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  1. The first day of the first month upon the first school year was like always filled to the brim with excitment. Many students came from everywhere around and both new and old was walking here and there to go to their assigned locations.The new students would head mostly to a single class room except some induvidual cases, and most older students would head to the other classrooms like usual.

    There weren't really any grand welcomes, more like smaller ones where the students needing help quickly got pointed in the right direction. And the stream of students would continue to flow until the once filled school ground would run emty once more and everyone would have come inside like they should.


    Like the other teachers of the school she had begun early today in preparation for the new students and she had been spending the whole morning going through lists and routines that needed to be followed on a day such as this. Then as the first batch of students had arrived she had started welcoming them and showing them in the right direction before a bit later leaving for her own classroom.

    Now standing there in front of everyone she waited for the seats to fill up before going behind the class to close the door as everyone had entered. Then she went back infront and smiled to them all "Hello everyone, My name is Freya Stormsmith and I would like to personally welcome each one of you to your first year at spellbourne academy. I know that your probably all excited to get started here, and I'm happy to inform you that I'm actually your Magic teacher. " she said as she took a walk down the center of the class room just to see all of the new faces that she would be teaching, she also made a headcount of the students to see if anyone was missing. "Well I'm not going to bore you out too much with a long lecture today as its your first day... instead I'm going to go through the security routines and then the class will begin" she said as she walked back to infront of the class.

    She didn't waste much time writing on the black board, instead she unfolded a sheet that blocked view of its side to reveal the text beneath it. Beneath it stood the rules that she was going to walk the class through,

    "Okay rule number one... Never aim harmful magic towards any person or creature either inside or outside school grounds without clear instructions, and approval of a magic teacher. "

    "Second rule... Stay inside school grounds at all times during school hours and do not walk any further than to the lake or forest in the back."

    "Third rule... Only use school issued material inside the school grounds, your not allowed to bring in own books or magical items without the permission from the school staff.

    "That's all for now... any questions?... " she asked before continuing.


    Questions done she began wiith the lecture. "Okay... Mana, is the mystical energy that exist all around us at all times. Mana while in its purest have no bound form or shape and flows freely from one place to another like a river. Mana exist within everything, living or inmate objects alike and its through the power of mana that we are all alive." she started and looked around the class as she circled around the class room to make sure everyone paid attention and could hear her.

    She smiled a bit extra to her sister knowing that she among all probably had heard this lecture a few times already. "The full power of Mana and its limitations are not today known, but it's believed that on its own it only continue evolution at a slow pace. Yet its natural power can be harnessed by anyone who is 'Mana sensitive' or Magically capable so to speak. This is done by the 'art of Channeling' and yes that will be on the test." she said as she sat down on the teachers desk and not on the chair behind it.

    She took a few breaths before continuing "The Art of channeling, is when someone tap into their surroundings and direct the flow of mana to form or flow in a specific direction or shape. All of you have experienced this during your tests... And that's what were going to focus on today... I want full silence... and that all of you close your eyes now. Then just focus on your breathing... listen to the sounds of yourself and other breathing.... hear your own heartbeats... then, feel how everything around you flow freely, its warm... its cold... wet,dry... yes its all... everything... yet without shape or form... that is mana. When you feel ready cup your hands on yourr desk... then whisper the words... Tide of fate thy river whom flow, force without hate that's changing so slow. Fill my hands, with liquid set... to quench my thirst with your water's wet... Aqua" Freya said filling her cupped hands with nice clean water that would slowly drizzle out on the desk.


    Suzy while being a new student didn't find it difficult to find the classroom that she had been assigned too, in fact she could possibly find it in her sleep seeing as she already had been here several times due to her big sister working here. Thus in experience Suzy felt rather comfortable in this school even as a student due to knowing so much about it already, she actually knew a few secrets too that her sister had shared with her.

    Yet today instead of exploring around and waiting for her Sister to finish class or something, Suzy was one of the students and was actually in the classroom herself. She was sitting in the middle row out of five furthest to the right near ther windows so that she could see inside. It was a rather tactical location for her as even while she had students both infront and behind her she wouldn't have any students to one side of her. But sitting to the furthest back or front was not an option as it was obviously geeky to be in front, and kinda a trouble student thing to be furthest in the back.

    Compared to many Suzy felt rather prepared to the point where she had spare clothes in her locker in case of accidents, not meaning that she would do them herself hopefully but you never knew when people waved wands around what would happen. Suzy sat there trying to look a mixture of interested and disinterested as to not show too much of either.

    During the class she sat silent yet wiggled her legs slightly from the rather tall chair as she watched her sister stand in front of the class. Obviously she knew that she was the one that was going to teach her something she actually felt rather happy about as she liked her sister really much even if they didn't always agree on everything. Watching with a smile as she saw her sister walk around the class room and telling them about the rules and stuff. Yet she refrained from asking any questions as she couldn't come up with any and instead let the show go on or so to say.

    Once it was time to cast their very first spell and they were allowed to actually channel mana Suzy was thrilled. She quickly got ready and shut her eyes cupping her hands way before her sister told them too just to get an early 'edge' on everyone else as she tried to find 'just the right thing' before everyone else. Then as her sister told them to chant she nodded to herself mostly. "Liquid flow whom in moonlight glow, from the clouds you rain and in the ground cause pain. Aid me now but cause no rubble, and grant upon me an liquid bubble... Aqua Bullirie" Suzy chanted and then formed a bubble of water in her cupped hands that unlike the water her sister had made didn't drizzle out on the desk.

  2. Arriving the school late was not how Wally would like to start his first day in his new school. He spent the entire night checking and double-checking his stuff if there's something else he might need to bring. He felt excited and barely slept knowing that he's finally going to learn how to control mana properly. But Wally woke up late and the thoughts of missing the first lesson filled him with dread. When he arrived, he scanned for the room of his first class and stormed off as fast as he could. Room 205. Ms Freya Stormsmith. Wally repeated this words in his head and looked for the room of his first class. 'Are there any questions?', he heard the teacher tell her students as he opened the door. "Sorry I'm late, ma'am", he apologized to the one he assumed to be Ms. Stormsmith and sat at the back row. Wally let out a sigh of relief when he found out that she was just about to begin the discussion.

    He observed the teacher carefully as she began demonstrating how to channel mana. Wally has tried the same procedure the teacher is demonstrating but for some reason it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? He observed his other peers and it looked like they're getting the hang of it quite easily. He even saw some girl in the middle row shape it like a bubble. Wally cupped his hands and hoped it works. "Tides of fate, hear thine prayer...", electric sparks began flying around his hands. He emptied his mind and visualized what he wanted to see in his hands. "Aqua!", the sparks began compressing together and formed a small sphere. "This doesn't look like water", the sphere exploded and knocked Wally off his chair. He felt his face turn red as he felt his classmates' gazes peeled on him. "Err... Sorry".

    Wally's first day is going great so far.
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  3. Being able to arrive in the nick of time, Sid entered room 205; the room where his first class was held. We all know how he felt. Nervous...Fear...And a bit of excitement oozing within. The Teacher began her introductions.
    Ms.Freya stormsmith...An official magic teacher of spellbourne Academy. Unlike the other teachers he was with during his last school, this particular teacher has this sunny vibe in her. Sid was starting to settle in, but still felt an ominous feeling that something could go wrong.
    After introductions, a student of his age entered the room. He has the same hair color as him. Knowing that the teacher's about to begin, he took his seat with relief.

    Spell casting. Sid never knew about this whole 'mana' business, and hoped for the teacher to demonstrate it with detail. After the teacher demonstrated, he first observed the others to see what is the right 'thing'. Many had done a 'water' spell, one in which a girl made a puddle out of.
    'Focus...' He whispered in his head, and began chanting.
    "Tides of fate thy river whom flow....Forced without hate that's changing so slow..." Sid's hands began to feel cold, unlike the ones he didn't do on purpose, this one seemed Calmer.
    "Fill thy hands, with water's wet..." This calm chill began to feel warmer. Feeling something else, not light nor heavy..."Aqua." Opening his eyes, he saw water dripping from his hands. Such a sight. He took another look to see if he did it right, and saw the wet tables of fellow classmates. Except for one particular classmate, one who had created a sphere of thunder instead of water. The Sphere exploding at the students face, releasing a gust which knocked him off his chair.
    "Err...Sorry" The student said, his face all flustered. Sid felt sorry for the kid, so he looked at the teacher instead.

    Sid wonders what else could happen today...
  4. Gale was impatiently tapping his foot against the floor as he sat in the back of the class, eagerly waiting for the lessons to start properly. Now, this would seem like an odd statement when it comes to students, especially when it came to an energetic child like himself. But, still he was a person who enjoyed to do stuff with his hands instead of just studying everything in theory. At least his teacher seemed quite nice as did the other students. Gale really didn't pay any attention to what the teacher spoke, but as the door opened he turned his attention to the person entering. He let out a silent, amused chuckle as he realized how the person was late but didn't dare to point it out. But as soon as Wally arrived at his seat, Gale gave him a small wave and whispered him a silent "Hi" before desperately trying to focus on the teachers lesson.

    Once Ms. Stormsmith started speaking about mana and how to control it, she immediately got his undivided attention. Finally he got to do something. He took a deep breath before cupping his hands and starting to mumbling to himself "Tide of fate thy river whom flow, force without hate that's changing so slow." Gale shivered lightly as he felt the air around his palm getting a bit cooler. Hopefully he just didn't screw anything up. He then closed his eyes as he continued "Fill my hands, with liquid set... to quench my thirst with your water's wet... Aqua" Gale let a sigh of relief as he felt a small amount of water appearing on his palm. He slowly opened his eyes as he looked around the room, how the other students were doing. That one girl seemed quite talented, creating a small bubble of water instead of just getting the water to appear on her palm. But suddenly the sound of Wally flying off his chair caused him visibly to flinch, spilling half of his water onto the table. "W-wow. You seem to need some practice" Gale remarked rudely, even if he didn't mean anything bad.
  5. Freya

    As her water slowly drizled out on the teachers desk she brought it to her mouth for a sip as she watched the other student's perform their spells with mixed results. Of course she did notice some induviduals having more difficulty than others which was expected, and some even tried their own little thing like her sister who made a bubble to not make her desk wet. Then she heard some guy loosing concentration and blowing himself off the desk, first afraid it was a negation she walked over to him and noticed that it was not the case at all which caused her to sigh in relief. "oh my... Are you okay?..." she asked as she helped the boy back up agian. She asked as she looked to both this boy and one nearby 'Gale' who couldn't help but to comment about the event. "I think you should pay more attention to your own spells..." she said quickly chanting another water spell as Gale's desk first drizzled then suddenly lit on fire due to the negation happening, yet Freya quickly put the fire out with more water.

    She then rolled her eyes slightly as she went back to the other boy who had messed up his spell slightly 'Wally'. She checked him for injury before nodding to him. "Are you feeling okay enough to continue class, or do you want to visit the nurse first?" she aksed wanting to make sure that he hadne't hurt himself too badly. Looking to the other students she nodded "Feel free to continue practice this for the rest of the hour... after all your life may eventually one day depend on your full undivided focus, and at that time you don't want to mess up" she said as she was ready to help Wally out if he needed too. "Suzy... why don't you show the class The other way to cast spells" she said as she went to get a mop.



    Focusing mostly on her bubble, it sure came as a bit of surprise as one guy lit his desk on fire while another blew himself up somewhat with a lightning ball. It sure was quite amazing to see that how one such simple spell could cause so many different effects due to lack of focus and effects of negation. At first she had expected some kind of draught to be the opposite of Water... but figured that if it got dry enough heat might replace it and combust. Yet as her sister called out her name suddenly she dropped the bubble which splashed against her desk. Looking a bit surprised at first she quickly swallowed it up before it turned into an embarassing situation and cheered up, she bounced off her chair and smirked "Understood~" she said witha cute litte salute to her sister before going to the front of the class. Somewhat she hoped they wouldn't take her for a teachers pet or something, because that would be really bad.

    Thus instead she had to quickly turn the situation around "So... As my big Sister just said, theres actually another way to use magic, not as reckognized today because its not as refined. " Suzy began, having had no time to prepare an lecture she was at least glad that her sister had picked a subject that she actually mastered quite well. "The other way to use magic and mana is by 'Drawing' upon existing mana, meaning mana that already have been given a from. Such as... the water we all just created. " she said as she looked to everyone's desks. "Its different from Channeling mana in the ways that you actually don't need to sit around and feel mana before making it do what you need it to by directly commanding its existing form.... a demnstration is in order I suppose..." she said as she raised her hand above her head and snapped her fingers. "Liquid blue of sky and land, grant me thy blessing and come to my hand... become around me like the floating cortex... form around me a dazzling Vortex!... " she said drawing upon all the liquid in the room making it flow around it in certainly a dazzling vortex that she could freely control or direct in any direction. She then directed it into a trashcan filling it up quite nicely. "Its differs in quantity... as you can only use as much as there already is... but standing by a river or using wind magic usually makes it easier... and no I don't do autographs~" she said reaching her tongue out before going to the seat again, quite happy she had been able to pull it off so well... ​
  6. "Oh, you have no idea", Wally sighed in reply to what his seatmate, 'Gale', remarked. He's been having this problem for a long time now. Ever since his affinity to magic began manifesting, he couldn't cast any spell properly. Either the spell collapses and explodes right in front of him or the exact opposite of what he wants to happen happens. Whenever he tries to cast spells, electricity jumps out from his skin. At first he thought maybe it was just some sort of discharge that occurred whenever someone tries to cast spells but after seeing how the others did it, he realized that this wasn't normal.

    "Are you feeling okay enough to continue class, or do you want to visit the nurse first?", Ms. Stormsmith asked. "No, I'm fine. Thanks. Sorry", Wally said again and sat back to his seat. He really thought that she would scold him until he saw her concerned look. In his head, he thanked whatever god controlled fate for assigning him to this class. If it were another teacher, he would've been scolded for nearly blowing up the classroom. Before leaving, Ms. Stormsmith then asked another student named 'Suzy' to show an alternative way to cast spells which she happily obliged.

    "Woah", Wally muttered as Suzy manipulated water using a technique called 'Drawing'. He's amazed by the fact that Suzy knows a lot more about spell casting methods than her fellow first-year classmates. He was also surprised when he found out that she was Ms. Stormsmith's sister since at first glance, it'd look like they have nothing in common...

    Wally realized he's been staring at her for a full minute and looked away. Focus wally, he reprimanded himself and tried casting another spell. He cupped his hands and began chanting. "Water hidden in plain sight, come to my aid". Small drops of water began floating around the classroom and flew towards his hands. But before they even reached his hands, they were vaporized and disappeared. Except for one drop of water which froze and landed on his table. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me", he muttered in frustration.
  7. Looking back at wally, the boy whose spell failed, he was accompanied by Ms.Stormsmith. Helding her hand towards wally. Sid noticed the kindness she was showing. This school's a prestigious one. One which could lead to two things; Kind people, or cruel ones. But all this doubt might be erased at this one moment. Ms.Stormsmith called upon a female student to teach the 'other way' of casting. The female student's name was revealed to be suzy, who seemed to be a valedictorian in magic...or so he thought.

    The other technique in casting magic is called 'Drawing'. According to Suzy, Drawing is the way of casting magic without actually feeling 'mana'. An interesting way to cast spells with ones that failed. She demonstrated this by gathering all of the water casted by Aqua, spun them into a whirling vortex. All of them are in awe, as the water soon flown to the trashcan. A full minute had passed, and bits of water started floating around the room. All of them are directed to one person; Wally. It's almost perfect, And yet all of them disappeared the second they reached the radius of his hands. Sid's Gaze is now direct at wally. A pellet of ice dropped in his table.

    The first thing he might do after class i speak with this boy. Hoping to know him better, and maybe NOT blow him up.
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