Spider-Man: The Rise of a Hero

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  1. The life of a hero, no matter the age, is hard physically and emotionally. It takes the resolve of an entire army for one man to be a hero, but what of a superhero? What does it take for one person in a mask to be a hero? Is it the powers? The mask itself? The Bonds of Justice and Duty? A hero is often glorified beyond themselves to something of a glinting legend like the old tales of Knights and Dragons, but the real story, the autobiography of a real hero, would cause nightmares to the adoring fans who idolize them.

    Superhero, a meaningless word to the person who bears it as a title. To them, what they do is a thankless service, conquering nightmarish evil for people who either hate or fear them. The newspapers slander their heroic alteregos, the citizens they save offer no gratitude, instead they are rendered as legends of vigilantism or misinterpreted to be criminals themselves or idiots who spend too much time in the comic book store. But what of the actual superhero, out of everything they face on a daily basis, why do they continue? Do they truly just enjoy the thrill of Life Threatening Danger or are they commited to their vocation of saving ungrateful people for another reason?

    Peter Parker, a joke of a boy, an orphan living with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May and attending highschool in New York City, New York. He’s gifted with great intelligence, however he’s a rather unremarkable boy in every other regard, a scrawny fifteen year old outcast. Bullied and humiliated by the popular kids, and hopelessly infatuated with the prettiest girl in school, Gwen Stacy. Fate seemed content with having him stay the way he’s always been, until now......

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Peter Parker

    Age: 15 (nearing his 16th birthday)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Meta-human

    Personality: An awkward, insecure boy. Kind and sweet but ridiculed by Flash Thompson and his friends because they feel superiority to him, being more attractive, bigger, stronger, wealthier. He’s used by the pretty girls for his brains, led on by them so he’ll do their homework or let them cheat off his tests. Shunned by others as a weirdo or a nerd, but even still, he has his one Best Friend, Harry Osborn, Son of Oscorp President and CEO, Norman Osborn. He’s a good young man who does what he can to help those he cares about. Peter is Everything you’d expect from a nerdy guy, and everything you wouldn’t expect him to be.

    History: With his parents killed at a young age, He lives in Queens, New York City with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. He’s always been gifted intellectually, having a knack for chemistry and applied mechanics, and because of his interests has been looked at as the weird nerd kid.

    Skills: Applied Mechanics and Chemistry prowess, though rather Intelligent in many categories

    Super Powers: Precognitive Sensory (Spidey-Sense for True Believers) Super Strength, Super Agility, Advanced Healing Factor, wrist based spinnerettes (Web shooters at first) Acrobatic Prowess and the ability to adhere to walls and cielings.

    Equipment: Wrist Mounted Webbing Launchers (Over time his body will mutate to have Organic Webbing of his own) Precognitive Sensory Frequency Ping Device (Spider Tracker, he develops it to bounce a signal on the same a frequency as his Spider Sense.

    Appearance: [​IMG] As Spider-Man


    Sign Up Information:

    Aunt May: An ederly Woman who takes care of Peter with her husband Uncle Ben, an old fashioned Lady who believes in being proper and civil

    Uncle Ben: (This Part is temporary as He dies) The wise uncle of Peter and Husband of May Parker, a real Grampa figure to Peter

    Harry Osborn/Hobgoblin: Peter’s Best friend, ambitious and driven to one day run his father’s Company. As Hobgoblin: A Psychotic Murderous superhuman hellbent on making Spiderman Pay for the death of Norman

    Norman Osborn/Green Goblin: A Laidback though at the same time stressed out and somewhat struggling Business Mogul, sees Peter as somewhat of a second son and treats him as such, laying opportunities down for Peter to help him be successful in his future. As Green Goblin: A vengeful super human murderer who views humanity as a slight who’ll never treat people of power as anything but freaks, quick Manipulative, and insane, he’ll go to any length to make his point accepted.

    Gwen Stacy: Up to you how you make her, Peter’s first love, (Gwen Stacy Dies at the hands of the Green Goblin)

    Mary Jane Watson: Peter’s Second love, also up to the player. (Is introduced as a new student some time after Gwen Stacy's death)

    J. Jonah Jameson: Callous and Cynical, despises Spider-man, but has a deep sense of duty and thus will run any story of truth, no matter if it benefits or detriments himself.

    Herman Shultz/ Shocker: a highschool dropout with a knack for inventing and engineering. Turned to crime instead of putting his talents towards legitimate means of making ends meet

    Kraven/ Sergei Kravinoff: A psychotic Superhuman Big Game Hunter who hunts Spider Man to prove that he is indeed the top of the top the best of the best.

    Venom/ Eddie Brock: An Alien Symbiotic Lifeform that bonds to human bodies (WILL BOND TO SPIDERMAN FOR A TIME then Venom will return later on using Eddie Brock’s Body)

    Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius/ Doctor Octopus: A Mad scientist that is obsessed with Proving his own Genius and Destroying Spider-man, Messy bowlcut, stocky and decked out in big shades also equipped with four cybnertically bonded robotic clawed tentacles.


    Character Sheet Skeleton




    Race: If applicable




    Super Powers:

    Equipment: If Applicable

    I know it’s a Spider-man fan Fiction, however, this is going to be different, as I want to see Spider-man’s life through a filter of Horror and Misery, a Dark Gritty and Realistic telling of the Spider-man I grew up with as a child. That means that these Super villains don’t all show up at once, in fact, no. I want their appearances and their subsequent struggles with our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man to be spread out, to show just how arduous and harrowing his life as both Peter Parker and Spider-man is.

    Humor is welcome, sometimes you gotta "Turn off the Dark" (seewhatididthere?)

  2. I would love to be able to play a cynical, crooked detective (in the sense that he pulls deals with small-time criminals to use them as informants, and usage of excessive violence) that becomes an uneasy ally to Spiderman. He might even get his hands on some high-tech equipment in the future. Would that be alright? Or are you sticking to canons only?
  3. It's non canon with canon elements but there is a character you can be, George Stacy Captain of the NYPD

    You could also be Ben Parker for the short time he's alive if you want

    And it's really more of putting a darker more Horror Story spin on Spider-man, gruesomeness nightmares etcetc.
  4. I would love to play Parkers Love interest!!!!! Or I could pose as Iron Man and help Spidey out!!!
  5. So you wanna be Gwen Stacy (and later come back as Mary jane Watson)
  6. Sure! I have a few things for ideas. Since you want his life to be a mix of villans and drama, would it be okay for MJ to be the daughter of Doc. Ock? Doc. Ock does some tests on her and gives her another personality kind of like the green goblin. she takes another form when she is the villan then wakes up the next day and doesnt remeber anything? Or should both of them be like how they are in the movies?
  7. I was going more for the Comic book MJ, however it would be interesting to see how a family relation to Kraven would play out for her, Doc Ock is the first villain I'm having spider-man face in my story, then the Green Goblin (Who kills Gwen Stacy) and then Hob Goblin would be the next villain (Which will be while Spider-man deals with the Venom Symbiote suit and subsequently Eddie Brock as Venom) then Kraven would come up then Shocker and then a finale with Venom and Carnage
  8. Got it. so Kraven instead of Doc. Ock. Okay. Would you prefer a live person picture or an Anime picture cause I'm able to do both.
  9. Live Picture would be preferred, I appreciate your interest, and though I hate to ask, it would be greatly appreciated if you could spread the word around about this rp so there's more of a chance to get this thing rolling strong
  10. Sure I'll do it!!
  11. Alright so submit your character sheets for Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson whenever you can, and like I said thank you for your interest