Spider-Man OFFICIALLY a Member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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    Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios have announced that they will be joining forces in bringing Spidey into the MCU and back to the big screen!

    Under the new deal, Spider-Man will first appear in Marvel film form, possibly feating in Captain America: Civil War next summer. From there, Sony will work on the next film, tentatively scheduled for July 2017 which will be co-produced by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and his team of Marvel experts. Together, they will collaborate on a new creative direction for Spidey. Ultimate "final creative control" will fall to Sony-- along with financial decisions and distribution rights.

    This deal also leaves the door open for any MCU characters appearing in future Spider-Man films.



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  2. Finally. On with Civil War already!
  3. Hurray! I kinda liked the iron Man films (the first one most) and I liked the latest Spider-man movies, too! It's cool he's going to be joining the rest of the gang on the sliver screen :3

  4. This makes me rock hard
  5. Glad to see Sony making an obvious decision for once. Well done.
  6. I'll be honest... I just don't care that much about the latest MCU news any more. Before the Avengers everything was still new and uncertain, it was all these heroes showing up to the big screen and nods to the lore that we hadn't gotten before, and the movies were good despite diverging completely from the Nolan school of superhero movie. But now? There's always another movie. There's always another teaser. There's always another "Ooh ooh look at that!" nod to the lore. I'm no more excited for an MCU announcement now than I am for the weather report.

    So... whoo, Spiderman. I like Spiderman. I need to find Spiderman 2 again.
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  7. oh my god my euphoria went hands free over this news
  8. The oversaturation of super hero movies over the past 15 years is a bit too much, especially when almost all the movies involve an utterly unremarkable villain and some giant world ending set piece. The only movies I intend to watch are Avengers 2, Deadpool and Civil War. If it wasn't for Guardians of the Galaxy, I would have probably stopped paying attention to Marvel a while ago.
  9. Shush Derv, you're being a poopypants gramps.
  10. Back in my day, the Hulk wore make-up instead of computer thingermabobs, and by golly, that's the way we liked it!
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  11. GetX-MenintoMCUandgetmemyNewAvengersteam
  12. Make-up? I could've sworn those are lead based green paint!
  13. It'll be interesting to see how his appearance affects the group dynamics of the Avengers, should they include him in a future installment. I say this because Spider Man is quite a high profile character in contrast to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver I'd say, at least to the average movie goer.
  14. Well, that goes without saying.

    You won't like him when he's chemical-derived neurological disorder caused by exposure angry
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  16. It. Is. About. Goddamn. Fucking. Time.

    Now maybe Spidey can get the treatment he deserves.
  18. Honestly, I'm alittle annoyed at this prospect considering it pushed back The Black Panther.

    Marvel was doing fine without Spidey. Then again, for Spidey it's a good thing. For the MCU? I'm not so sure.
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