot on solid ground where the port melded into the rest of the village nestled under the canopy of tall jungle trees. The aroma of foods from all four corners of Spira mingled in the air here, and there were benches and tables set up for people to sit and eat, chat, and be merry. From this little food court of a sorts, the dirt path continued, moving deep into the jungle, breaking only for old, cobblestone bridges over murky creeks. If you followed the path straight on, eventually it would lead to a clearing and it was from here that the sound of music was coming. A stage had been set up - just a stone slab, level and square and about three feet high - for performers and musicians alike to entertain.

    If you chose to veer off to the right instead, the path would follow along a river until the dirt beneath your feet gave way to mossy cobblestone that would lead to a tiring amount of stairs and eventually to Kilika Temple. Many would make that climb today and had already, kneeling at the stone statue feet of the High Summoners and praying for another decade of the Calm.

    But many events were scheduled for today, from a fiend slaying competition to musical performances and even booth games and fun for the kids. Face painting, ring toss, pin the tail on the shoopuf. Who knows how many Chocobo balloons had escaped little candy-sticky fingers and floated upward to freedom!

    The jungle was muggy, the port warm and pleasant. Everywhere you went, there were smiles and laughter.

    The day was perfect.
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  2. "And stay off my ship."

    "Ooof..." Adriel landed heavily on the docks, the two crew members of the S. S. Winno who have heaved her over the rail laughing as they turned around and her bag came sailing after her. "No stowaways."

    "Well yeah, your ship stinks of chocobo shit anyway." she shouted back while grabbing her bag and shaking her fist at at the rail. Sure she had been stowing away where they kept the noisy, stinky birds but still. "Well... looks like this is my next stop...looks like white the shindig... perfect!" she looked out over the port as she brushed herself off and pulling the dirty piece of cloth she had hidden under in the hold around herself and using her small stature to blend into the throng her eyes looking for exposed pockets or purses, not that she had ever been any GOOD at pickpocketing or enjoyed it but all these smells were making her hungry and the only alternatives to get money were... no... she was too awesome for that.

    "Fuck it..." her stomach growled loudly and she sighed. "Looks like I need to do this the fun way..."


    "Aww coomme on... sign me up..." She was standing outside the arena with her gun on the table trying to put her nae down for anything that looked like it had prize money. "I can fight... haven't you need my outfit?"
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  3. Coye was a little bit hesitant to get off the ship once it hit Kilika Port; she hadn't seen her parents or him since she left as a gawky and awkward teenager. Years had tempered her features and did quite well in giving her the curves inherited from her mother-- she was pretty sure nobody would recognize her. It would have helped if she changed her hair or something...but she still thought (hoped) that she'd be safe.

    There was no way she'd miss this-- even IF she was trying to avoid going home.

    Letting out a satisfied sigh, she ventured out onto the pier and into the crowd. After so long, it didn't seem like much had changed; the warm wind whisking through her hair and robes smelled of sweetbread and saltwater. It smelled like home. Of course, she was right in her assumption that her parents had their food stand up and running; if there was an easy to make money, they knew that the events did it. Besides, people from all around Spira came to try Ange's food-- or so she said.

    That meant the restaurant was still up and running, after all this time.

    Idly grabbing the large pouch of gil tucked in her robes, the samurai slowed her pace-- thinking about the little fact that maybe, just maybe her parents had missed her and didn't want to give her a big lecture about her choice of life. However, the day that her parents didn't lecture her about how they would have preferred her to stay in Kilika and marry Kas (nope!) would never happen.

    Even IF she visited them with enough gil to retire on.

    Steeling her nerves, she sighed and headed slowly over to her parent's booth; waiting in line to surprise them...
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  4. Oh yeah. The day was perfect for other people but not for Bajan. Oh no. Nope. Not perfect. However he'd learned something important, do not try to line cut little old ladies in this part of Spira. Oh yes. That was a bad idea. Bajan wriggled amusingly on his back in his orange, cream, and black robes. The little old lady prodded him with her walking stick in his thickening gut that was now covered in sticky sweet honey and powdered sugar and then daintily stepped over him with an air of superiority of little old ladies with sticks everywhere.

    Bajan managed to get himself to his feet and brushed some of the sugar off. "Ffff-" Another prod from another old lady with a stick, by the Calm! Was this a gang of little old ladies with sticks? Did they run this town? Bajan sealed his mouth shut with effort, cheeks puffed and red from the effort.

    "I just wanted a drink but nooooooo. No. Of course not, Bajan. No drink for you."

    He got back in line. "Not that I need one now since I lost my treat." He shuffled there for a moment and then turned on his feet and was making his way away from the line when the short but hefty black mage ran smack dab into someone.

    "Oh for the love of honey! What is it with this city?! Could I get any stickier?! So what have you spilled on me?"
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  5. Kusuma sighed and wiped his brow with the back of hand, the cruel jungle humidity could really suck the energy out of you. Even someone like him, who was probably too full of energy. It didn't help that he'd just made a trek up the many, many steps to the Kilika Temple. There, he'd joined some others in praying for a continuation of the Eternal Calm. He wasn't a particularly superstitious type, unlike many of his relatives back home, but praying during Kilika's yearly festival had become a tradition for him ever since he'd decided to leave home and travel Spira as a warrior-for-hire.

    Leaving behind the temple steps, Kusuma gave a sigh of relief and a happy grin when sweltering jungle heat gave way to fresh sea breezes. On them, the aroma of delicious foods carried, making his stomach growl. "We're thinking about the same thing, buddy," he muttered to his belly as he continued onto the crowded pier walkways.

    As much as he wanted to follow his nose to the nearest source of food, he had a particular stand in mind. The one he'd visited last year that'd probably been among the best food he'd ever eaten. Not the best but certainly far up there. Nothing beats food from back home, after all.

    After making a stop for something to drink first, Kusuma turned and nearly fell over a couple of kids running by, the ruckus kept him from the noticing the shorter man and.... BAM! There went his drink, all over some poor fellow. A fellow who already seemed to be having a not good day. "Ahh... it was a juice blend of local fruits, a really tasty one too... and good for you. It's probably good for your skin, too... though." Kusuma answered, failing to withhold a small chuckle. His travels had weakened his accent quite a bit, but it was still present on the edge of his words. "Hey now, how 'bout I make it up to you? I'd hate to 'cause somebody displeasure on such a day of celebration!" He patted the shorter man on the shoulder, a big dumb friendly grin on his face, "I'm on my way to a stand with some of the tastiest food around, how 'bout I buy you a bite?"
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  6. Fruit juice. Well. It was better than something alcoholic. At least he wasn't going to go around smelling like a bar the entire day. Instead he'd be sugary fruity ... Oh. It was going to dry sticky too because the natural sugars and - "Auuuughhhhhh" Bajan made a disgusted sound as he plucked at his top and pulled the clingy fabric away from his chest. Another noise of disgust and then he finally looked up at the man responsible for this tragedy. . . . Well. At least he was handsome enough. It would have been worse had he not been attractive.

    "You're an idiot but it's fine." He puffed out his cheeks and looked away before looking back to the man. "You don't have to buy me a snack but if you could point me in the direction of something delicious that'd be just dandy." He raised his head a little more and snorted in a rather disdainful manner. Like he wasn't impressed with this place or it's food or anything else. Though what bits he had been able to eat had been super delicious but Bajan wasn't about to look desperate.

  7. "Listen lady," said the man in the sign-ups booth as he warily eyed the fancy gun on the smooth wooden counter. "I can't let you join if you don't pay the standard entry fee." Not that he'd feel comfortable letting her join the tournament anyway. She was still just a kid! He looked like he wasn't going to be swayed into letting her join any time soon and he emphasized the point by crossing his arms over his chest and squaring off his shoulders. "Perhaps you could go enjoy the less...expensive events of the festival?"

    Meanwhile, from that temporary concert 'venue' set up further into the jungle, music was sounding. Drums thundered in harmony with the priests' voices and various Al Bhed instruments filled in the spaces. But one voice rose above the sounds all around him and it belonged to a specific priest, easily spotted because, well, his head wasn't shaved. True to Zenikas' nature, the song was a history lesson-- "We were caught up and lost in all of our vices!" --and a warning about repeating past mistakes and the crowd knew it, but that didn't stop them from enjoying the performance as much as the next one. That was Kas for ya - feed you history in easy-to-swallow bites. From his spot on the stage, he could see the faces of those who'd never left Kilika and some who had. But not her face. She either wasn't coming or she had gone to see her parents first and with her track record of being gone for over a decade?

    Yeah, she probably wasn't coming home this year either.

    As the music faded and a new act stepped up to the stage, Kas joined the audience to watch for a bit before his eventual need to return to the temple. Though, as he stood there, his eye caught sight of a fair-haired young man who was teeming with magic. Dressphere no doubt. Shinra Corp had made the garment grid accessible enough after all. Kas himself was using one, because his white mage skills had not come naturally to him like his singing.

    Zenikas! Priest. Historian. Healer. Possible circus act.

    He smiled at the young man when their gazes crossed paths, always a friendly person, that Kas.
  8. This had to be the third time she had been told this and the third time she had ignored it. "No can do, you gotta let me fight. You're passing up easy money here." she pressed the issue. "A Guado with a dress sphere, fighting your monsters and whatever you have in there. People will be lining up for miles to buy tickets." Of course she wasn't giving up on getting in, this tournament was her ticket to fame and fortune... or at least people hearing about her and enough money to eat something other than the slop they threw at the chocobos on that stinking ship.

    "How's this. You let me in and you can take the fee off my winnings? Fair, right..... riiiiight? You have to let me in!" she was going all in to get in!
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  9. A festival of jubilation and excitement. A sight worth seeing and worth the trip to see it. But it was a sunny and warm day. Luthian didn't mind the warmth. It was better than being cold without a doubt. But the sun was more than he wanted. He hated the sun. His skin was prone to burn with the least amount of provocation. At least there were people. People everywhere. Together as a mass. Each person only a single piece in a greater collective. And today he was just another one of them. It was a little disappointing. Just being average. He was better than that. These were probably the sort to attempt to rob him, too. Large gatherings of people were great for pickpockets.

    Ha! Joke would be on them. He was almost out of money. Someone else had already stolen most of it.

    Actually. That was only a joke if someone tried to mug him. Until then it was his own inconvenience. Luthian was sulking to himself a moment, trying to think of the best way to get some gil when he heard the sounds of melodies through the crowd. Yes! A chance to earn from what he was best at. And he could show off a bit. Maybe if he was real lucky he would be able to listen to some music which wasn't terrible, too. There was some merit in listening to the less skilled perform. One main reason being he could show them up afterward. To his annoyance he arrived to find a particular voice standing out. A man who wasn't a terrible singer. In fact, he was almost good. His voice was... fine. And his tone was nice enough. Luthian wasn't pleased with the man's song choice, though. Too preachy. He liked his vices.

    Hm. It seemed like this might have been an arranged attraction. And truly, Luthian wasn't keen on singing for just plain donations. Maybe he could sucker some charity out of a priest? There were several other methods he might use to get coin, too. The youth was a deal less keen on those. He mulled it over as the performance came to an end. And there was the answer to his contemplations! The light haired you took a moment to look around and his eye's caught the priest's gaze. The one with hair. And an acceptable voice. The man smiled at Luthian.

    It would have been better if it was someone else. Of course it's this one.

    With only a half second hesitation Luthian returned his best charming, friendly smile. “Hey!” He sprung with feigned gaiety from his position in a shaded location to approach the man. “Helloo!” Luthian pulled to a stop a foot away, adoring smile still plaster to his face. “I heard you singing - you really stood out!” Only because the others were all so mediocre and forgettable. “You've a lovely voice.” Luthian felt an internal frown. Even as an act he hated praising the man's voice. “Have you been singing long? I'm Luthian, by the way.” He held a hand out for a shake.
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  10. Kusuma let out a loud laugh, patting the shorter man on the back like some old friend. "You're a bluntly honest type, I respect that! I gotta threat you though, I could never live it down if I didn't make up for my blunder! Not taking no for an answer friend!" The warrior said as he lead the way to the popular booth.

    The wait was a bit long but it was worth it for good food. "So then, where ya from, traveler? Any interesting plans while you're here? Planning on entering a fiend hunting competition myself, and of 'course I gotta catch a few shows," he said, a clear effort to make some conversation. If you could call it effort, since regular chatter came pretty natural to the man.
  11. Well, it was true that it was a rare thing to see a Guado doing anything other than drifting peacefully around their reclaimed city and staying out of the way and the man's stance softened just a little, his shoulders slackening, as for a second he seemed to seriously consider the young lady's words. But then his shoulders squared off again and he shook his head. "You can't bribe me, Miss. You're not getting in."

    "Zenikas," said the young priest as he grinned sheepishly under the praise and shook Luthian's hand. He wasn't a stranger to compliments but he'd certainly never grown accustomed to receiving them. "Thank you. I'm glad you liked it, Luthian." His tone was solid, as it'd been on stage, but there was a gentleness about it that betrayed the priest's gentle nature. "I've been singing since the day all of Spira sang as one. I was just a young child then but I remember it well." Song was important to him and it always baffled people that when he'd gotten the chance to acquire a dressphere, he hadn't come back with the famous Songstress but rather the White Mage.

    "But enough about me. How are you enjoying Kilika?" Because it was evident that this young man was not from the island. He looked like he didn't get much sun and that was difficult to do if you lived in a place like Besaid or Kilika. "Have you gone to the temple yet? Or rather, do you plan to, because I know it's not everyone's cup of tea."
  12. Service was fast as usual; by the time two others moved behind her in line, Coye was next. There was no backing out of it now...unless she was kind enough to let them go ahead of her. Mind swirling with nervous thoughts and sheer panic, the samurai shuffled in place; the exact moment she was about to allow them to cut in front of her, a resounding and familiar screech from her mother seemed to echo throughout the festival.

    "IS THAT MY BABY?! COCO, YOU ARE SO BIG NOW!! I've heard so much about the "Wandering Samurai"-- you've been all OVER Spira!" Coye's wonderfully-loud mother quickly rounded to the front of the booth and scooped the embarrassed girl up into a big hug-- right in front of everyone and their uncle. The last time any of them had seen her, she was still a teenager; lanky and soft spoken, it was more than obvious that she had grown. Motioning for all of her chittering friends to come and see her, Ange could only stand there and beam as she bragged. "And here your father and Kas said you wouldn't show up!"

    "Ugh, Mom... I missed you too, so I decided to come to the festival!" What a horrible lie. Stuck in the clutches of her mother, the color drained from her face. Dad had to be at the docks and Kas...most-likely the temple and she didn't plan on heading anywhere near there. The show was over for the time being, so that meant...

    Great. Somewhere in that crowd was her childhood friend that she was inadvertently trying to avoid. If she didn't get the lecture of "you didn't tell us you were leaving, we were worried!" or how doing so upset her parents greatly from him, then she'd be surprised. At this point, there was no way that she could avoid him forever...but she'd sure as hell try. Glancing over to the two customers behind her, she nudged her mom gently. "Y'know, we have customers ma. I'll help you and we can catch up a little bit?"

    Motioning for Kasuma and Bajan to the booth to order, the samurai grabbed an apron and welcomed them; as if she hadn't been gone for a decade, she'd help her mother cook too. "Welcome to Ange's! With the best sweetbread in Spira, how can I help you?" She said jovially, bowing to them in greeting.
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  13. Luthian kept a look of contentment on his face as this Kas introduced himself and continued to talk. He was glad when the subject changed from the priest's singing. And even gladder that it changed to him. “I must stick out like a sore thumb,” he said. “I'm from Luca. This is my first time here.” Luthian said with an easy smile. This was an easy topic. He didn't even have to lie. “I've always wanted to visit. This is my first time here. I'm... A little overhwelmed.” Telling the truth hadn't lasted long. “I wasn't expecting this many people!” The youth cast his eyes to some of the various people for a moment.

    He hesistated at a response to the man's next sentence. On one hand he didn't particularly care to go to the temple. On the other he was hoping he could get some money out of this. “I haven't. I'm hopeless in these crowds.” He added a light chuckle, just slightly nervous. “I only got here by following the sound of the music.” He let his words linger a moment then added. “Could you take me, Kas? I would be grateful.” Luthian smiled brightly. Hopefully this man had nothing better to be doing. 'Kas' seemed like the type to help a stranger.

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