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  1. Lora was new to the area, having just been moved to the training facility by her Sensei. She didn't want to leave him or where she felt comfortable but had no choice. He had taught her all he could and now she needed more direction from another. Though she wasn't fond of this new dojo, the people looked at her differently and would make comments about how she dressed, it was begining to put her on edge. Pushing at the heels of her sneakers she slid them off and kicked them to the wall, bowing before she stepped onto the mat, where all of the other students stood, she joined listening to the instructor. They were to be put together, one on one, using whatever skills and weapons they desired so he could see what level of skill everyone was to be placed.
  2. The day started as it might normally. Jakku was dressed, ready and able before most of the other students could even blink twice from their Cots. The teacher was strict on discipline and no one was spared his wrath. Silently Jakku made his way to his cot at the far end of the line of students in the dojo. Je had his shield at the ready on his back, though would discard it if absolutely necessary. His eyes a deep gold as he shut them into darkness and took to both of his knees kneeling and waiting for the pairings to be made. His booming voice emerged past the lips and Jakku turned to meet the gaze of the woman he had been paired with. Jakku bowed to his opponent showing respect and noticing that she was pretty attractive at that. She dressed abnormally of course but it didn't much matter to him.

    Jakku didn't take much pride in judging people, though it was something he definitely was good at. She was a nice enough girl and he was sure she would show the formalities acceptable by one of his clan. "Let us engage in the finest form of bearing our souls upon one another, Arasira pleads for the blood of an honorable enemy, However." he stopped for a moment tapping the hilt of his sword before calmly nodding. "I do not see it all that fit to let her taste this specific blood, would you rather we kept this to hand to hand for now?" He was already undoing his gauntlets and the boots on his feet, leaving only the bottom part of his warriors skirt with the tattered ends to give him even a little privacy. Jakku took up a fighting stance with his right foot back, his left forward and both of his hands raised, though with an open palm and a curve in his fingers. It was a Martial arts style, that was generally used to access Chakra and make every strike he did the equivalent of a blade strike, but he dulled that down this match just to maintain the form and keep it strictly blunt damage, that was if she so desired it.

    "You face Jakku Seitori this day, let this be a good battle for the dawning path of rising warriors."
  3. Seeing her partner made her eyes go wide. Shit, she thought, he's going to kill me. Taking a deep low inhale she held it before exhaling and gave a bow in response to his own. Her eyes grazed over his features to size up what his strengths and weaknesses could be, she did notice he was an attractive guy but she had to push that thought from her mind. Finally her eyes fell upon the sword and her body tensed, this wasn't something she expected. Though her previous dojo was strict there was still a comfort there, when needed at least, from the Sensei but that could of been because there were only a few other students besides herself.

    She glanced back at her staff leaning against the wall and then back at him as he got her attention, "What?" she muttered to herself quietly listening him talk, this was definitely a different place of training. Closing her eyes and curling her hands into fists raising them to her chest and then slowly pushing them back down with a slow exhale, calming her mind and any nerves that had been building up. Opening her bright green eyes they met his gold for a moment before she leaned back on her left leg, her right leg sliding forward into a point. Opening her palms, fingers straight, her left arm went straight back over her head as the right arm went forward and down with her leg, keeping her palms facing outward. Giving a slight nod to Jakku as a signal she was ready for him to begin "Ladies first." her voice of soft and calm, her comment wasn't neccasarily to push his buttons, just something that slipped off the tongue as nerves already began to form back.
  4. Jakku didn't buy into the coaxing to the pretty young woman, he was not so foolish to fall for such taunts. He simply nodded in response and responded outright with a bit of a qualm of his own. "If that be the case then I would of hoped you would strike with your fists rather your tongue, I won't make that same mistake." Jakku stepped forward then and within her guard he shot in with his left hand aimed to her shoulder as he watched her shoulder to predict whatever move she might try. If the attack hit it was sure to do the basic amount of damage and possibly cut her slightly as it was the tips of his fingers that aimed to pierce that join in her shoulder. He didn't enjoy fighting all that much but he would do his best when a duel was initiated, he was only glad that he did not have to provide Arasira her meal this morning , she was far to pretty to get cut up by a slaughtering blade.
  5. Curved her arm over his and pulled it away from her shoulder, her other hand thrusting her palm to make impact with his chest, though who is to say he would use the same defense on her. She was trying to get a bit more space between them, now that he was up close he was quite intimidating and knew this was going to be more of a challenge than she thought. If what she intended to happen succeeded her left leg would come forward and hooked around his right one locking it in place as her fingers pinched together and strikes at any of the pressure points she could reach, though that did prove slightly more difficult because of the height difference. She couldn't help but think that her Sensei may have been wrong, she didn't think she was ready for this training. This guy was more skilled, she could tell by how swiftly and quickly he moved.
  6. Jakku was impressed by how quick she reacted to deflecting the most simple of strikes. His eyes caught the move before it was even put to action however and he was already side stepping to the side of her as his He used his other hand to guide the strike of her palm loosing his other hand to grasp her at the Shoulder of the striking hand and the other hand to push her wrist and guide her inward with the strike she made. His Leg bowed up quickly and without hesitating he brought his knee up and inward hard to try and catch he in her stomach a few times before his arm that had been guiding her strike closest to the wrist also bowed up and with a quick precision and having allowed himself to let her catch his foot using it to his advantage to keep her from dodging this He brought in his elbow aimed to cross her across the nose, of course Jakku was not just some thug looking to beat on a woman even if she did had a slight smart mouth, he would stop just shy of hitting her with his elbow just to let her know that this could of been ended right there. If all went according to plan he would un-loop his foot in hers step back and bow before saying. "Do you wish to try again?" (This all assuming my move goes as planned not trying to be cocky so I hope it doesn't seem that way v.v)
  7. (Its all good. :P)
    She was surprised at how he caught her blow, she was a bit too confident with her strikes and thought she would at least get a few made to his skin. Sadly her attempt to keep him in place for her gain back fired, this wasn't looking good for her first impression to anyone watching, and instead kept her in range of any blows to come. The blow from his knee to her stomach knocked the wind out of her for a moment until his elbow made its way to collide with her face, her head weaved out of the way and leaned back bending her spine so her body laid flat in the air. She was quite flexible and she was going to use it to her advantage, letting her free leg fall to the floor she swiveled on her knee and ducked between his legs and out behind him. Unlocking her left leg from his she used it so kick him in the ass, something a bit immature but he had just tried to break her nose. Hoping it distracted him enough she took the chance to jump to her feet and get a bit of distance between them both.
  8. Things were going better than he had first expected. She dodged the harsh spot of his kick, and with a light thud, he felt a slight impact on his rear. He was quick to lift his forward leg pivot, to face her and be at ready position once more. "well done." he nodded with a kind grin on his features. He didn't care to win things easily, catching her with the knee, and her returning to fore front position, had proven her a good warrior to him. "quite flexible it would appear." He state side stepping circling like a wolf on its prey. he combined martial arts together tiger, monkey, and Dragon type kung fu allowed him something odd to his liking, a wolf style kung fu.

    His next strike was simple; he stepped forward and aimed a powerful palm strike that was aimed for her shoulder, but his entire arm moved with the strike, like a swift pummel, his body turned and one of his legs raised as he closed all gap and aimed three powerful knee strikes towards her kidney.

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