Spider-Man x Black Cat

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  1. Only the moonlight would shine on top the rooftops. As a black figure would scurry across from building to building. The figure would finally stop over top the museum of nature and arts. Quickly and quietly the figure would cut the glass on the roof. As the piece got pulled from the bright glass an alarm would go off.

    "Damn," Felicia would say as she jumped to the ground.

    As she looked around two guards would be running at her. She would pick up a metal plate next to her throwing it at one. As it hit him in the head he would hit the ground. Black Cat would run at the other one as she swiftly kicked him across the face she would fall.

    She would smirk a little as she looked over at a gem on the table in front of her. As she walked over and lifted the gem into her hand she would smile. Felicia would ignore the sirens as she stared at the gem. As she put it in her pocket she would slowly walk for the exit.
  2. It was a particularly easy night for Peter. So far, the evening had produced only a few petty crimes; car break-ins, muggings: all easy business.

    Peter swung up to the ledge of a building so he could listen to an incoming police call on his scanner.
    "We have a code 211A, Robbery in progress at the Museum of Nature and Arts"

    The museum was only a few blocks away from Peter, as it turned out. Lets get to work He thought. He dived off of the building he was on and swung over to the museum in question, landing gracefully on the roof of the large building. He spotted a figure down below who was in black, and figured she might be a guard. He noticed a hole carved out of the glass roof, and decided to use it as an easy access point.

    He landed on the floor of the building, now aware of the two knocked out guards close by. This girl was not his friend.
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  3. As Felicia got past the door she would start to run. She knew that soon the police would be there and she didn't have much time at all. She would look around finding the glow of the emergency light. As she started to follow hit she would rush her pace. She would slam into the back door leading to the ally.

    As she got outside she would let out a sigh of relief. She would pull the gem out of her pocket for a second looking at it. She would stuff it back inside as she ran towards the fence. She would swiftly jump over it as ease.

    "Suckers," she would whisper to herself.

    Felicia would run towards a fire escape making her way to the roof fast. She really wanted to see the chaos she had started. As she reached the top of the roof she would look down at all the cars and lights that swirled around the dark streets.
  4. He caught only a glimpse of the girl as she ran outside. He ran out the same way she did, and lost sight of her. He swung up to a roof, frantically looking around for the only interesting criminal of the night. He heard the sirens coming in the distance, and was surprised at the speed at which the criminal had moved. This had to be planned he thought.

    Almost as soon as he finished his thought, he spotted her again, on the roof across from him. He stared at her for a mere second, and then dove off the building into a high speed swing over to the one Felicia was on.

    (sorry about length, it'll increase as we go on)
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  5. As Felicia saw someone land on the roof she would almost jump. Great this person is going to be after to he now too. As she looked over to the stranger she would smirk a little and wave bye. As she walked back off the roof.

    As she fell she would grab a grappling hook device from her side and use it to swing from building to building. As she pasted her apartment she would quickly throw the gem into the window. Making sure the man behind her couldn't see.

    As she kept swinging through the sky's she would land on a building far away from her home. She would put her grappling hook away. As she stood there looking at the scene she had made. It was far off in the distance but lights would flash around the road. A smile would come across her face. She knew she had gotten away with the perfect crime.
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