Spellbound Glory

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  1. Spellbound Glory

    Magic is a tool. While a dozen philosophies, deities, and academic pursuits revolve around this force, that fact remains constant. While divine magic remains a tool of the gods and their servants... arcane magic has always been a wondrous tool of monster and mortal alike.

    Oloril Taletreader, an elven archmage famous for his ability and... unique teaching process has opened himself to a new slew of apprentices. Tales abound of the many deaths brought on my the man's teaching methods, though there are also tales of famous magic-users who came from the archmage's teachings. He's also famed for being one of the only individuals authorized to teach magic beyond the walls of a magic academy, and without the need for guild permission.

    Operating from a large, many-roomed home in the Upper City of Sharn, many have come seeking his tutelage... and of those many, only you and a handful of other students still live. It seems the man's method of teaching involves many 'trails by fire', where various skills, as well as the ability to think quickly, come in handy - as well, teamwork tends to be a way to get ahead... and stay alive. His only thought of 'failure' is 'death', so even a failure to complete what he asked is considered a "passing grade" as long as you've come back alive.

    Sharn itself is famous continent-wide. Sharn is the most populous city in all of Khorvaire (the continent) and arguably all of Eberron (the world).The city literally towers atop a cliff above the mouth of the Dagger River in southern Breland... so there's hardly ever any chance to get bored. The city always provides, even when 'between classes'...

    Game Info:
    D&D, 3.5 game.
    32 point buy.
    Starting Level: 3
    Starting Gold: 1,200
    -Class Restriction-
    You may not use: Duskblade, Beguiler, Warlock, Any Incarnum class.
    Your character must have: At least one level of an Arcane Casting Class. For the purpose of the game, these are 'arcane casting classes': Artificer, Bard, Wizard, Sorcerer, Warmage, Wu Jen, Hexblade, Spellthief, Dread Necromancer, Alchemist, Guardian, Hedge Wizard, Generic Spellcaster, Tattoo Mage, Binder, Shadowcaster, and Truenamer.
  2. I put up WIPs for Jade and Emily. The first Wilson suggestion looks good, but I'm not sure. Thought she had a little more color.

    Have a drawing of Natalia in her first costume I did a few days ago. Just a pain in the ass to take a picture with my phone, email it to myself, save it to my computer, go to a pic site to resize it, then post it here. And that really is what I'd have to do to show it. Will start looking for RL pics.
  3. "But I will."
  4. i'm going to post up a WIP post that covers Raven arriving in Boston (i left the timestamp off because i'm not sure where/when natalia will be when she gets to Cherie's house).

    given that i'm only focusing on doing a little insight into raven's character (flirty, impulsive, wants to prove herself to her family/Aegil specifically), it shouldnt interfere with your post. and once yours is done, i can add on something else at the end of my post...maybe lucrezia and lorentz meeting for the first time to discuss natalia?

    also, Walter is the same Walter who was Chief Whip (one of gwazi's chars; i only intend for him to be name-dropped at this point; no plans to make him a char or anything)
  5. I went ahead and got mine for Kindle. 8D
  6. "You put too much faith in him."
  7. "I don't think we'll ever have anything like that."
  8. "I don't want to settle for less than perfect."
  9. Hello This is where you post mission's for Demon Hunter's meaning mission's A-S class.
  10. Verge of death so Emily has to show up to heal him later (like he'll die from his injuries otherwise), or just beaten so he can stumble away in the chaos?
  11. "I know."
  12. "Like blowing things up? She learned that."
  13. I got my book from the library today. :) ( It is a lot shorter than I expected.)
  14. Awesome Pahn! :D If you have the app on your phone, it's all set!
    I love the fact that it always opens to my last page. No need for bookmarking. Laze for the win :D
  15. Which he would completely fail to do with Natalia. Her abilities are all over the map, and she doesn't even use them the same way. One minute she's doing hand gestures, the next it's all telepathic.

    I always wanted Natalia to frustrate Lorentz. The one person who's not only not threatened by him, but is also more powerful on every level. He likes poking at people's weak spots, right? It's really hard to hit hers.

    Erika, I'm thinking, would frustrate him even more. She's a fearless, powerful psychic, who's also a masochist. He can't even intimidate her with pain, since she likes it.
  16. "Because no matter where he goes or how long he's gone, he will come back. To me, to you and his girls."
  17. ANYWAY! Favorite Anime/Manga GO!
  18. "No." Harmony smile, "Your father isn't evil Lucy."
  19. Oy oy, how goes all. Been a tad slow in this rp, we waiting on someone?
  20. I believe Frost told me he's dropping this one. But you should double check with him first, cause it's Frosty-boy we're waiting on.

    BTW, Jack, YOU should run a DnD campaign here. You could even bring along Gobby.